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position: Hetian City is located east longitude 79 ° 50#39;20 "-79 ° 56#39;40", north latitude and 36 ° 59#39;50 "- 37 ° 14#39;23", located in the southernmost tip of Xinjiang, located in Kala And the Kunlun Mountains between the Taklimakan Desert, the city#39;s north end of South High, narrow North-South, from south to north tilt. Is Kalakashen River and the Yulong Kashgar River alluvial plain.

Area: total area of 247,800 square kilometers.

Population: 1.6 million population.

Administrative Region of: Wada exempted Hotan region, Hotan County, Pishan County, Mo Yuxian, Lop County, Qira County, Yutian County, Minfeng County 1 City 7 counties, 86 townships and four streets Office, 28 neighborhood committees, 1,404 administrative villages, 6,094 groups of villagers, there are farms Authority and the Corps of Hetian Seoul ranch owned slaves, 47 Farms, Paper Farm.

Xinjiang history of the Silk had three flashing lights and the commercial channel Mingyangtianxia, Hetian is on the Silk Road are dazzling silk. South Kunlun his pillow, lying desert north; adjacent to the southeast and Tibet, Southwest China and India and Pakistan phase grounding, the total area of nearly 250,000 square kilometers, the top in the southern part of ancient Western Regions. Hotan city in the northern foot of the Karakorum Mountains, the southern edge of the Taklimakan Desert, is located in Civil Administration.

Tian Tian in Gucheng, today the seven counties under the jurisdiction of a city of Hotan region, the ancient mountain for the Paper, in Hetian, Shule, refined absolutely countries, this has been reflected Hotan distinguished history, Has also undergone tremendous changes in the vicissitudes of life, then buried in the vast Hanhai in the fine must Guzhi, Shuleguzhi, Minfeng, as well as the Eastern Han Dynasty tomb of Wacker pagoda, Sang Rock Paintings of pieces of history like a picture, it is still arouse the people to recall The prosperity of the Silk Road South, Tian Buddhist country in the prosperity, Islam, such as occurred in the East this piece of land on the true story. And Tang Xuan Zang "Datang in mind the Western Regions" in mind "-silk princess" story, more vivid illustration of Hotan and the Central Plains region of flesh and blood ties as the Silk Road silk are extremely Sang-sik, sericulture and silk reeling Zhichou A long history. Today, the Hotan silk industry is still prestigious, a modernization of the silk factory, the production of fine silk, not only meet the needs of people of all ethnic groups, and by foreign merchants of all ages.

Hotan of Xinjiang is also the home of carpet, the treasure land abounds in jade: patterns produced by simple, precise work; Hotan jade is Chimingzhongwai, ancient jade "valuables to do for Tian," and do more Gongpin to the Mainland. Wenrun Ming-jie the fat jade, crystal Heiliang of Moyu, such as the color of jade Cui, are the valuable materials Diaozhuo jade. National Palace Museum is now in more than a jade carving of its preservation.

Hotan Oasis has always been for the Tarim Basin south of grain, cotton, silk worms important origin, apricots, grapes, peaches, pomegranates, figs and other fruit many good quality, the walnut is Bopi Fruit of the boutique. Ceriops tagal set in a forest cottage, a unique variety of artefacts Bazza people in a taste of silk and charisma are at the same time feel the ancient Silk Road Chun-Hou#39;s style.