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Zip code: 310000

position: in China#39;s southeastern coast, the northern part of Zhejiang Province, the Qiantang River lower reaches of the north shore, the southern tip of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. The city#39;s total area of 16,596 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 3,068 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of 6.12 million, of which the urban population of 3.72 million, Han, yu, back, such as for national.

divisions: exemptions on the city, the City, Gongshu, Jianggan, West Lake, Riverside, Xiaoshan and Yuhang District 8, Fuyang, Jiande, the three county-level city in Lin#39;an, Tonglu, Chun#39;an County, 2.

City Tree: camphor

#39;s floral emblem: osmanthus

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province, the province#39;s political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural centre, the State Department identified the key national scenic tourist cities and historical and cultural cities, the deputy provincial level cities, the Yangtze River Delta South Extension of central cities. Exempted eight, three county-level cities, two counties, the city#39;s total area of 16,600 square kilometers and a population of 6.52 million people.

Since reform and opening up, Hangzhou economy has driven the rapid development of various social undertakings made great progress, the city#39;s comprehensive strength in China among the best in the same city. Hangzhou city have access to national health, the National Garden City, the National Environmental Protection Model City, the United Nations Habitat Award, the International Garden City, including a number of national and world-class honours. Hangzhou has organized two consecutive years by the World Bank as "China#39;s overall investment environment in the best urban cities," the first, for two consecutive years by the U.S. "Forbes" magazine as "the best commercial city in mainland China list," the first , 2004 by China Central Television as "the most economic vitality of China#39;s top 10 cities", "J" Oriental magazine as "the most well-being of the city," in March this year, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, "published by the city in 2005 Competitiveness of the Blue Book: Chinese City Competitiveness Report no.3 ", Hangzhou, the city#39;s comprehensive competitiveness of 200 cities in the Mainland, ranked fifth, ranked in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing after.

Hangzhou city characteristics can be used "Jingjijiangshi, cultural relics, tourist destination, Paradise Silicon Valley" four "gold card" to summarize:

First "Jingjiqiangshi."

Since reform and opening up economic and social development in Hangzhou, sustained, rapid and healthy, 14 gdp consecutive double-digit growth, the economic aggregate ranked the first two capital cities, the deputy provincial level, the first three cities, the first large and medium-sized cities 8. 2004, Hangzhou GDP (gdp) 2515 billion, per capita GDP was 38,858 yuan, the total revenue for 39.575 billion yuan, and total retail sales of social consumer goods 70.434 billion yuan, total industrial added value completed 117.49 billion yuan , Industrial amount ranked the first in Zhejiang. 120.518 billion yuan in fixed assets investment, foreign capital actually used 1.41 billion U.S. dollars breakthrough, the city#39;s private economy accounted for 70 percent of gdp, and from the large state-owned economy in the private economy to the market by leaps and bounds. Hang all financial institutions in the balance of deposits of 570.72 billion yuan, 480.004 billion yuan of loans, showing a vigorous development trend. There are 46 world top 500 enterprises in Hangzhou investment.

The second is the "cultural city."

Hangzhou Context long, is named after the first batch of national historical and cultural city, the Five Dynasties Wu Yue State and Southern Song Wangchao two generations Capital this is one of China#39;s seven ancient capital, has 2226 In the history of the founding of the city, Yuhang County in the Qiantang emperor and the establishment of county system, which has been ranked, known as "Yumizhixiang, silk tea of the House, cultural state" reputation. Hangzhou, the humanities since the source can be traced back to about 8000 in Xiaoshan "cultural bridge across Lake" and 5000 before the "Liangzhu culture," is one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization. British Museum British Museum of China first introduced the Liangzhu culture. Liangzhu culture, Wu Yue culture, the Southern Song Dynasty culture, Ming and Qing culture, a culture of integrity in Hangzhou sequence, leaving behind an extremely valuable historical and cultural heritage. In 2001, "the 10 archaeological discoveries of the" selection, Hangzhou, exclusive of its 40. Existing Yuemiao, Liuhe Ta-wen, and other 14 state-level security units and tea, silk and other five state-level museum.

third is the "tourist destination."

scenic Hangzhou, known as "paradise," said. In the beautiful West Lake City and habitat, green mountains hold the city door, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal through the city and that raging Qianjiang City zoned out. Three Yunshan side of the city, rivers Hushan integration; each spring and summer autumn and winter scenery, rain and snow do not confront a Qingzhi. The Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi said: "Jiangnan Yi, Yi is the most Hangzhou." The 13th century, Italy in the Travels of Marco Polo travel home in praise of Hangzhou as "the world#39;s most beautiful luxury city." Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said: "such as Hangzhou, the scenic tourist city in the world, but not much, to Hangzhou, the development of the tourism industry properly." Hangzhou now has two state-level scenic spots, the two state-level nature reserves, five national forest parks, a national tourist resort. After four consecutive years of comprehensive protection, more Cuicanduomu West Lake, to reproduce 300 years ago, "a video twin towers Lake, Lake of the Isles inlay, three embankment Ling Bibo" style. May 1 this year into the open Xixi national wetland park in Hangzhou become the country#39;s first National Park. State Department named as the four key national scenic tourist city of Hangzhou Tourism is the comparative advantages and core competitiveness lies, Hangzhou is the most unique, the difference of one of the advantages of industry. 2004, the city#39;s tourism yield added value of 15.6 billion yuan, accounting for the city#39;s GDP of 6.3 percent the year 1234100 000 inbound tourists, tourism foreign exchange earnings of 597 million U.S. dollars, received 30.16 million domestic tourists trips, the total income of 41.073 billion yuan tourism.

