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HeFei - AnHui

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Zip code: 230000

position: in the central Anhui Province, is located between the Jianghuai, Chaohu the north shore.

Area: 7,266 square kilometers

Population: 4.26 million population have

divisions: exempted Yaohai, Luyang, Shushan and four packets River area and Changfeng, Feidong, fertilizer West three counties.

Hefei, capital of Anhui Province in central China (latitude 32 °, longitude 117 °), the Huaihe River and Yangtze River, the coast of Chaohu Lake, through Nanfeihe River-Jiang Dahai, a dong and the west, a series Zhongyuan , North and south through the important geographical advantages.


Hefei is a history of 2,000 years of the ancient city, in "Three故地, Bao Zheng home" and famous at home and abroad. Since the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the number of gun Zhisuo Hefei, the Jianghuai region has been an important administrative center and military stronghold.


"Hefei" the name first appeared in the writer, historian Sima Qian#39;s "Historical Records. cargo yields Biographies": "Hefei by the North-South flows, leather, abalone, wood lose Will also. " At the turn of the Qin and Han Dynasties, Hefei formal establishment of a "Hefei County," the Jiujiang County. For the Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Hou Sheng Hefei, the three countries at Yangzhou Zhisuo. Luzhou House at the Ming and Qing Dynasties rule, it is not known as the "Luzhou." January 21, 1949, Hefei liberation, February 1, the county set up the city. August 25, 1952, Anhui Province People#39;s Government was formally established in Hefei.


since reform and opening up, economic and social development in Hefei entered the fast lane, gdp maintained for 20 consecutive years in more than two-digit growth in overall economic strength continuously increased, the level of total economic output and per capita Kuashang new level.

Hefei enter the new century, according to the 16th National Party Congress put the goal of building a well-off society, Hefei development in the next 20 years the basic idea is: speed up development and enriching the people in strong, the overall promotion of modernization construction of major cities in the province The first to comprehensively building a well-off society. On economic development is the implementation of the "three-step" strategy, that is, in 2010 the GDP reached 100 billion yuan, the total gdp in 2012 to achieve than quadrupling in 2000, gdp per capita reached 3,000 U.S. dollars, to the 2020 production GDP triple. The recent focus on the implementation of four major base construction, namely: the building of suburban agricultural demonstration base, the building of important domestic and international manufacturing and processing bases, the building of the domestic high-tech research and important industrial base, the building of important domestic tourism, culture and education base . Hefei

Hefei many of the sites. The past is the town of Huai Kok Yun, the Vatican brakes bell, the color of grass boat, the crossbows Songyin, Shushan Xue Ji, Huai-chun Pu Rong, Chaohu Yeyue, four morning glow of eight, collectively, "Lu Yang eight scenic spots." One Chaohu Yeyue, four Zhaoxia, such as King, is now non-Hefei; towns such as King Huai Kok Yun, the Tianchangrijiu, Wuhuanxingyi has gone, a thing of the past. Now the monuments to the crossbows Taiwan, Mingjiao Temple, Xiao Yaojin, such as Bao Gongci most famous.