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GuoLuoCangZuZiZhiZhou - QingHai

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Postal Code: 815000

position: the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China#39;s southeastern Qinghai Province, Gansu Province, east, south of Sichuan Province

area: more than 78,000 square kilometers,

Population: 125,000

administrative divisions: Maqin County jurisdiction, Maduo County, Gander County to the county, classes Plumas, Jiuzhi County

magical, beautiful, rich Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province in southeast China#39;s hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, east of Gansu Province, south of Sichuan Province, about 450 km East and West, North and South a width of 280 km. Total area of 75,000 square kilometers, with an average altitude above 4,200 meters, the annual average temperature exception of a few low-lying valley, mostly in the 0 ℃ below the 297.4 to 764.1 mm of precipitation, accounting for 90 percent of Tibetans. 果洛藏族自治州hspace=95

unique geographical environment bred a wealth of tourism resources. Stubbs in the high terrain, mountains stand, the mountain towering Bang Bo, with an average altitude above 5,900 meters. Among them, Animaqing Xuefeng is the highest peak, 6,282 meters above sea level, the province is opening up the first mountain. Hill Ticheng sawtooth-shaped overlapping, Bingfeng Xiongzhi, unique landscapes, Glacier, an area of about 125.7 square kilometers, 1,800 meters of vertical elevation difference, the Yellow River Basin is the largest, longest glaciers.

Zhaling Hu, Eling Hu is the Qinghai-Tibet sophistication of the two largest fresh water lake, surrounded by more than 100 small lakes, more than 50 large and small rivers, Qinghai Lake is the second of another bird kingdom. 果洛藏族自治州hspace=95

due to the terrain sonorous, permafrost is widely distributed, periglacial geomorphology of permafrost, the peculiar form of "third class" natural landscape. Thus in the soil of vegetation on the strong performance of the thick bone and young of.

Guoluo terrain singular, beautiful scenery, scenery of the Zhaling Hu and unlimited E Linghu, the Animaqing magnificent peaks, the magnificent, mysterious, Bao-yu, Northland Jiangnan classes Ma Hui-yu , There are mysterious and hard of Tibetan Buddhism……… after all these attractions have not human "transformation" and "interference" and "sculpture" to retain the integrity of its true nature. 果洛藏族自治州hspace=95

Autonomous Region in more than 70 existing tourist attractions, the opening up of nine peaks in the Autonomous Region in alone four. This is mountain climbing, skiing, around, Ning hunting expedition and the ideal place.