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capital: 510000

position: located in southern China, Guangdong Province, central, northern margin of the Pearl River Delta. Endangered South China Sea, our proximity to Baiyun Mountain, the Pearl River and the city had to wear.

area: 7434.4 square kilometers

Population: 9.943 million people

administrative divisions: Yuexiu, Dongshan District, Haizhu, Liwan District, Tianhe District, Baiyun District, Huangpu, Fangcun District, Huadu, Panyu, Conghua City, by city

About Us: Guangzhou is China#39;s world city, is an ancient city, 2,800 years of civilization history, because history has come Wuyang Fairy Xian Rice#39;s story, Guangzhou, also known as "Yangcheng" and "Spike City ", Referred to as the" spike "in Guangzhou like spring all year round, Fanhuasijin, winter jasmine city famous for New Year#39;s Eve at home and abroad, it has" Huacheng "reputation. 1982, Guangzhou was chosen as the first batch of Chinese historical and cultural city is one of China#39;s key tourist cities. January 1999, Guangzhou was rated as outstanding tourist city.

.. alias Guangzhou Guangzhou, referred to Guangzhou, Guangdong#39;s capital. South China is the political, economic, cultural, technological and transportation center, China#39;s famous coastal open cities and the country#39;s comprehensive reform pilot area. Exempted Yuexiu, Dongshan, sea-, Liwan, Tianhe, Baiyun, Huangpu, Fangcun District 8 and Huaxian County, and Zengcheng, Panyu County, 4. A mild climate, abundant rainfall, the Four Seasons Evergreen, R scenery, known as "Huacheng" reputation. Guangzhou Gucheng, "Chu Ting", according to historical records, as early as the ninth century BC in the Zhou dynasty, living here, "the Baiyue people" on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the state of Chu people from very close, the local people "Chu Ting" Commemorate this friendship, this is the first name of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou is a historical and cultural city. Legend has it in ancient times, there have been five immortal, wearing a five-color clothes and rode up the title of Rice#39;s five colors cents sheep come here, Rice presented to the people, I wish this never famine. Since then, Guangzhou will be "Yangcheng", "Sui city" reputation, "Wuyang" has become a symbol of Guangzhou. According to historical records records, as early as 214 BC, here is the construction of a Chengyuan, the founding of the city has been the history in 2210, left many cultural monuments, and vividly reflects the history of Guangzhou in various stages of development.


Guangzhou Chengyuan construction began in the Qin Dynasty. At that time, the rulers of the South China Sea County Xiaoshuai Jun pacification of the 100 Guangdong, here on the construction of城池, named "Xiao of the city." Xiao served as the city#39;s name changed to Panyu City, in today#39;s Wharf Street near the edge. Zhao Tuo was a South Vietnamese States, once again expand the Panyu City. Wu during the Three Kingdoms, is zoned for reference in eastern Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Panyu Suiwei jurisdiction, since then, the name of Guangzhou official emerged. Guangzhou has a long history and is the starting point of the Silk Road at sea, thus leaving many of the monuments. Mainly Zhenhai Lou, five cents concept, South Vietnam Wangmu, Chen Jiaci, Liu Rong Temple, Guang Xiaosi, with Holy Mosques, sarcophagus, and so on.

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Guangzhou distinguished reputation in recent history, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Huanghuagang, the martyrs cemetery, the Memorial Hall of Lu Xun, the peasant movement by the workshop, Sanyuanli Anti-British sites, such as the former site of the Huangpu Military Academy Guangzhou is the witness of modern history. These historical landscape with clouds Resort, Yuexiu Park, Liu Hua Park, Luhu, the South China Botanical Garden, Oriental theme park, Nanhu Park, The Big Guangzhou, and so constitute a rich and varied landscape of urban group. Guangzhou is a heroic city, modern and dynamic modern Chinese revolutionary situation, to stay the same in this glorious past. The hero#39;s historical sites, it is cherishing the memory of memorial, awe. At the same time, Guangzhou is the ancient "Marine Silk Road" starting point, the opening up of China#39;s major coastal port cities, to promote foreign economic and cultural exchanges and friendly contacts have played an important role, showing a decline of the ancient not prosperity, prosperous, beautiful The scene.

