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Code: 0395

Zip code: 462000

Location: Central Plains is located in the hinterland

Area: 2,617 square kilometers

Population: 2450000

administrative divisions: exempted Yan City, the Provisional Ying, Wuyang County, and three Yuanhui Qu

Luohe City is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, exempted Yan City, the Provisional Ying, Wuyang County, and three Yuanhui Qu, area 2,617 square kilometers, the population of 2.45 million, urban area of 28 square kilometers, population 340,000, is the inland Henan Province. Luohe
Luohe has a long history, as early as 8,000 years ago, our ancestors came on the proliferation of interest-bearing, and created a glorious and splendid ancient culture. Wu Yangxian Jiahu site, the excavation unearthed in 8000 before the Oracle-Bone DMC symbols carved with birds of prey and the production of the Qiyin bone flute. Oracle-Bone DMC carved symbols than as early as 4,000 years Oracle Yin Ruins in Anyang, said the world than in a text of the earliest countries with ancient civilizations of Egypt 1,000 years earlier hieroglyphs; bone flute with seven syllable has structure, can play melodies in the world music history is the earliest The kind found. Luohe plain hard-working people, for this piece of land left many beautiful legends and the remarkable heritage attractions. Qi Huangong dominate the Spring and Autumn Period, 656 BC in the annual G-8诸侯UNITA forces in the Zhaoling will Fachu, completed the first time in the history of mankind multi-national joint operations; Luohe photos Eastern Han Xu Shen Zhao Ling who, 22 years after the preparation of China#39;s first Department of Hanyudazidian "Explanation", which sets text, phonology, scholium epitomize, is to study the text before the Pre-Qin ladder and bridges; Song Dynasty national hero Yue Fei "Jingzhong serve the country", "Yan City decisive battle" Smashed Wu Elite of "Iron Futu" and "Guaizi Ma", in Xuan You Ying-chang (Henan A Ying) beat Jin-jun 120,000, recovering the Central Plains is just around the corner, but the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Gaozong has issued 12 gold medals recall Yue Fei, is to Town has received two gold medals; against the famous - Yue Jiajun pioneer in the Song Yang Zaixing official "to bridge the war" in the first-RUF, to less wins, Linweibuju, the last horse mud depression, Jin-jun chaos sword Shot dead and their bodies left after the cremation Jianzu two liters. Yue Fei Bingren engraved with "Yang Zaixing grave" in stone, in an Beiqian. By General behest, the mausoleum of North built.
Luohe heritage is rich in resources, to Jiahu site, the other side of Temple Jingchuang, xiaoshangqiao, Sanjue monument and the awarding Zen Taiwan, Xu Shen tomb as the representative of the more than 190 cultural relics, there is broad and profound. 漯河图片
Luohe gratifying achievements of modern construction, tourism, services improve. Cheng is the Central Plains Luohe, the city green coverage rate reached 42 percent, urban streets such as shade cover, Fanhuasijin; Shahe natural beach and beautiful riparian Garden, the scenery pleasant. To the ecology and leisure as the keynote of the open-source Forest Park, technology, green, green for the characteristics of the Tianyi companies cultivation base has become a popular tourist destination. Luohe ideological emancipation and innovation in hard work, satisfied that the rivers, may the Four Seas, had a "pool of high-tech world, pooling the new world of" Shineway Group - Shineway people depend on economic strength, the excellence of the world-has created one after another Brilliant; has explored the building of communism, and small communities and the world-famous Nanjie Group - to uphold the people of Nanjie the hair, and Mao Zedong Thought, education, learning from Lei Feng, promote "Fool" spirit, sing revolutionary songs , To uphold the rule of External village strategy, adhering to the collective prosperity of the road, a unique development model, attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit tourist. At present, the urban scenery, its visit to Cuba Probe into the Red style, and leisure tourism as the theme of the Luohe maturity, to basically forming a "food, places, transportation, travel, procurement, Yu" one-stop travel service system. Luohe

Luohe City of Henan Province and South Africa in a major traffic hub, Jing-Guang Railroad longitudinal North-South, Ta River-west railway line connected with the Coke sticks, Fu Ta River eastward with the Beijing-Shanghai railway line phase grounding, the three railways in the Ta River A total length of 249.99 km (including linear, the only lane), and a cross, the Luohe-structure throughout the country and the link. Luohe train station hub for the national level grouping Dazhan.
Luohe Road traffic is developed, 107 State Road, Beijing and Shenzhen Expressway throughout the longitudinal, four provincial-level highways and four county-level Link Road aspect intertwined, and constitute a connected road transportation network, in公路总里程( Of township roads) to 1,596 kilometers, a total of four bus station. Luohe from Zhengzhou International Airport only one hour#39;s journey, is located between Zhengzhou and Wuhan, is a good economic hub zone.