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Division: 1998 exempted Heze City, Dong-ming, Juan City, Yun City, Dingtao, Cao County, the county alone, into force, Juye County 8, 246 townships and seven neighborhood offices, 82 Juwei , 5548 administrative villages, 13,996 villages.

Population: 1998, the population of the region 8320693 people, including men and 4234991, 4085702 women, sex ratio of 104: 100. Population density of 680 people per square kilometre. The birth rate 10.3 ‰, mortality 4.9 ‰, natural growth rate of 5.4 ‰.

nation: According to 1990 census, the region has 39 nationalities, including Han 7748638, accounting for 99.25 percent of the total population, a total of 58,412 ethnic minority people, accounting for 0.75 per cent, of which 55,871 were Muslim, 755 Zhuang, Manchu 395, 288 Miao, Buyi and 239 people, the Yi 155, a total of 709 other people.

Heze in Heze City, Jiangsu, Henan, Anhui at the junction of four provinces, the urban population 280,000, are built urban area of 18 square kilometers, urban vision of a total area of 120 square kilometers planning. Heze Gucheng Caozhou, has a long history and splendid culture, coupled with rich tourism resources, the beautiful and rich, convenient transportation and commerce have gathered several times, the smooth flow of goods into the Central Plains region#39;s economic and cultural centre.
Heze Since 1992, Heze city has successfully held the 10th consecutive international peony flowers, successive peony flowers are "Peony take Taiwan, operas expand economic and trade cooperation, speed up development" as its theme, have achieved good social and Economic benefits.

Heze City in the southern province of Heze, the Beijing-Kowloon Railway (Beijing - Kowloon, Hong Kong) and the new Eurasian continental bridge (Heze in Rizhao Port - Heze - Xian - Alashankou - Rotterdam, the Netherlands Hong Kong) in this Cross intersection, so that even if Heze China#39;s north-south, east-west cross-important transport hub. 105,106,220,327 four aisle through the whole territory. Near completion of the East (East) the (Sunshine) highway and the Economy (Jinan) Zheng (Zhengzhou) told two transport arteries and highways in Heze City, a highway of gold crucifix. Heze city water, electricity, heating, communications and other infrastructure facilities are increasingly improving.

industrial cities of Heze has a base, has taken shape with electricity, machinery, textiles, chemicals, light industry, such as the five pillars of 38 industries as the main theme of the industrial system, how products from 30 categories, nearly 2,000 varieties, exports more than 100 countries and regions. The tertiary industry of urban development has been made a three-star hotel three, 20 mid-range hotel, can accommodate 7,000 people. Business services business is booming, the existing 8,000 square meters of purchase no more than 10 various centres, 15 specialized wholesale markets. If Kang equipment, Huadu Xiecheng, Heze flower market in the country have a certain visibility.

Heze rich tourism resources in Heze City, in addition to famous overseas Heze Peony, there are many tourist attractions of the city, which is Caozhou painting homes in northern city#39;s largest municipal professional painting creative base, Ji Luyu Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Chiang Chun-Botanical Gardens, the South China hot spring resorts, SONG Jiang Wushu Yuan Resort, Sun Bin, and other tourist attractions to encourage, initially formed a "reward Heze Peony, the South China hot spring bath, Hometown SONG Jiang Yu, Tang Liang Shan Shui Bo" and Jinshan day trips and other tourist routes. Heze city tourism are emerging to human landscape the main line, relying on natural scenery and attractions connected with the surrounding tourist areas in Heze is taking shape.

Heze peony is China#39;s home, peony cultivation began in the Ming Dynasty Emperor Jiaqing years, have passed 400 years of history, is currently the world#39;s largest area of cultivation, the largest peony varieties production base, scientific research bases, Export base, and watch the base. Heze City, more than 70 percent of the soil suitable for peony cultivation, the urban area of cultivated more than 20,000 acres and more than 800 varieties. One-zhen, dilute, special, the name of the more than 500 kinds of excellent varieties. Marketing Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Xi#39;an, Shenzhen, Qingdao, and so on more than 100 large and medium-sized cities, exported to Japan, France, the United States and Canada, more than 20 countries and regions, the amount of Caozhou Heze Peony Garden, the old park, 100 gardens, parks, and other gold-banded watch Heze Peony is the important attractions. Heze peony, Seyan, Xiangnong, Guyu mu of lotus season opening race, Xiangpiao Miles, the Yanzhao the sky,堪称Oriental wonders. At the World Expo in Kunming won 101 awards in 81 projects, to feel that the advantages achieved the status of the overlord of the world. These awards of all types of peonies boutique, the goods, treasures and high-tech products also Heze Peony Peony Garden in a show of charisma. The National Tourism Bureau of Heze approved by the International Peony Fair every year on April 18 - 5, on 5 held in Heze. "Flowers Whispering 20, Qingcheng Ruokuang of everyone," Bloom season, who spent the Ruchao, more than one million Chinese and foreign guests gathered together to form the bustling scene.

