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Tianjin City Centre. An area of nine square kilometers. Exempted Xingan Road, Qinghe, Dongxing market, Gansu Road, four minutes, Quanye Chang, the liberation of the bridge, Xiaobai Lou, the garden, a gym, emerging and Southern camps 12 neighborhood offices. Central Government is located in Garden Road on the 12th. Population 471,800 (most of the density of the city). CPC Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People#39;s Congress, the municipal government, the CPPCC municipal committee, Tianjin Garrison is located in the sector.
the district has 74 hectares of industrial land, the region accounted for 7.4% of the total area, a total of 482 industrial enterprises, of which 313 run enterprises, Quzhu 169 industrial enterprises, mechanical and electrical, instrumentation, electrical appliances, plastic products, clothing Shoes and hats, knitting, printing, arts and crafts, and other 14 major sectors. Markets in the region and prosperity, merchants gathered, as long as 2,000 meters a commercial road of peace and Binjiang Dao Street, City, Xiaobai Lou, Xi#39;an Road, Guiyang Road, five business groups, business, service outlets over 3300. Regional department stores, hotels, restaurants and many well-known old and famous, the road to peace and cross-Bin Jiangdao the "Cross Street" along the most concentrated. Such as: department store, Quanye Chang, Hua Lian, Zhongyuan, international shopping centres, transport, benefits, national, Deng Ying House, such as hotel banquet Binlou; have a long history of the Nanjing barber shop, photo studio in China, Hendra Lee watches and clocks, glasses shops, 1976, the regional reconstruction and transformation of the old Chongren, Guiyang Road, Tai-an Road, Liuzhou Road, Yude, Wu Jia Yao, such as 42 residential areas, the basic realization of the gas, heating Projects have been under way. The region a total of 250,000 trees, 13 parks, green 125, a total area of 275,000 square meters. The region has 159 roads, of which the main Route 23, stem extension 136, are senior road. Nanjing Road running through the region on both sides have the International Trade Building, telegraph building, the 13 provincial and municipal office buildings and high-rise residential flats Jinsong, such as more than 20 buildings. Jiefang Lu known as the city#39;s Financial Street, is lined with 87 different architectural styles of the complex, the famous "five Road" (Race Course Road, Moorsom South Road, Dali Road, Chongqing, Chengdu Road) on both sides of the various types of small ocean House Qianzibaitai, known as the international architectural style known as the Expo. In the City built a display of ancient Chinese architectural style of the food and hotel Street Street.
municipal Tianjin Medical University, Institute of Education, Science and Technology Learning Institute in the territory. Focus of a municipal school, Yiu Wa, 20, the second Nankai, Quzhu 44 secondary schools, vocational secondary 6, 51 primary schools, Xinhua workers such as the University of six, secondary schools and 126 kindergartens . Medical and health institutions focus on the region, the General Hospital of Tianjin, the Centre Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Chest Hospital, Eye Hospital, oral 14 city-level hospitals and other hospitals, 18 Quzhu hospitals, health centers. As the press, publishing, television broadcasting, telecommunications and communications technology institutions in the sector, resulting in information-intensive, feedback sensitive technology information center. Zhuqu have the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Hematology, 27, and other scientific research institutions, involving chemical, electronics, geology, transport, textile, metallurgical and other 25 professional categories. City People#39;s Stadium, the Park Stadium, the second pool is located area, Quzhu peace Stadium, Xinhua Road stadium, swimming pool peace, the third such as swimming pools. Cultural sites have a bright, and China more than 20 city blocks, and the masses theater Quzhu Museum of Art, Qingnian Gong, and so on. Pu is also available in the region Bin Jiangdao love on the 21st founding of the CPC Tianjin Memorial Hall, Garden Road on the 4th Ji Hongchang martyrs house, Anshan Road Park late Qing emperor Pu Yi Jing-palace in the number of heritage conservation, and other units.