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position: Dongbei Yu is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Lake in the famous south, Gu Ming Hainan, is the gateway to the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as "sea of Tongqu" said.

Area: 46,000 square km

Population: 382,000 people, Tibetan, Han, Hui, Mongolian, Salar, and other nationalities, of which the Tibetan population accounts for 52 percent of the population.

administrative divisions: exempted Republican and Guide, Guinan, Palit, the five-county line and Longyangxia Committee, a total of 41 townships.

Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (state Hainan) in the eastern part of Qinghai Province, East and Haidong district and the adjoining states Huangnan, and Haixi Zhou bordering the West, South and Guoluo, adjacent to the North at Qinghai Lake and Haibei Across the state, is located by the Department of the famous Qinghai and Hunan, Hainan Gu Ming. Hainan areas far away in 7000 before there will be a human activities. In the long history of the evolution process of Hainan people of all nationalities in the proliferation of interest-bearing here, used his hard-working hands to create a deep and unique ancient history of civilization, the Chinese culture into an important part.
Hainan, the land area of 41,250 square kilometers, the minimum altitude to 2,160 meters, the highest elevation of 5,305 metres, the land is divided into three types: mountain, the high-profile beach, lake and river valley. Mountains of the total land area of 53.3 percent. The high-profile beach of the total land area of 34.3 percent, to such natural conditions, and is the current and future development of agriculture and animal husbandry areas. Lake and river valleys of the total land area of 12.4 percent, to such Diping terrain, heat, water and soil conditions are better, is a major agricultural production zones.
Hainan, Qinghai Province is one of the major animal husbandry base. The state has natural grassland 3533300 hectares (about 5256.78 million mu), which can make use of grassland area of 4947.73 hectares, accounting for a total area of grassland to 94.1 percent, both animal occupies 13.31 acres; winter and spring pasture area of 2714.27 hectares, or can use Grassland area of 54.86 percent. Pasture is flat, light enough, the rain of the same quarter as well as cool climate, water plants Fengmei the summer meadows, pastures have a warm winter and spring, with the development of animal husbandry of unique natural conditions.
?? Green Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in a renowned Chinese and foreign many attractions, it is Liulianwangfan. The National Customs rich, colorful cultural and religious festivals, and look mysterious and solemn ceremony of the festival formed a unique tourist attractions.
Hainan, colorful ethnic customs simple charming, green grass and wild flowers brilliant vast grassland, cattle and sheep Manshan Kai Bianye, tents the length and breadth. Feimei the Shouzhua lamb, the fresh Xuechang, enchanting the highland barley wine, Sun Xiang#39;s milk butter dishes Xiangpiao Trinidad grassland. Wear colorful Tibetan women of the Shan Fengzi PO appear in tents between the ranch……, unique, mysterious, Hainan is the biggest temptation.