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HaErBin - HeiLongJiang

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Abbreviations: Kazakhstan

code: 0451

Zip code: 150000

position: located in the Songliao Plain in the middle reaches of the Songhua River, southeast of the Provisional Zhang Guangcai Ridge spur hilly, mountainous area north Xiao Hinggan Mountains, the long cold winter, known as "Bingcheng," said. Harbin is located in the heart of Northeast Asia, there are five rail connectivity at home and abroad, the Songhua River golden waterways direct access to Russia, through the Eurasian continent is an important transport hub.

Area: 53,068 square km area of the city, of which the urban area of 4,272 square kilometers, is the largest provincial cities in the area of the city.

Population: total population of 9.543 million

divisions: the city#39;s eight districts were exempted (hang, Nangang District, dynamic areas, cottage areas, Xiangfang District, the District Road, Pine North, Hulan District); four county-level cities (Wuchang City, Two-city, Acheng City, Shangzhi Shi); seven counties (Bin, Bayan Xian, Yilan County, Yan Shouxian, Mulan County, Tonghe Xian, Fangzheng County).

#39;s floral emblem: lilac flowers

in the administrative territory of China, Heilongjiang is located in the northeast edge of the flap to fly like a swan, and the provincial cities - Harbin, as this swan under a bright pearl . Pigeons fluttering, St. Sofia church came the solemn sound of St.; sunny, Sun Island evoke fond memories; European sentiment, the central streets of European construction which radiates with the Paris of the East charisma; wrapped in snow, ice and snow Big World The neon dream of leading a paradise; driving snow, Yabuli comparable to the Nordic…… Songhua River meandering through the beautiful, Didang of this century Bingcheng, Xijinqianhua, as if darkness under the Harbin-yin Shiban about her past life Rumengsihuan of this life. Harbin long history in Harbin , Is part of the Qing dynasty the birthplace of two generations, "Harbin" This name is from the Manchu language, "Agri-Jin" transformed from, which means reputation, honor. The Rise of Modern Harbin began in the 19th century and early 20th century, this is a never had the city walls, is the first open awareness of the characteristics of the first international city. 哈尔滨照片 End of the 19th century, Russia in the Middle East here the construction of railways, there were more than 30 countries of the 16 million citizens gathered in this, the unprecedented economic and cultural prosperity to Northeast Asia at the time of Harbin has become the most prestigious international Commercial Ports, in the classical Western culture Through the draw here, spread from generation to generation, Harbin is still preserved in many European construction, only the central streets of the 1,400 meters on the stands with Zhang Jie-Byzantine, Baroque, Renaissance, and other fine buildings, therefore, Harbin has always been a "small Oriental Paris", "Oriental Moscow" credited. Chinese and Western architecture of the city wall, distinctive style. Humanity has a long history, not only the North blend of history and culture of ethnic minorities, but also Chinese and Western cultures with the city. Solemn majesty of the St. Sofia church, mysterious atmosphere enveloped the Nikolai Church, modeling Qiqiao the Russian huts, elegant chic special song buildings, the construction of the European Central Avenue, Yajie bright colors of construction, Denghongjiulv, such as heart Jin-city style, the annual "Harbin Summer Concert" and "Ice and Snow Festival" Xuesu international ice sculpture competition, and "International trade talks," reflected everywhere, "Oriental Moscow"#39;s unique charm. Fitch said "Harbin First Street," the central streets, most of the "Oriental Moscow" the rich connotation. Central Avenue is the old street in Harbin, who Street, the protection of street signs in the streets, walking street, architectural art Street, the bustling commercial street, tourism and leisure Street, the public cultural Street, is that (the 1930s) the Far East#39;s most famous Immigration Street, the most bustling commercial street, Finance Street, Culture Street, on both sides of the street洋行shops, restaurants hotels, discos theater, restaurants bars forest. Main Street building, fornix processes, Gongquan high windows, classical or elegant, beautiful or tall and straight, have common origins in the 15th, the sixth century the Renaissance, the early 17th century Baroque, Eclecticism, and the 19 The end of the century the early 20th century Art Nouveau architecture. 哈尔滨图片 Street has a Continental European-style architecture and imitation 71, brings together European style building 13 city-level protection. The building embodies the essence of Western art of architecture, the whole of Central Avenue building is an art gallery. Today, large-scale restoration of the Continental - as "Oriental Moscow" the icing on the cake - it has successfully completed the streets, is Asia#39;s largest longest pedestrian street, six different styles of the West Dao, West 7 Dao, the central city, vehicle plant Domestic front, such as four leisure areas, constitutes a central street-leisure, entertainment, tourism, shopping as one of the new urban landscape, the "Oriental Moscow" features become more apparent, soliciting attention. Harbin located in Harbin China#39;s most northern end of winter and summer long short, pleasant and cool in summer, long cold winter, the snow-renowned cultural Jiufu, "Bingcheng," said the snow tourism, summer leisure resort. Here are Asia#39;s largest ski the Holy Land - Yabuli Ski Resort and two-Cheonmasan Ski Resort, ski resorts of Europe and Asia, such as a window of several dozen well-equipped, well-large ski tourism venues; annual "Harbin Ice and Snow Festival "Snow and ice resources of a large gathering of forest Bingfeng, silver carved jade build the Bingdengxuediao abound, dazzling, Liulianwangfan. Harbin R varied natural beauty, fertile soil here, lush forests, Jiangchuan aspect, the nation#39;s largest enclosed hunting ground - Yuquan hunting field; large wild Siberian tiger trainer base - Siberian Tiger Park; Cité Soleil, the Yongsan, Song Fengshan, and other famous scenic spots is more varied scenery, endless. Harbin human landscape architectural style unique, distinctive style, set peoples of the north Chinese traditional culture and customs in one, both on behalf of local religious civilization of the Confucian Temple and the Kek Lok Si Temple, have all kinds of peculiar shape the church; known as "first in Asia Steel Tower "dragon tower proudly stand upright, bright, new people is the pride of Longjiang. Harbin

Unique ice and snow resources, the vast mountains and lakes, thick rough and bold European style of the northern part of the country folk customs making the other more beautiful, constitutes a beautiful picture of the site in Harbin, she quietly Yiwei in the banks of the Songhua River, the only people to be careful to read And taste.