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Hedong District of Tianjin is one of the urban area, located in the eastern part of the urban area, the Haihe River is located in the east coast named. Hedong District existing 630,000 residents, covering 40 square kilometers. From the map, the shape of a wind like the Youth Pre-employment Training pigeons.
Hedong District of Tianjin is the history of the formation of the earliest city, the region "Zhigu" is the birthplace of Tianjin. Tianjin area is the metallurgical, textile, light industry, machinery and other industries is more concentrated in urban areas, urban areas is leading to the Tianjin airport, the port is a necessary, with geographical location, has a long history, convenient transportation, commerce and trade circulation, and other advantages and Development Potential. 50 in the course of development, particularly after nearly 20 years of vigorous development, the Hedong District of economic construction, urban development, community health, education, culture, sports and the building of spiritual civilization, and so are the cause of considerable progress has been made to the development and A brilliant achievement, and some still walk in the forefront of the country, the reputation and popularity at home and abroad increasingly high.
a long history of the Zhigu from Tianjin in China#39;s Yuan Dynasty "Zhigu Walled" So far, the Hedong District Zhigu region so far has been 800 years of history. Yun prosperous history here, the temple forest, trade and prosperity. As the end of the Yuan dynasty and the ocean was the center of North-South exchange of goods, in the Yuan Dynasty set up a large Zhigu transported to the Office, Linqing 10,000 House and a series of important institutions directly under. The construction of the Yuan Dynasty in the early years of the Tianfei Gong is not only the earliest temple building in Tianjin, north China also has a long history of the Tianfei temple, it is the Yuan Dynasty highest, the greatest impact, the highest number of Tianfei Gong festival, Fitch "First Temple in Yuan Dynasty" and to "sell (Zhigu, Tianjin) Matsu", a Tianjin city formation and development of historical testimony. Hedong District of Tianjin#39;s major Zhigu Tianfei Gong was built in the Song Dynasty and the Meizhou Matsu temples in Putian, Fujian, Taiwan Peikang Chaotian Palace of the Ming Dynasty, the famous Chinese at home and abroad hailed as the three major temples in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots And overseas Chinese at home and abroad in the long-standing and repute. September 1997, in the ruins Zhigu Tianfei Gong Ming Dynasty unearthed in the "rehabilitation Tsz Ling Chi Jian Gong Tianfeibeiji" Canbei and Guixingbeizuo has aroused widespread social concern. Subsequently, the Tianjin archaeological team in the Zhigu sites in Taiwan for a large-scale archaeological excavation in the Tianjin area found the first Tianfei Gong Ming and Qing Dynasties Basilica of the site and construction of the Yuan Dynasty site and a large number of Song Yuan Dynasty precious relics. Zhigu Tianfei Gong ruins of the archaeological excavations, making 1900 by the Eight-Power Allied Forces destroyed the temple in the Tianfei buried a century later to be freed. Zhigu great injustice that the archaeological excavation of the "first big Zhigu, after Tianjin Wei," said the historical authenticity, also confirmed the Tianjin Zhigu Tianfei Gong as a "sell-day Matsu" great value.
Hedong District has always attached great importance to the Zhigu ancient cultural relics protection and development work, especially in recent years with the acceleration of urban construction. Them to "restore ancient cultural construction of public construction led to the building and to promote Weigai Road with demolition to widen guide" for ideas on large areas Zhigu conducted a comprehensive development and transformation, so that in the face of Zhigu Fantian rehabilitation of the changes. The development of the area will be included in the transformation of the region Zhigu Weigai comprehensive development and urban construction of the "four, four, three," the overall plan of the project, the largest Zhigu Weigai focus on the region as a film and bustling district task, According to overall planning and Tianjin Haihe River as the center of the layout, with the history of the region and the geographical advantage, in the region, the implementation of the old city to build a set of economic transformation and development of the integration of large-scale public housing construction and the integration of modern architecture Antique combined with the construction, set commerce, culture, sports, tourism, folklore and living as one of "Jingu tourist city." At present, the region#39;s blueprint for the implementation of this plan has begun to take shape.