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HaiXiMengGuZuCangZuZiZhiZhou - QingHai

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Postal Code: 816000

position: located in the northern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Province west

Area: 325,800 square kilometers

Population: 360,000

administrative divisions: exempted two cities, three counties, prefectures in the Delhi municipal government.

Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi Mongolian located in the northern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Province west, because of Qinghai Lake in the west, it said, "Haixi." , The main domain is one of China#39;s four major basins of the Qaidam Basin. The capital city of Delhi. Hercynian mainly located in the Kunlun Mountains Island, Altyn Tagh, the Qilian Mountains embracing the Qaidam Basin and the northern foothills Tanggulashan plateau in two parts.

Tibetan Hercynian rich and unique tourism resources. Bingfeng around, Bik Woo point string, the vast grassland, Oasis Feng Yu, the National Customs and more attitude and more mining, religion and culture, human landscape unique.

Hercynian the distribution of tourism resources and state of the Qinghai-Tibet generally, the new Green, Dungog Highway Route to match, there are plenty of tourist attractions along the way, it is Mubuxiajie. Along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway Fanyue rubber Hill, entered the Qaidam Basin, the first Yingru eye is an oval-shaped lake - Caka Salt Lake, far from the lake If viewed Hao-miao, silver Yi Yi, modern mining salt boat, swallowing water Tuzhu; Salt Lake Tuo seems like snow-capped mountains stand, the crowd seems like pearls Sala, outlines a beautiful picture. Continued westbound along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, magical scenery panoramic view of the plateau. Lantang behalf of all Tufan tomb Tibetan stretching hundreds of funeral group, become a spectacular; endless Oasis Hong Kong, Japan and Germany is delightful, spring wheat yield on the world record was born here; Connaught-Hung cultural sites to tell you the ancestors Zhu made the brilliant civilization Basin History. Of course, the most fascinating is the Dulan International Hunting Field. Summer season, here blue sky, gentle breeze Fudong, green grass and flowers Bianye. Valley streams, bluffs overlooking Qiao Ling, bushes, Blue Sheep proudly Xinbu, Luqun running Ru-fei, Fox rabbit jumped Cave, frozen chickens call, just like a great natural zoo, is the ideal hunting places. The southbound carriageway of the Golmud, to as the "Asian spine" of the Kunlun Mountains. Here is climbing expedition, Lieqi to the longing for this. There are "Kunlun Liuyuexue" the scenery, "step Tianqian" Xianyao; known as "the tip of mannose" Naij Tal Chingchuankang, spewing water all year round, as water production, "Kunlun" brand mineral water both inside and outside of marketing . Kunlun Pass east of the Yu Xu Feng, the perennial snow-wrapped, clouds wind around, proudly stand upright in the mountains of. Yu Xu Feng west side of Queen Mother of the West Yao Chi, the water clear, dark green such as Cui, Yan Bo Hao-miao, waterfowl flocks; Feimei Lake water plants, wild yak, wild ass, the Mongolian Gazelle, marmot, and other wild animals droves. In addition, five beam Fenghuoshan, Yanshiping the Tianzang Chang, Tanggulashan the snowy conditions and customs, the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, and so thick with mystery. Tibetan

new road along the Green, unique and legendary landscape a lot. There are myths and legends of days Jun Commissioner Cape Mount Erlang hole. Legend has it Erlang Shen Jian has been grinding on the Commissioner of Cape Mount, to test whether the sharp sword, hand Yihui, Hill, the main peak may cut mud generally Qiaodiao, dished out a few, well, Commissioner of Cape Mount Empire fell on the grassland, people of this peak Named "cut to peak." Cut to a peak Dandong,名曰"Erlang hole." In addition, the westbound along the way, there are peculiar form of Wulan County dulansi, pine and cypress green, the water Hali Ha Chan Chan plans Forest Park, on the south side of Purple Mountain Observatory of West Point, politicians Lu Mang groove rock paintings, and other cultural monuments. What is even more amazing is that the 40 km southwest of Delhi, Zhichi away from the lake and asked to Luke-Lake, the lake is a short one to a large Dan Ma Chai area of a mirage, Piaomiao nothingness, it is elegant Shensi ; Nanbaxian, one of the Yadandimao Liping, Qixingguaizhuang, far seemingly "group Shahai whale show," and "millions of sea lions in the Sun", as nearly 10 million castle to see the proliferation of like mushrooms, like the cylinder, such as bunkers, nature Guifushengong, created a strange Shahai landscape.

Tibetan Dungog along the main highway landscape I have when Jinshan, a diesel-day hot springs and Chaerhan Salt Lake, and so on. Chaerhan Salt Lake is one of the world#39;s largest salt lake, the vast vast salt lake, Bai Mangmang 1, Man Hu snow salt, salt grapes, mushrooms salt, garlands of different salt form, colorful, indeed salt in the world. In addition, you can see here the Salt Lake colorful scenery, can also enjoy "nor salt bridge" spectacular.