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Location: Henan Province in the north, the Taihang Mountains to the North China Plain Donglu transition zone. Geographical coordinates of longitude 113 degrees 59 minutes - 114 degrees 45 minutes north latitude and 35 degrees 26 points - 36 degrees 02 minutes.

Area: 2,182 square kilometers

Population: 1401900 people.

administrative divisions: exempted counties (Junxian, Qixian), the three areas (rural areas, Hill City, Heshan district) and Qibin Economic Development Zone

Hebi Hebi City, built in 1957, a total area of 2182 Square kilometers, the west is the mountains, hills, which accounted for 20% and 30%, is the eastern plains, 50 per cent. Total area of 160 mu of arable land. Population 1.43 million, of which the urban population 590,000. Exempted four counties (Junxian, Qixian, Qi Bin, Hill City, Heshan District and the Economic and Technological Development Zone), 25 towns and townships. In 1992 the provincial government approved the establishment of development zones, in 2001, government, and military authorities all moved to this office. Completion of the current area of 16 square kilometers, population 100,000.

Hebi photos Hebi for" crane habitat in the Nanshan cliff, "named after, has a long history and profound cultural background. Zhao Ge Shang Dynasty had Capital (this Qixian), after four generations of a total of more than 400 years; defending its capital Chaoge the Spring and Autumn Period (this Qixian East), the Warring States period, Zhao Zhongmu its capital in the 39 (now the Mountain City area) . In Qihe River is a history, poetry River, the river culture, "The Book of Songs" in the 39 painted a cross-strait customs. Jurisdiction Xunxiangucheng Yang Li, the state historical and cultural city, in large Pi-Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism and the remains of three co-exist, the mountains of the Northern Wei Dynasty Shifo the earliest, the largest North, "Hachijo Buddha Qizhang floor," reputation. Qixianguchen Zhao Ge, is the provincial-level historical and cultural city, in the Yunmeng Mountain "the first ancient Chinese Military Academy" in said.

Hebi is rich in resources. Main mineral resources reserves of 1.6 billion tons of coal, 5 billion tons of cement limestone, dolomite 1 billion tons. Qi He is the only region in North China#39;s unspoiled rivers, perennial water quality standards to the national level. Key projects in a rock-water storage reservoir built after the 608 million cubic meters. Wrapping eggs, oridonin, Qihe carp known as "Qi He three-zhen."

Hebi obvious geographical advantages. Yubei urban agglomeration in the center, 500 kilometers Beiju Beijing, Nanju Xinzheng International Airport 130 kilometers. Jing-Guang Railroad, and 107 high-speed Beijing-Zhuhai National Longitudinal North and South, Pu crane high-speed, pot Taiwan to the Highway things, the express railway from Beijing to Zhengzhou in Hebi station, in North Henan Hebi is becoming the "Crusaders" transport hub.

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Hebi Hebi economy and society, rapid, coordinated and healthy development, much of the work developed its own characteristics, some of the province or the country to become a bright spot. The other is the "cycle of five major industrial chain" as the main support of the cycle of the industrial economy beginning to take shape, as a cycle of pilot cities and the other is the livestock industry in the province and even take the forefront of the country, driven by the industrialization of agriculture in the city Development of three new area as the center of a ribbon of urban development pattern has initially taken shape, Chengzhenhualv higher than the average level of the province, is China#39;s outstanding tourist city, are creating "China Habitat Environment Prize example," build eco-city; Fourth Explore the establishment of the urban and rural areas cover a long-term relief mechanisms and relief system, experience in the promotion of the province; five are open channels of social conditions and public opinion reflected in the implementation of the city#39;s two-way communication between cadres of the "feelings and public opinion village gatherings" system, and promote a grass-roots democracy Political construction, changes in the work style of cadres and resolve the contradictions, the provincial party committee has been affirmed; 6 is the full implementation of the "students Cunguan" program, has 909 students to the city 91 percent of administrative villages in office, both optimization of the two villages Appointed body structure, and opened up new channels for employment of college students, by the Ministry of Personnel of the Central Organization Department and the state recognized around seven "real" characters grasping style, establish a "linkage Room 903," long-term mechanism to monitor performance, the city formed a demand Really practical, way to a good atmosphere. Not long ago, Xu Guangchun, secretary of the provincial party committee to crane research, the work of Hebi be fully affirmed and praised Hebi small but excellent, small and special, small and the United States, small and new, small and rich.