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HeGang - HeiLongJiang

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Zip Code: 154100

code: 0454

Location: northeast Heilongjiang Province, is located in the Sanjiang Plain Xiao Hinggan Mountains and the buffer zone, Hegang City, eastern, southern and Fujin Shi at the Songhua River, across the Jiamusi City, Xiao Hinggan Mountains and the western edge bordering Yichun City, The northern sector of Heilongjiang and Russia#39;s state adjacent to Birobidzhan.

Area: 14,600 square kilometers.


Hegang City in Heilongjiang Province in the north-east, Xiao Hinggan Mountains is located in the Sanjiang Plain transition to the buffer zone, covering 15,000 square kilometers, administered Luobei, Suibin County, and two border 6 Administrative Region, population 1.1 million.

Hegang is a typical resource-based cities. Within the agriculture, forestry, mineral resources and abundant natural resources, coal, timber, grain is three important resources. Coalfield total area of 252 square kilometers, coal geological reserves of 1.95 billion tons, recoverable reserves of 950 million tons, with an annual output steady at 20 million tons. The total coalbed methane reserves of 34.7 billion cubic meters. Woodland area of 650,000 ha, live tree growing stock 40 million cubic meters, 70 percent of natural forests. 650 million mu of arable land, grain production capacity of 4 billion jin, is in Heilongjiang Province rice, soybean main producing areas; grassland area of 100,000 hectares, which can make use of grassland 53,000 ha; water 110,000 hectares, of which fish surface 3500 Ha. In addition, the city is also available in graphite, pottery, such as gravel shale more than 30 kinds of non-metallic mineral resources, the development of excellent conditions. Hegang photos

Hegang is open border cities in Russia, and Russia has 235 kilometers of border line, Luobei Port is the province of Harbin from a recent national ports, the annual handling capacity of 430,000 tons; Heilongjiang "Golden waterway" running 5,000-ton ship, to close the gap to reach Japan and South Korea. He Iraq, Hok-kai, Hok Dill all three export of high-grade highway road surface, Hegang 423 km from Harbin, 80 km from the port Luobei from the Jiamusi airport only over 60 kilometers. Direct rail transport to Harbin, Dalian and so on.

Hegang picture Hegang City, north of Heilongjiang, Songhua River south, the transit of 300 billion cubic meters of water more than 500 square kilometers above the valley has nine rivers, for years the average volume of 3.35 billion cubic meters of water resources. City of adequate electricity supply, power generation companies are now Hegang 600,000 kilowatts installed capacity, upon the completion of the second phase project of total installed capacity will reach 1.2 million kilowatts; crane Mine Group Thermal Power Plant is now installed capacity of 150,000 kilowatts, 100,000 kilowatt thermal power plant waste Upon completion, the installed capacity will reach 250,000 kilowatts. A total installed capacity will reach 1.45 million kilowatts. City land rich in resources, there are 360 million mu of land use, to 50 million mu of farmland, Yimu to 105 mu of a 6.9 million mu of abandoned mining and mining Subsidence Area, the potential for larger follow-up land.

Hegang blessed with abundant tourism resources and the human landscape, the country is one of the most attractive tourist destination. China and Russia in Heilongjiang Three Gorges breathtaking views of Bailong Valley Four Seasons polymerization, Gu Mu primeval forest trees; wetlands reed field five habitats; Galerkin Wanyan#39;s home in the birthplace of numerous Nvzhen Ren quenching the story of the United States and the famous gold rush Kwun Yam Shan Dulu River - The influx, and created a golden text of the Qing Dynasty Hegang of. Coal mine Pavilion, China#39;s first mine to reproduce the history of China#39;s coal mining; a "sister-in-law Homecoming" so that more people here in memory of bloody anti-hero of Zhao Shangzhi; mysterious and hard to wolf Waterloo World War II exhibition hall is the aggressor Oriental lily and the implementation of the plan马其诺防线of iron under the new cradle of Chinese film of the film studio in the Northeast here to create a new Chinese film history of the first six; Taihuang situation memorial records the 100,000 officers and men of Reclamation, millions of educated youth under Rural black wild spirit of the complex. Heilongjiang Folk Culture Park, 10 ethnic singing and dancing together, customs million not to sing a beautiful new life. Songhe West Lake Park, no less than the northerners industrialized Hangzhou Jiangnan can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Exotic ports sector Jiang Yu, China and Russia will make you enjoy the two countries still three domain style. Russia#39;s Jewish Autonomous Region the other side, so you can understand Russian, the Jewish state on the magical world of two great nations. Border Town Hegang, urban style tourist facilities, a fully furnished.

Hegang is your duty to travel the preferred route. The magic of the original land and the ecological environment, China and Russia still two romantic style three domain to enjoy the world famous and enjoy a happy life, Hegang this beautiful and wonderful tourist waving to you in line.