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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Mason  Date: 07-08 2008  More Attractions
Haidian District in northwestern Beijing area, is the famous resort of science and technology education.
in Beijing#39;s Haidian the upper hand in Sheung Shui, the ancient, near the town of Haidian for a shallow lake of amylin, "Haidian" that is named after the result of more water. Haidian West by mountains, plains east screen, which flow through the Jingmi Channel. As early as the Yuan Dynasty (12 century AD), Haidian on a "Western Hills Xiuse Jia Tianxia" reputation.
Haidian in the landscape of Linquan wins, the most to create the construction of temples and gardens, has always been a prominent feudal emperors and Qingui association structure of other firms Gongyuan, Fanyu Road concept, Tanmiaolingqin and the Royal Gardens of the first choice, has left a Many qualities of momentum Guanjue old temples and the royal garden. The most famous of the few to as the "gardeners of all the arts" an example of the Yuanmingyuan, the world#39;s cultural heritage "China#39;s Garden Museum" - the Summer Palace, Yuquan Shan Jing Ming Garden, Xiangshan Park and Providence, such as the world famous Changchun Yuan "Three-Five Park."
Haidian district 700 multiple sites, including key national heritage conservation units 3, municipal 28. The magnificent Wat Pho Tang Dynasty, the Liao Dynasty Tai Juesi Qingyou, Biyun Si qualities of the Yuan Dynasty, exquisite Wu Tasi and possession of the Ming Dynasty, "Wang Chung" - that the Yongle Bell, all of the Qing Dynasty Dazhong Si In the region, is truly religious and cultural enrichment.
Haidian District, Beijing residents is the Spring flower, the summer summer and autumn of autumn leaves, winter Taxue a good place, the annual Spring of Beijing Botanical Garden Tao Huajie, Yuyuan Tan Ying Huajie, Zizhu Yuan Bamboo Cultural Festival, Ta-Qing Festival and the Yuanmingyuan Terrace Hill climbing competitions have Yuanmingyuan summer and the Water Village Chestwood He Huajie, a Yuanmingyuan Autumn Chrysanthemum Festival, the Beijing Botanical Garden Show#39;s floral emblem, Xiangshan Hongye Festival, Terrace Hill and Phoenix Ridge section of natural scenic areas, such as picking the large variety of cultural tourism Activities,
Haidian District, with deep cultural heritage and rich cultural resources, but also the intellectual resources and scientific and technological personnel of the most intensive areas, the future is China#39;s "Silicon Valley" the cradle. The region is to Beijing University and Tsinghua University as the hallmark of institutions of higher learning, Haidian Book City with the famous brand culture, several generations of state leaders have visited the city and has the inscription book. Haidian District in Beijing the upper hand in the Sheung Shui. In her West for the Screen Wei Yi mountains, plains to the East to screen slowly, as Jingmi Channel Yudai wear-and-off. Here both Cengluan stacked嶂, Liu Quan Shu Shi, also the Royal Garden, Tingtailouxie, the beauty of its landscapes and gardens of the Shing, the number of monuments, long renowned at home and abroad.