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GuiLin - GuangXi

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Zip code: 541000

position: in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Area: total area of 27,800 square kilometers, of which urban area of 565 square kilometers.

Population: Guilin current total population of 4.76 million people, the urban population of 620,000 people.

nation: a multi-ethnic region, the Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Miao, such as more than 10 minority ethnic groups, minority population of 680,000.

divisions: administered Guilin (a Xiufeng, Xiangshan, Seven Star, Diecai, Yanshan five districts) and Lingchuan, Hung Yen, Chonju, Lingui, Yangshuo, Pingle, Lipu, Lung Sheng, Yongfu, Gongcheng, resources, Guanyang 12 counties.

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to Guilin is a beautiful landscapes and cultural relics as the main characteristics of the many scenic tour of cities and historical and cultural city. Guilin Karst topography of the most, the most typical, the cave area, thousands of Shi Feng, Wu Tong hundreds of size, which open flat valley, mountainous plains out, Gu Feng, Liu Quan, Fengcong, peaks Central Cloth, mountain circulation of Lijiang, Jiang for the Island, there was dangerous shoals, Liu Quan, Fei Bao, is the essence of the landscape in Guilin, formed a San-ching, Shuixiu, odd holes, the United States-the "landscape of Guilin." Guilin Guilin is An ancient city with a long history of culture from the Han to the Qing and modern times, here in the past have left a splendid cultural heritage, such as the Xing#39;an Ling Qu, Gongcheng, Confucian Temple, rich cultural relics, urban areas with a total of 552 cultural relics, Was listed as heritage conservation at all levels of 117 units, of which five national and 23 regional-level and city (county) level 89. Jingjiang Palace and the tomb and former residence of Li Zongren and his official residence, the Eighth Route Army in Guilin was the former site of the Office of the State Council#39;s approval for the key state of heritage conservation units. These cultural relics, has high literary, historical, artistic value and appreciation value. The natural landscape and the human landscape of coordination, both seamless and mutually Huiying. In King City, King in the town, King City integration. Guilin

large number of Guilin tourism resources, scenic areas wide geographical mix, and the entire Great Guilin tourism zone to Guilin as the core to the surrounding radiation, was Quanceng distribution, an area covering over 20,000 square kilometers. According to area characteristics, can be broadly classified into six major scenic spots: the Guilin - Lijiang - Yangshuo landscape area, Xing#39;an Ling Qu area, Maoer Shan mountain area, Longsheng Huaping virgin forest area, the Ocean - a noble ginkgo forest area, Qingshitan reservoir area. In recent years, Guilin, a large-scale urban construction, formation of a new urban construction, the new urban landscape, the new urban style, Guilin City Zhanlu a modern international tourist city of the new charisma, greatly enhancing the attractiveness of tourist city of Guilin, Urban has become the largest open area, a tourist city of Guilin tourism development of the new bright spot. Guilin after large-scale Construction and transformation of the city, Guilin has shown a modern international tourist city#39;s new look;-wide access roads and bridges, row upon row, Cuoluo the construction of the building, set tourism, leisure, shopping in one of the tourist commercial district, across the city The landscape with ...... All this adds endless landscape of Guilin glory.

the Heshan Guilin is a shining pearl in the unique karst landforms and the beautiful Lijiang River making it a world-famous tourist destination. "Shan-ching, Shuixiu, odd holes, stone the United States and" the formation of a unique Guilin, Chimingzhongwai the natural scenery.

Guilin for "Yu-Gui Chenglin," named for each of the Lunar August autumn wind sent the cool season, osmanthus is in full bloom, Xiangpiaosiye golden season of tourism. And it#39;s also a long history can be traced back to 214 BC, the emperor unified Lingnan after the establishment of the "Guilin County."

is often not to Guilin was her "Landscape Jia Tianxia" credited attracted by the wish to carefully prepare a holiday, a feeling closer to appreciate the scenery here, human relationships, customs and leisurely comfort Life.

Guilin photos boating Piaoyou Poem in the picturesque Lijiang River; on the branches, to enjoy the water Xiangshan Yingyue; Read terraces in Longji in the feelings of the working people of diligence and wisdom on to their Yonglan Yangshuo, relax and indulge thoughts, into the intersection of East and West or in Guilin, a small street to eat a bowl of hot rice noodles Tengteng of Guilin Guilin…… always give people endless recollection. Guilin was a multi-ethnic population of the city, Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Dong and other ethnic minorities live in harmony in this city. Qingshanxiushui nourishment of the simple customs and the people, the charming landscape of the somewhat more lively, Chunhou the customs also added a bit Qingli and Tuochen.

"the beautiful city of Guilin is well-deserved." Even Peres ?de Cuellar visited the rest of the world, the former United Nations Secretary-General见多识广have issued such a sigh , It seems that people in Guilin trip will not disappoint.