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HeChuanShi - ZhongQing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Gabriel  Date: 07-27 2008  More Attractions
Pakistan has Hechuan country are, 314 years BC-based Dianjiang County, 556 in the year changed its name to a state, the calendar for Gun Zhisuo. 1913 to Hechuan County. In 1952, has been divided into a Hechuan City County, 1957, into the cities and counties in Hechuan, in August 1992, approved by the State Council set up Hechuan City.
Hechuan old times, Shanqingshuixiu. In this beautiful and fertile land, leaving the eternal Zhuanghuai world-famous ancient battlefield of Diaoyu Cheng, a historian and founder of the Qing Dynasty Juren Sen Zhang Kai#39;s Sichuan Sericulture Corporation; shipping of Chinese patriotic industrialist, said Lu Zuofu first The shipping route of the ship terminal; people founded by educator Mr. Tao Xingzhi Gusheng Temple Yucai School, and throughout China, educated generation after generation of collective love the boy hero Liu literature. Here, but also to visits to Wo "Ma Mun River Dinosaur" for the starting point of historical and cultural origins.
Hechuan existing Year in 1260 when the fight against Yuan-jun and known as "God#39;s presentation of the whip", "Oriental Mecca city," the Diaoyu Cheng ancient battlefield sites; Lai provincial-level key heritage conservation units at two Buddhist temples, Temple nearly 1100 history, the East Sichuan has the second Buddha statues 1670 and Mo Yan Yu respect and 17th century architectural style of Wengchengguzhai and in style, "Chongqing Lijiang," said. A water area of 3.3 square kilometers of the artificial lake Ssangyong Lake, a beautiful, Dongnuanxialiang underground cave-wave, a temple of brilliance, Sengdao gathered, a taste of religion and culture of Buddhism, Taoism coexistence of the Holy Land-more Hill.
Hechuan not only charming scenery, but also a lot of local characteristics of some local products, such as peach-Hechuan, Pueraria thomsonii, buckwheat, the Yangcheng wine, especially worth mentioning that there are over 100 years of brewing history Yangcheng Wine, wines pure, has received numerous international and domestic awards, the development of the "Yangcheng dry red" and "Chongqing Red" ranks among the wines. Hechuan is also available in the scale of production with an annual output of 50,000 tons over the heavy beer Group Hechuan limited liability company, producing the "mountain city of Beer" popular throughout the country.