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HeiHe - HeiLongJiang

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Area: total area of 68,000 square kilometers.

Population: 1.7 million population around.

Zip code: 164300

divisions: Aihui District, Bei#39;an, Wudalianchi City, Xunke County, Nenjiang County, Sunwu County.

position: located in the northern part of Heilongjiang Province, Xiao Hinggan Mountains north, the middle reaches of the south bank of Heilongjiang. East of Heilongjiang main channel for the sector, and Russia#39;s Amur region and its capital Blagoveshchensk across the River City, South and Yichun City, Bei#39;an border, West and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the Council, for North and Huma County Sector.

Heihe Heihe City in northeast China border, the State Council approved the first batch of one of the cities along the open. Is located in the center of Northeast Asia, the main channel to the Heilongjiang Center for the sector, and the third largest city in Russia#39;s far east across the River Amur region, is a vast, is in an excellent, rich and beautiful magic of the border area.

Heihe excellent geographical location, the perfect ecological environment, unique folk customs and human history, rich tourism resources in Heihe unique. Heihe City, the beautiful mountains and rivers, is the unique characteristics of the Pure Land Northland tourism zone, the world#39;s three major natural resources in the tourism snow, forest two. Heihe is no vast ocean, there#39;s a beautiful community. Heihe can be heard in the spring of sub-flower, blue sky and clear water to see the summer and autumn tours 288 Shuangye, crystal snow of the winter. Heihe average maximum temperature in summer temperature of 24 degrees, the ideal of leisure summer resort; into October, the snow period of up to 180 days. Heihe Trinidad winter freeze, Miles Xuepiao, there is snow-wrapped, Shangxue tourists in the South, an excellent place for skiing and the best option.

Heihe Wudalianchi Volcano Tour, Aihui historic city tours, the Sino-Russian border customs outbound tourism堪称Heihe the three major bright spot. Hailed as the world natural volcanic geology museum Wudalianchi, is state-level scenic spots and nature reserves, national geological parks, China#39;s 40 best tourist destination, China#39;s only mineral water in town. By the United Nations Tourism Organization, the experts assessed to be the world#39;s top tourist resources. UNESCO was approved as "Wudalianchi biosphere reserves." Hui Yuan history of the world famous ancient city is to make all the Chinese people rose up and touching the "Sino-Russian Aihui Treaty" signed, many of our important leaders came here to visit the inscription. The municipal government 25 million yuan to raise huge amounts of money in the construction of a unique design of large-scale Aihui History Exhibition Hall in June 2002 and completed a formal reception of visitors, the pavilion for its unique design and Step beyond the set by the National Heritage The title of "National Museum Ten boutique" one.

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In addition, the Oroqen, Daur, Manchu and other ethnic minorities live in folk villages, beautiful scenery Woniu Lake, "the North small Jingbo," Yamaguchi said the Tourism Resort and water fast, Qixiangwanqian the James River rafting, are domestic and foreign tourists visit the resort and shelters. Has basically taken shape history, the volcano tourism, summer convalescence and cross-border, snow play, hunting fishing, rafting expedition, the ecological environment, folk customs, such as a large number of unique characteristics of the Heihe River tourism products.

Heihe picture with Russia as long as 358 kilometers of border line, the distribution of Heihe, Xunke, Sun Wu at a class of the three countries. Heihe City, capital of the Russian Amur Blagoveshchensk City, China and the CIS countries is 7,400 km border line only one pair of the largest and nearest, highest, most all of the corresponding cities, so has the Heihe River Border tourism in the area superior. Jiang#39;s the same way the two sides, connected to the village, economic and cultural exchanges have a long history of more than 100 years, all inextricably linked and integration of the profound cultural accumulation. Sino-Russian border between China and Russia to culture, language, ethnicity, customs and even the architectural style of the great differences in such areas attract many domestic and foreign visitors.