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HeBeiQu - TianJin

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Leah  Date: 09-04 2008  More Attractions
Hebei District of Tianjin is the birthplace of the urban Northeast, the Haihe River is located in the north named. Area of 32 square kilometers, population 640,000, exempted 10 neighborhood offices. Since reform and opening up, Hebei District in order to create the best investment environment for the goal, committed to the development of regional economies, and gradually develop into a set of industry, commerce, services, real estate and tourism as one open city.
convenient traffic smoothly, railway, highway, maritime, air obvious advantages. Tianjin Railway Station, Tianjin North Station and two Jingjintang Expressway exports in the region, the Golden Lion, North Point, Cape economy, such as river seven flyovers and the widening of the eight new trunk road and the Link, the Central Link, of Link Constitutes ease of access to the airport of Tianjin, Tianjin development zone, bonded zone and Beijing quickly and easily.
human landscape, historical sites with their own characteristics. There are Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao youth Juewu She engaged in revolutionary activities, the actress and Social Council; Sun Yat-sen, Yuan Shikai, Feng Guozhang, Cao Kun, Liang Qichao, Cao Yu, Li Shutong, and other celebrity sites and home; still focus on the distribution of more than 140 Block, Italy Style buildings, the North China region famous Buddhist holy sites Taibei Toll of the Temple, is currently active in a variety of forms development and utilization.
City appearance with each passing day, continuously upgrade services. City beautiful environment, industry vertical and horizontal River, the Haihe River, Yueya He longitudinal North-South, East and West Xinkai He crossed the three rivers in Hebei District formed a unique landscape. Xinkai He waterworks district is located, a reasonable distribution of electricity, information and communication industry developed, heat rate, the rate of urban greening leader finance, commerce, catering, culture, education, health services facilities.
Hebei District is a hope that the new City, she accompanied by the pace of the advance of the times, seize the city of Tianjin to speed up the construction of environmental opportunities, is full of vitality. In the future development goals: the city take the lead in basically realizing modernization in the process of change to become larger, faster development of the region. Fully tap the historical and cultural resources, and promote "Mission first two" development strategy and create an overall advantage of a fine, have a stronger tourism industry association of the layout, so that our region become an influential regional cultural tourism; give prominence to the Business services sector, planning and design, business services to speed up infrastructure construction, make great efforts to cultivate business centre, commercial zones and the scale of the market, relying on a traffic advantages and characteristics of our region#39;s trade and business service pattern, so that our region become a competitive regional business services; The implementation of "the Haihe River, Xinkai He, Yueya He three river landscape with" development plan to raise the level of housing construction, improve the social infrastructure, public services and living facilities, and create a beautiful environment, full-featured, convenient, high quality living environment So that our region into an attractive living area; based on the old industrial district of factories, technology, labor advantages, optimizing the allocation of resources, expand the park-and increase the technological content and enhance the scale and capacity, so that our region into a radiation The urban industrial regions.
Hebei Province to establish a sound investment services network, with a high-quality service staff, formed a conducive investment Societe Generale good external environment.
the new century, Hebei District are to achieve leapfrog development, deepening reform, expanding opening up a bright future has been demonstrated in front of us. Open Hebei District welcome you, let us work together for a better tomorrow.