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Location: Located in southern Hunan Province, the middle reaches of the Xiangjiang, east of Zhuzhou, south of Chenzhou, Yongzhou, west of Shaoyang, Loudi, Xiangtan north.

area: 15310.20 square kilometers

Population: 6560000

code: 0734

Zip code: 421000

administrative divisions: exempted Chu-fai, Yan Feng, Shek Kwu, Zhengxiang, Nanyue District 5 and Leiyang City, Changning City, 2 and Hengnan, Hengyang, Hengshan, value East, Qidong County, 5.

winding Trinidad in the middle reaches of the Xiangjiang River, Wu Yue Xiu the independence of South Mountain, has a long history, scenic and cultural city. She is known as "atlas of beauty," "Pearl of Jiangnan" Hengyang. Legend has it the "North Yannan Fei, to stop this hysteria fin," Accor is also called "flying geese City."


Hengyang in Hunan Province is the second largest city. All five counties Shixia 2 City 5, a total area of 15,300 square kilometers, the end of 1998 the total population 6973300, urban population of 780,000 people.

Hengyang photos Hengyang, is one full of vigor and hope that the magic land. She has a long history and splendid culture, excellent geographical location, sound infrastructure and very rich natural resources. Since the Sui Dynasty, Hengyang has Zhijun, state, House Road, built in 1942. Here is the inventor of paper Cai Lun, Wang Chuanshan great thinkers of Culture, Republic of the Marshal Luo Ronghuan#39;s hometown. Hengyang superior location, close to coastal areas, near Hong Kong and Macao, the dong to the West, coastal mainland, the mainland#39;s frontier, "recapped Guangdong and Guangxi, lock Wu Jing", is located in "South-North要冲" has always been to numerous merchants and the Jiangnan Major commodity distribution center. In transportation is very convenient, Jing-Guang Railroad, 107 State Road and the construction of vertical and horizontal north-south Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Xiang-Gui Railway, 322 National Road and the "three South" highway across the East and West; Xiangjiang River, Lei water, distilled water, rice water can transport four seasons , Connected, in particular, are 2 billion investment in the construction of the Xiangjiang Hengyang Dayuandu shipping hub project, will enable the 1,000 ton-class freighter into the Xiangjiang River Dongting, of the Shanghai-Yangtze River; There are also two for the opening of the airport, has been formed surface Interchange of air transport network, is truly echo the north and south, following things, even a vertical cross the North-South transport hub.

Hengyang picture Hengyang is rich in resources, many products, the development of attractive prospects, is the famous "land of non-ferrous metals," and "non-metallic Village" and "Yumizhixiang." Gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc, coal, rock salt, kaolin, feldspar, such as sodium more than 100 species, abundant reserves, both at home and abroad occupies an important position. Hengyang developed for agricultural production, environmental quality, the focus is the construction of grain, oil, pork, fish, fruit bases. Hengyang-odd Shuixiu, humanities, a Chinese tourist R charming scenery, around the natural landscape and cultural landscape, "atlas of beauty" reputation, in particular those with "text Mingao area," said the Nanyue Mountain, stretching more than 800 Weiyi, , To the mountains and rivers-and-alone show to the famous Buddhist and common prosperity, Wen is a collection of the world, pay homage, adventure, holiday, summer in one multi-functional tourist destination. Hengyang energy-rich, water, heat, electricity supply adequate resources. The rapid development of communications, program-controlled telephones, video telephony, the Internet and other modern equipment and advanced communication means in all spheres of social life in applications.

Hengyang Hengyang, is a place full of hope. Babao place Bamianlaifeng, ages Qianzai the ancient city of opportunity. Hengyang reserves this wealth, the treasure land full of temptation, investment and very broad prospects for cooperation. Hengyang today to tomorrow, casting brilliant. There is an area of 15 square kilometers of Hengyang City High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and who heard the Nanyue Chinese and foreign tourism economic development zone of two provincial-level development zone, is a show business intelligence arena, a large number of energy, transportation, urban construction, and other basic industries Projects can cooperate, chemical industry, metallurgy, household products, agricultural and sideline products processing, resource development projects could be jointly developed, there are a number of conditions, and the strength of strong large and medium-sized enterprises are eagerly looking forward to cooperating partners. Hengyang will also further open the door opening to the outside world, friends GUANG universal, comprehensive matchmaking, speed up the pace of development.

Hengyang Hengyang there had been a long history, Hengyang is a brilliant now, Hengyang will have a brighter tomorrow. Now the city#39;s people are one heart and one mind, good governance and strive to become a building in Hengyang have an impact in the industry at home and abroad City, the city commerce and tourism city. Middle of the next century or even earlier, a developed economy, trade and prosperity, scientific and technological progress, social civilization and prosperity of the people of New Hengyang will show before the whole world. Hardworking and kind-hearted, warm hospitality of more than 6 million people in Hengyang, as always, sincerely welcome friends from various circles at home and abroad to tourism, business investment, the establishment of Industries. Hengyang people will abide by the credit and sincere cooperation, the great cause of plans, shared interests, and jointly create a better future.