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HaiDong - QingHai

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Code: 0972

Postal Code: 814000

position: will be located in Xining city in Qinghai Province and Lanzhou City in Gansu provincial capital of the middle ground

Area: 17,010 square km

Population: 2130000

administrative divisions: exemptions: Pingan Xian, Ledu County, the Turkish public and Hui Autonomous County, mutual aid Turkish Autonomous County, and Long Hui Autonomous County, Salar Autonomous County of Xunhua

Haidong district will be located in Xining city in Qinghai Province and Lanzhou City in Gansu provincial capital of the middle ground, from Beijing to Lhasa, the 109 State Road, Portland Green, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway runs through the whole territory, the seat of peace in the larger town of railway Transfer Station; communication network connected the region to achieve the national automatic roaming call. The region#39;s total area of 17,010 square kilometers, the total population of 2.13 million people.

Qinghai Province is an important area of agricultural economic zones and township enterprises in the fastest-growing region. The region contains abundant mineral resources and hydropower resources. Has proved more than 30 kinds of mineral resources and reserves have hundreds of millions of tons of limestone, silica, gypsum, calcium Mang, such as NOx. At present the region has basically formed a resource development based on the six major industrial system. The area is very rich in tourism resources, the region two national nature reserves, scenic spots focus on 51.

in order to attract more domestic and foreign businessmen to invest and set up factories or doing business Haidong, Haidong formulated a series of preferential policies introduced. Haidong has the advantage in location, rich resources and good conditions constitutes an ideal investment environment and look forward to the States宾朋, overseas compatriots and domestic enterprises, institutions and people from various circles to tourism, business investment, joint development, the enthusiasm豪爽Haidong people will be sincere to provide quality services for domestic and foreign merchants.