Fourth, it is "paradise Silicon Valley."

Hangzhou is a national of the pilot cities, the pilot cities of e-commerce, e-government pilot cities, digital TV pilot cities and the state software industry bases, the IC design industry base. In recent years, Hangzhou is committed to creating "heaven Silicon Valley", with information and new medicine, environmental protection, new materials, high-tech industries dominated by good development momentum, Hangzhou has become a major characteristics and advantages. Communications, software, integrated circuits, digital TV, animation, online games, such as six "industrial chain" are bigger and stronger, there are 12 enterprises to enter the "top 100 software enterprises," the ranks of 15 key state enterprises to enter the ranks of software companies , 14 enterprises inside and outside it listed. Hangzhou in June of this year successfully held the first China international animation festival, and have promulgated a series of important initiatives create "animation of all." Hangzhou is also available in advanced broadband network ip, in the province by the end of 2006 will be launched within the framework of a comprehensive digital TV, take the lead in achieving "mode to a few."

At present, Hangzhou is to take Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, vigorously promote the "exquisite harmony, open atmosphere," the humanistic spirit of the new Hangzhou, in a "build a city, construction of the new heaven." And take the lead in basically realizing modernization strive to advance the goal.

Hangzhou, China#39;s famous historical and cultural city, one of the seven ancient capitals. Yangtze River Delta is an important central city of southeast China and transportation hub.

Hangzhou has a long history and goes back to ancient times. Hangzhou, the county built in the Qin Dynasty over 2,200 years ago, said "Qiantang", to Suikai Huang years called Hangzhou, its name since then before. To the mid-Tang Dynasty, Hangzhou develop into a "by-Zhenyi, merchants and Cou" the commercial city. Wu Yue and the Five Dynasties and two generations of the Southern Song Dynasty Capital, which lasted more than 200 years, Hangzhou is the heyday of the history of the development, known as "the first in the Southeast." Yuan, to the southeast city of Hangzhou, economic prosperity and beautiful scenery, the Italian traveler Marco. Baltic praise as "the world#39;s most beautiful luxury of days the city." To the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Hangzhou, economic, social and cultural development are still the forefront.

Hangzhou dazzling culture, the accumulation deep. Late New Stone Age, there has been very characteristics of the Liangzhu culture, Wu Yue culture, the Southern Song Dynasty and the Ming and Qing culture culture, become a complete series of cultural development, adding to the history of Chinese civilization has a bright. Hangzhou cultural breeding and a blend of many for the motherland and the hometown of political, economic, cultural and social development made outstanding contributions to politicians, scientists, artists, national heroes, loyal Patriots, and wise Zhouguan Nenggongqiaojiang, they left for Hangzhou A chapter, the chapter through the ages Guangyao, constituted a "culture of the state" and the image quality. Yicaoyimu the West Lake, one housing a Chuan, all with a history of the mark.

Hangzhou have built a representative of Chinese culture, the Museum of Chinese tea, china silk museum, the Liangzhu Culture Museum, Museum of the Southern Song Dynasty GUANYAO, Hu Qingyu Tang Chinese Medicine Museum, Museum of Koizumi, such as scissors, culture Meaning more rich. Focus on protection, building a number of historical and cultural value of the protected areas, such as the Liangzhu culture site in the area, the Five Dynasties Wuyue cultural protected areas, the Southern Song Dynasty Imperial ruins of protected areas, Gushan-palace protected areas, the Gulou the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty residential areas Protected areas, continue to build a group of famous historical and thematic Memorial Museum, Hangzhou, in basically realizing modernization, while retaining complete historical and cultural city of style.

Hangzhou has always been known for beautiful scenery in the world, is the focus of the State Council and the scenic tourist city famous historical and cultural cities. Qiantang ancient heart, known as "paradise" reputation. Hangzhou, with its beautiful landscape and rich human landscape attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists.

rich tourism resources, Hangzhou, the city has two state-level scenic area that is West Lake Scenic Area and Xin#39;anjiang Fuchunjiang ─ ─ ─ ─ Qiandao Lake scenic area; five state-level forest park that is the Qiandao Lake National Forest Park, Da-Qi Mountain National Forest Park, Fuchunjiang National Forest Park, the afternoon tide Mountain National Forest Park and Castle Peak Lake National Forest Park; two national ecological nature reserve that is Qingliang Feng Tianmu Mountain National Nature Reserve and National Nature Reserve ; A national tourism resort that is the country#39;s tourist resort. Urban national heritage conservation units Tomb of Yue Fei, Liu Heta, klippe stone statues, Baita, Hu Qingyu Church, and other five. Hangzhou has a long history of