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HanDan - HeBei

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code: 0310

Zip code: 056002

position: in the most southern part of Hebei Province, Henan, Shanxi, Shandong adjacent.

Area: total area of 12,062 square kilometers.

population: more than 800 million population.

divisions: Congtai administered areas, Han Shanqu, rehabilitation, Fengfeng Mining Area, Handan County, Lin Zhangxian, a County, Daming County, Shexian, Cixian, Feixiang Xian, Yongnian County, Qiuxian , Ji Zexian, Kwong County, the county Guantao formation, Weixian, Quzhou County, Wu Anshi.

Handan City, Hebei Province, is the oldest city and the city#39;s famous ancient China. As early as over 2,000 years ago in the early Spring and Autumn Period, there is the establishment of Handan, at the time of Handan is already a populated city. Zhao Guojun, as the capital of the Warring States Period, after 158 years after reunification, Qin are located in Handan County, Handan County. At that time, the Handan economic prosperity, prosperity and development, and Chang#39;an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, the capital of Chengdu, with five major said.


unique natural environment of the city of Handan, Relying Parties Taihang Mountain West, east Fuyang River, the topography of the northwest, southeast low, undulating hills in central basin staggered; cattle and Mang River, Qinhe , Houzhu River, the urban rivers lose yuan (both the Fuyang River tributary), the rich water resources for agricultural production has provided good conditions.

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unique natural environment and a long history, the Handan city is rich in cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscape. Magnetic Hill cultural sites, which is China#39;s early new stone age of cultural sites, has since 7500 years of history; was built in Northern Qi Dynasty, and save since the Northern Qi Yuan, Ming and the size statues of respect more than 4300 North-South Xiangtangshan Grottoes; Zhao Miyagi Zhaowang Town site; Zhao Wang Chuan to watch military exercises in the Congtai Ling Wu, Taiwan#39;s Club here Tingxie, simple style, has now been turned into parks; still an important mark in the revolution - Shanxi, Hebei Luyu martyrs cemetery, buried in the cemetery died for the country of more than 100 revolutionary martyr; In addition, as Chi Mei, Enter Lane, Beijing Mother Lake, and other tourist attractions.

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"Dream City", "Zhao Yuan," "Ancient Zhao street" Antique complex projects, will show visitors the art of ancient building charisma. In the long process of cultural development, Handan become a "land of idioms," many historical allusions, such as "Handan toddlers", "Huang Liang dream", "Hufujishe", "Maosuizijian" all in here. "Historical Records" has also recorded Lin Xiangru, Lianpo "In the end Choi, Zhao", "Mianchi meet," "will phase and" the story.


Handan has Idiom town#39;s reputation, its name is an integral part of a number of idioms, such as "Handan toddlers", "Lu wine thin Handan Wai." Except also contains the meaning of a class of Handan, such as "Weiweijiuzhao," "In the end Choi, Zhao." It was made to incomplete statistics, have a proverb in Handan as many as over 50, together with the associated reached 100.
produced in Handan of Idiom, some of which still remains be found, such as the return of the Old City Street South Lane, the legend is photogenic Zhao Lin Xiangru evade the General Lianpo place. From the history books on two records in the story is also available in "Nufachongguan" and "two tigers fight," "Fujingqingzui", "Wen at the turn of neck," and "priceless". This urban area southwest of Zhaowang Handan City was the site of Wang Zhao City, burned to the construction of the 158 years, Zhao witnessed the Rise and Fall of honour, had staged scenes of domestic and foreign affairs, drama, which also left a lot of Idiom.那篇as "inconsistent with the Queen Mother, said Zhao," the proverb is "overbearing" and "homes for the end of this."
Handan Why is there so much? Idiom ? This is probably a fundamental Speaking ---
documented history of the written phrase, first from the fable and the other is from mythology or other legends; third is derived from historical events, they are also commonly known as allusions; 40 Is derived from famous works. Handan has a long history, during the Warring States is the capital of Zhao, Zhao cultural birthplace. Zhao Guoli in the 181 years old, created a King Wuling of Zhao, Lin Xiangru, Lian Po, Zhao She, Li Mu, and other Mingjun Xianxiang, British Shuai good will, as the Warring States military and economic power, creating a lot of historical events as the main source of Idiom.
King Wuling of Zhao Xiongcaitailue, advancing with the times, ordered "then Hu Fu, Zhao Ji She" and produced a story "Hufujishe."
Zhaoshe newly appointed officials of the field, boldly punitive anti-reliance potential rent Pingyuan Jun family members, left the phrase "law-abiding." Zhaoshe after generals, in World War大败Qin Yan, was called Ma Jun clothes. However, no species will phase, although his son Zhaokuo familiarize Bingshu, but Yu Kuo inadequate response. Changpingzhizhan Qin Zhao, Zhao Kuo for his successor will be, give light attack enemies, resulting in 400,000 troops Fumo, the phrase is "empty talk."
Pingyuan Jun Shenghui Zhao of the royal family is, for the long-term phase, Taishi public praise for the "Pianpiangongzai, the world is odd." However, in the country#39;s decision-making is an important juncture, "Blinded by lust for gain" - for the sake of Shangdang City 17, the Korean war Qin Qin Zhao into a war. Idiom "Jiahuoyuren", "Bushitaiti", Yi Gunao to appear in his evaluation.
Zhangpingzhizhan later ran out of Handan, Pingyuan Jun mandated to make clear. Menkemaosui volunteered entourage. To Chu, Maosui see Pingyuan Jun negotiations to no avail, then the stage An Jian, a statement to the generous vertical Chu Kang Qin positive, Chu sent troops to the solution of the Handan Wai. In response, "Maosuizijian" and "come to the fore," "Yinrenchengshi" and "have kept their promises," "Black Sancun not the tongue" and a series of idioms it came into being.
the Warring States period when Zhao was known as the "four war", Handan has been besieged and several precarious. Tuibing from the stove in the story by the phrase "best use of the situation" so that "Weiweijiuzhao" By coincidence. Scholars are also many
Handan school arts and literature, history, the birthplace of miscellaneous, saying "increasing revenue and reducing expenditure" from "Xunzi." Tang from the Handan rise to decline, but both Shen Ji#39;s Ghost novel "pillow in mind," still left a "pillow Huang Liang," the proverb. From the source, these idioms can be seen as works of famous.
a long history of a city with splendid culture often complement each other, it seems that from the depths of history from the rich cultural accumulation is a Idiom of fertilizer-soil Woye.