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position: China#39;s highest latitude provinces and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and bordering Jilin Province, Heilongjiang and Wusuli River and Russia as a profession.

Climate: Heilongjiang province is located in the east coast of the Eurasian continent in the mid-latitudes, the continental monsoon climate, cold and dry winter weather, high-temperature wet summer, spring and autumn climate variability. The average annual temperature 1 ℃, the temperature as high as 38-48 ℃.

Area: 453,900 square kilometers.

Population: 37 million

peoples: the Han, Manchu, Korean, Hui, Mongolian, Daur, Xibe, Oroqen, Hezhe, Ewenki, Kirgiz, and other nationalities.

capital: Harbin

divisions: the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains region administered, Harbin, Qiqihar city, Hegang City, Shuangyashan City, Jixi City, Daqing City, Yichun City, Mudanjiang City, Jiamusi City, in Qitaihe City, Heihe City, Suihua City Such as a region, 12 prefecture-level cities, 46 counties and 19 county-level city, a county. 黑龙江地图

Heilongjiang Province is China#39;s most northeastern provinces. As early as three to Si Wannian since the Paleolithic period, here there is human activity. Pre-Qin period, the distribution of Sushen here, and the East-Kuaimo three of the family ancestors. 2000 years BC, Sushen Dishun to offer Ruoshidannu. Sushen Lou Yi said in the Han Dynasty, said Wu Ji Wei, Jin, Sui, Tang said Mohe, Jin said Nuzhen, said before the Qing Dynasty Manchuria. Heilongjiang in the first local government is established by the late Warring States Cardiff Yu. Shi Wei Tang Dynasty established Dudu Fu, Dudu Fu Heishui Dudu Fu and the Bohai Sea. Qidan eliminate the Bohai Sea, was built Dongdan States. Capital on behalf of the Council Ningfu (now the Baicheng City in Heilongjiang Province Argentina). Relocation of the capital Yanjing (with Beijing), in Heilongjiang Liaoyang Xingsheng belong to the Yuan Dynasty Kaiyuan road, water People Road. Slavery in the Ming Dynasty set up the Northeast Division infants stem Douzhihuishi, exempted 384 Wei, 24. Zhang Ning Guta Angbang the early Qing Dynasty set up in Beijing, after the shift in Jilin, Jilin renamed generals, and the addition of the Heilongjiang General, respectively, the jurisdiction of the vast region of the Heilongjiang River. 17 In the 1980s, the Qing government to get the victory JAXA battle against the aggression and the arrogance of tsarist Russia, signed the "Treaty of Nerchinsk" to determine the eastern section of the Sino-Russian border. The mid-19th century, tsarist Russia forced the Qing government to sign the "Sino-Russian Treaty of Aigun" and "Sino-Russian Beijing Treaty," cutting off north China#39;s Heilongjiang and Wusuli River east of over 100 million square kilometers of land. 1931 "September 18" Incident, the Japanese imperialists in Heilongjiang province was occupied. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, with Heilongjiang, Nenjiang, Songjiang, a Jiang, five provinces in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang together soon, Songjiang provinces. 1954 merger of Heilongjiang Province, located in the provincial capital Harbin.
Heilongjiang Province have full, North Korea, back, Mongolia, Daur, Xibe, Oroqen, Hezhe, Ewenki, Kirgiz 10 Native peoples, in the history of the Chinese nation to promote the integration and development, safeguarding the motherland has made special contribution. As early as in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, the Xianbei people out of the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains in the Central Plains established the Northern Wei Dynasty regime, leaving a Yungang and Longmen, and other art treasures. And the destruction of the corrupt regime of the Northern Song Dynasty, the Central Plains and Heilongjiang to promote the economic and cultural exchanges. The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, tsarist Russia Nanqin, Daur people first started Kange the first shot. 1931 "September 18" Incident, the Japanese imperialist invasion of northeast China, Heilongjiang is the first person to the Bridge Anti-Japanese War. Northeast Anti-Japanese coalition a total of 11 military, with the exception of one, two army in southern Manchuria, there are nine military activities in Heilongjiang, to the Japanese invaders to a heavy blow. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Heilongjiang, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the first complete provinces, Harbin City, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the first major cities. Heilongjiang people of all ethnic groups to eliminate nearly 70,000 banditry, and consolidate the revolutionary base, and sent their children nearly 70 million people, to participate in the People#39;s Liberation Army, and a large number of grain, CLOTHING and military supplies to the frontline to support the liberation of the entire Northeast, the liberation The whole of China. After the founding of People#39;s Republic of China, Heilongjiang Province has gradually become an important country of food, coal, petroleum, forestry and machinery industrial base. Especially since reform and opening up, has formed along the open zone, border trade has great development in the province have faster economic growth. located in Heilongjiang China#39;s northernmost territory of China is the highest latitude provinces, where previously known as the "Great Northern Wilderness" and now has a Canghaisangtian changes. In this magical land, enjoy the rolling, Xiao Hinggan Mountains; Woyeqianli the Songnen Plain; magnificent the Heilongjiang, Wusuli River, Songhua River and Nenjiang River waters; a scenic Jingpohu, Wudalianchi ; Are lush natural pastures, these are all sketched a magnificent picture of the rate. This piece of over 450,000 square kilometers of land, stretching over 2,800 kilometers of water sector and more than 200 km of land border Sino-Russian boundary line. Longitudinal the western part of the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains and the neighboring Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Jilin Province, southwestern and mutual Yibang. Heilongjiang Province is the Northern Wei Dynasty and the Liao, Jin, the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty. For many years, full, Hezhe, Oroqen, Ewenki and other ethnic minorities living in this northern areas. Primitive, wild, wonderful, is the nature of the Guifushengong created a magnificent style of Heilongjiang. to Heilongjiang The most attractive is the large number of ice and snow entertainment, visitors can choose to fit their own skating, skiing, winter swimming, ice-fan items such as ice and snow. Heilongjiang concerned, there are an ancient legend, long time ago, Jiang, entrenched in a Bailong, often stir up trouble and make the river flooding, barren field, making sparsely populated northeast. A family at this time, with Heilonggang Mei gave birth to a child, the monster that he is to drive away the children, in the riverside, the children encounter a lonely elderly people, will live with him. Gradually, the children grown up and know there Bailong River of mischief, to take the initiative to request Xiangfu Bailong, after several days and nights of苦战, finally defeated the Bailong, in order to thank the people Heilonggang the end of the children, put this Jiang called of the Heilongjiang.