Heze Heze is the famous "land of opera," Operas many colorful, traditional local draw a Heze Bangzi, the two string folder, date bang, Ohira stressed that the Xianzi drama, Liu Zi drama, Siping reconcile Henan Opera ; Art has Heze Drum, Heze-(lao) son of the Yinggehai Liu, Qin Heze, such as books and Henanzhuizi. As early as the 1950s, Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi and other party and state leaders on the local opera in Heze have read and give a high evaluation, and Heze in the previous national competitions in the province Opera Festival Award for repeatedly holding . All kinds of ancient music, dance, opera by more than 10 schools, all kinds of cultural and recreational facilities around the city.

civilization Xiaer Heze is the "martial arts village." Heze Wushu has a long history, ancient celebrities come forth in large numbers, such as Sun Bin, SONG Jiang, and so on. Since reform and opening up, the city has good cause martial arts, martial arts organizations, associations more and more. To the state, the collective, the office help, the collective and individual Liaison Office, and other forms of personal self, set up with all kinds of martial arts organizations and several associations 23, of which more than 100 people were participants in the Martial Arts Hall School 12.

Heze Heze is the Yin Yu overseas "Shuhuazhixiang." Heze source origins of painting and calligraphy, paintings abound Fellows.清乾隆年间painter Zhao Ping, see successive years of drought, hunger Piao contained Road, took painting "Hungry map", supported by poetry, painting and brought to Beijing plead for the people, then hit. So far in the concept of Beijie there are still many famous handwriting: the preparation of the Qing Dynasty Tang Shu-ping#39;s "Song of calligraphy experience" affected considerably. More modern homes are well-known painting-Tian Bo, Li Mei-chuan, a modern Chao Mei, where China, Zhang#39;s Beattie, Lu Feng, and so on.

Heze city political and social stability, and opening up policy concessions. In addition to foreign-invested enterprises enjoy the country, Heze province of preferential policies, the investment projects amounted to 3 million U.S. dollars over the industrialization of agriculture production, "leading" project, the state confirmed the high-tech projects for urban residents in production and daily life of the heating service , And gas supply, pollution control, education, sports and other public welfare projects, tourist attractions development projects, can also enjoy the special preferential policies in Heze City. To development zones in Heze, Peony Industrial Park to set up a total investment of 1,000 yuan to the major projects, in accordance with the principle of Teshiteban given special privileges. The flow of foreign investment, services, culture, sports, tourism and other tertiary industries, administrative charges by 50 per cent of minimum standards of charge.

hero eye know treasure land, not extra cash. Heze as Jingjiuyanxian investment hot-spot areas has been a large number of insightful people of all ages. United States, Britain, Japan and more than 30 countries and regions of the merchants, and a large number of domestic companies and research institutes have Heze arrival of Heze, run enterprises are substantial benefits. Heze Development Zone, the South China area high-tech industries have been of considerable scale. To meet the development of Heze to join the wto the opportunities and challenges, the city established to help dismantling the plane and Beijing-Kowloon Railway, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge, He new railway, the East (East) the (Sunshine) highway and the Economy (Jinan ) Zheng (Zhengzhou) are in Heze Cross intersection of the geographical advantages, municipal party committee and government explore ideas, focus on the future and boldly on the cities of the new planning. According to "bring to City Park to City Park expansion," the idea took right right Peony regional party committee and government office for the resident relocation. Heze City of the West expansion, plans to build a total area of 12.1 square kilometers of "The Peony Park." Park construction standards to planning, construction of a high starting point, the carrier through the improvement of the park features and innovative management service mechanism, introduced to create the best environment to rely on preferential policies, quality of service form of capital accumulation, "depressions." "As long as the project built in the park, all the procedures we do," This is the Peony Park MC commitments. Dismantling established in Heze City, the transformation of the old city, Heze city will expand the West#39;s economic development, people#39;s production and life have a tremendous impact on the ancient Caozhou continuously upgrade the size of the cities, the expansion of existing urban area, Heze City more beautiful, With more contemporary, urban economic vector function more complete. At present, all-directional opening up a new pattern has taken shape, "Heze city look" like a 2003 change, no big Bianyang, "the strategic goal will soon become a reality.

superior geographic location, border traffic Facilities, rich natural resources of resources, quality of cheap labor, preferential investment policies, supporting the foreign service agencies and simplicity of folk customs, which constitutes a Heze interest of the investment environment. Heze people sincerely welcome friends from various circles at home and abroad businessmen and tourists to Heze , Societe Generale investment, create brilliant.