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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Haley  Date: 07-14 2008  More Attractions
Tianjin area. In the southeastern district of Tianjin, the Haihe River West Bank. Area of 42 square kilometers. Exempted large camps, under the tile-roofed house, three Yizhuang, Taoyuan Village, Tak-him Zhuang, the racecourse, Liuzhuang, East Wing, southwest floor, Yuexiu Road, the institute North, friendship Road, Black Cattle City, Ji Zhuangzi, the Eagle#39;s Nest , Chen Tang Zhuang, Guajia Temple, Haiti, the Pearl River Road, Lin Liu, the three waterways, such as 18 neighborhood offices. Central Government is located in Shaoxing Road on the 4th. Regional population 680,000.
the region has 3,364 enterprises. Which run more than 1,000 large and medium-sized enterprises 133. Chen Tang is the southern village Tucheng and two industrial zones, both with a long history of papermaking, Maozhi, dyes, a group of old enterprises, such as cotton, have in recent years the rise of electronic, mechanical, metallurgical, electrical, building materials, chemicals, food Processing and other new industries. District 236 industrial enterprises Street, a knitwear, shoes and hats, car repairs, clothing and other tourism industry as the backbone, more than 10 categories, more than 380 products of the industrial framework Street area. - Waterways, Nanchang Road, Qujiang Road, on the 1st Road, four different characteristics of the business Street, 54 farmer#39;s market share group, the south tower, Tong floor, gold-banded, Hexi, Pingjiang five major shopping malls, the south tower Fushi integrated shopping malls, Tianjin Fresh flavor Gallery, children#39;s toys Big World, Tianjin Auto Parts City, a rational layout, wide range, a special gathered, the accessibility of the distribution business, service system. Hailed as Tianjin food "Sanjue" one of the 18 Street Serratula, headquarters is located in the area on the Taku.
a small region of Haiti, the institute North, East Institute, Black Cattle City, Ji Zhuangzi, the Pearl River Road, civilization, the three waterways, such as 10 new residential areas, the region residential area of 9.4 million square meters, civilian gasification Rate of more than 95 percent, civilian central heating rate of 15.1 percent. Services sector with 168 roads, 260 km chief, extensive road, east of the Haihe River will have water transport, highways and Tianjin, only 15 kilometers from the airport, West and the Tianjin port adjacent to the railway terminus, a South Chuang Chen Tang rail freight Leading to the station and the major works of special railway lines, a North Jiefang Lu Tianjin Railway Terminal and connected across the Hexi District in the Central Link. The region to plant trees over 100 10000, built 460,000 square meters of public green space, green coverage rate reached 15.8 percent.
district of Tianjin Foreign Languages Institute, the Institute of Light Industry, National Taiwan Normal University, the Financial Services Institute, Teachers College, Medical University, the University of trade unions, such as the Hexi nine tertiary institutions. Xinhua is secondary, experimental schools, the Haihe River School, such as electronic secondary schools, technical secondary school, technical school, vocational school 133, 68 primary schools, various Tuoyouyuansuo 135. There Tianjin Hospital, Tianjinyida Second Affiliated Hospital, the Third Affiliated Hospital, Binhu Hospital, Cancer Hospital, the Fourth Hospital, Children#39;s Hospital, a psychiatric hospital, tuberculosis prevention and treatment hospital, and other municipal-level general hospitals and specialist hospitals 9, district-level hospitals And 22 hospitals. Tianjin is the International Advisory building, science and technology information centres, research institutes 21. City People#39;s Art Theatre, Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre, the Art Mission, willow Green#39;s painting, clay figurines of Caisu studios such as this blend of a number of cultural groups. An international exhibition centre, industrial exhibition hall, theaters, etc. Binhu 16 homes, the Museum. Has nearly 8,000 square meters west of the stadium. Ten district of Tianjin, one of the Asian landscape of the second tower; domestic and foreign guests at their hotel in Tianjin, the guesthouse, a joint venture of four-star Crystal Palace Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, friendship and foreign guests shopping company; National renowned centres and youth activities for restoration and reconstruction of the famous scenic spot and Tianjin Liulin cadres clubs, such as Yan Yuan.