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HeBei - China City Guide

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Isaac  Date: 08-12 2008  
Abbreviations: Hebei

capital: Shijiazhuang

Location: Hebei Province, located north latitude and 36 ° 05 ˊ to 42 ° 37 ˊ, longitude 113 ° 11 ˊ to 119 ° 45 ˊ between the North China Plain, and cross-Inner Mongolia plateau. Inner ring the capital of the province, Beijing and Tianjin Commercial Ports important north, the east Bohai Sea.

area: the province a total area of 188,000 square kilometers.

Population: 60 million population of the province.

administrative divisions: the existing 11 provincial cities, 23 county-level cities, 108 counties, and six autonomous counties and 35 municipal area. 河北地图

inner ring of Beijing and Tianjin, Hebei Province, east Bohai Sea and strategic location. Hebei Province is an important birthplace of the Chinese nation. As early as over 5,000 years ago, the ancestor of the Chinese nation#39;s three major Yellow Emperor, and Yan Di and Chiyou in Hebei by the conquests to integration, creating a history of Chinese civilization. Spring and Autumn period, Hebei and Zhao Yan-guo to be, it is "Yanzhao," said. Yuan, Ming and Qing three in its capital Beijing, Hebei Jifu become the capital of the land. Long history of the Hebei has many cultural relics.

rich tourism resources in Hebei Province, is China#39;s only both the waterfront, plains, lakes, hills, and the plateau province, the large number of natural resources, type complete. Hebei Province is rich in cultural resources, the National Heritage is one of the province, and features prominent heritage resources, high grade, many of the country the most. It can be said that Hebei is China#39;s tourism resources in the province.

Hebei Province is an important revolutionary sites, the 1900 "Boxer Rebellion" campaign launched by the Hebei Granville County, quickly spread to the country and dealt a heavy blow to the reactionary forces of imperialism and the Qing Dynasty. Anti-Japanese War period, Hebei earth是Japan#39;s main battlefield combat, the Chinese people use tunnel warfare, and Leizhan, plain powerful guerrilla warfare against the Japanese aggressors. The famous "Baituantaizhan" took place in Hebei, the Eighth Route Army division headquarters located in Hebei Province on January 29 Shexian. Internationalist soldiers Bethune in China are the main activities took place in Hebei Province, died in the last Tangxian County of Hebei. During the War of Liberation, the party central committee in Xibaipo in Hebei Ping Shanxian command shocked the world of the "three major campaigns," the liberation of the whole of China played the bugle call, and held the famous "Second Plenary Session of the Seventh." Xibaipo - "Coming here from New China." Shijiazhuang is the liberation of the Chinese revolution from the rural areas surrounding the cities, to win the final victory of the turning point.

Hebei Province, not only old times, but also of China Tianbao, many tou-renowned Chinese snacks and flavor. Jing-dong Chestnut, Zhaozhou Sydney, Cangzhou Watkins jujube, Xuanhua longan grape, peach, deep, Cangzhou, such as jujube. Not only high nutritional value and output ranked first in the country. Walnut, persimmon and pepper as the "Taihang three-zhen." Shim in the Bashang-rich plateau, is a valuable fungi. Fern known as "King of mountain cuisine," the domestic and international market demand. Qinhuangdao feast of the Eight Immortals, the honey Matang Tangshan, Baoding Ma-old chickens, Shijiazhuang, the hollow Palace face, the whole fish in Baiyangdian Lake and all seats for its unique flavor to Chinese and foreign tourists praise.

Hebei Province, the vast land and also a long history of the Evolved colorful folk culture and folk arts. Ding Yao, Xingyao, Cizhou Yao and Tangshan Ceramics is the history of China Northern typical of ceramic art. Yuxian paper cutting, Langfang Shippo, Quyang stone carving, painting, Hengshui Biyan Hu, the ancient Yi Yan, Wuqiang New Year#39;s pictures, HSBC Ningbu paste painting, Bai Yang Wei set for, Xinji leather, Anguo, and other famous traditional herbal medicine; Hebei Bangzi, The same old tune, Shadowgraph, Sixian, and other interesting feature of Cangzhou Martial Arts, Wuqiao Acrobatics, Yongnian tai chi, Hong longevity of Baoding, see charm alone. Folk culture and folk arts tourism resources in Hebei Province, is an indispensable part.

Hebei Province, the existing three world cultural heritage; provincial heritage conservation more than 680 units, ranking first in the country of which 88 national heritage conservation units, the third in the nation - Is well-known Chinese heritage province. In addition, the state-level historical and cultural city four, China#39;s outstanding tourist city four, state-level scenic spots aaaa 23, the state-level scenic spots aaa 11, aa state-level scenic spots 7, the top 10 scenic spots two, four national tourist destination Top Ten 3, the state-level scenic spots five, 10 national forest parks, three national nature reserve.

splendid history and culture and beautiful Huguangshanse making the other more beautiful, poses a unique tourism Yanzhao 100 Garden, to become China#39;s Hebei development potential of the new century#39;s most popular tourist destination in one.