Guangzhou picture Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, political, economic, technological, educational and cultural center. Guangzhou is located in southeastern Guangdong Province, the Pearl River Delta north edge of the range of 112 degrees 57 minutes east longitude - 114 degrees 3 minutes, 22 degrees north latitude and 26 points - 23 degrees 56 minutes, the endangered South China Sea, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, south China region The transportation and communication hub and trade port, is China#39;s "southern gateway." Population in Guangzhou Shixia eight districts and four county-level city with a total area of 7434.4 square kilometers, the population of more than 685 million people, established a total of 82 neighborhood offices, 78 towns. The average daily flow of the urban population has more than 182 million people. Guangzhou topography of the northeast, southwest low, the North and north-east of the mountains, hills and is the central platform, the Pearl River Delta in southern alluvial plain. Guangzhou is a subtropical monsoon climate, with summer heat and winter without freezing, with plenty of rainfall, the Four Seasons Changchun. 广州景色 Guangzhou has found that 52 ores, the main origin 396, of which 17 large and medium-sized ore point. Guangzhou area of thousands of plant species. About more than 210 kinds of wild animals, of which more than 40 kinds of mammals, 150 birds, amphibians more than 20 kinds of animals. Guangzhou water area 74,400 hectares, accounting for the city#39;s total land area of 10% of the total 8.129 billion cubic meters of water resources, development and utilization of the hydropower resources of 409,000 kilowatts. Conghua Hot Spring with a rich underground water, the water temperature at 50 ℃ - 70 ℃, rich in minerals. To the main food crops of rice, two crops a year. Economic crops to sugar cane, peanuts, vegetables, fruit-based. Guangzhou is "Shuiguozhixiang", a total of more than 500 varieties, including litchi, banana, papaya and pineapple, Fitch said, "Lingnan four good fruit." Guangzhou flowers and potted plants have long known, the main BRAND, osmanthus, Michelia, jasmine, Milan, Jianlan, chrysanthemums, kumquat more than 150 species, divided into view flowers, foliage and fruit foliage tours three categories. Guangzhou Shanmingshuixiu, R scenery, is rich in tourism resources, culture, dozens of tourist attractions. 1996, the Guangzhou Tourism beauty of the 10 selected, are: Guangdong, 100 Crown Temple (Chen Jiaci), Haeundae Garden (Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area), Wuyang cents Court. Zhenhai Lou (Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou Museum), 1911 Light (Zhongshan Memorial Hall, the Huanghuagang Park), Guangzhou World Taikan, Lotus Xiaoqing (Lotus Hill tourist area), the East Tour. Situation to stay in the (Eastern Paradise), the Commissioner to the West Gallery (Guangzhou commercial pedestrian street), Liu Rong Hua tower (Liu Rong Temple). In recent years, also have a number of new parks. Guangzhou

Guangzhou is China#39;s well-known overseas Chinese town, is the largest overseas Chinese cities. According to statistics, the city#39;s 1.35 million overseas folks, including overseas Chinese, Chinese Foreign 520,000 people, mainly distributed in the world 116 countries and regions, there are 830,000 people in Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas Chinese, relatives of overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots relatives of more than 100 million People. The majority of overseas Chinese and foreigners of Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots support the motherland has always been enthusiastic about the home-building, particularly since China#39;s reform and opening up, they play an active role as a bridge for Guangzhou to develop the international market, with the rest of the world promoting the economic and cultural exchanges have contributed . They also enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings to help his hometown, the construction of a number of schools, hospitals, Jinglao Yuan, nurseries, kindergartens, and so on. 1998, 21 pairs of city building of the two civilizations and exchanges with the outside world have made outstanding contributions to the overseas Chinese, Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and foreign friends, was awarded the ninth instalment of the Guangzhou City honor the title of the public, thus, Guangzhou honor a total of 161 people .

also known as the Guangzhou Huacheng, have blooming flowers all year round. Red color cotton Meiyan, has "spent hero," said, it was as Guangzhou#39;s floral emblem, a symbol of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the famous tourist city, many of the landmarks and famous. The main attractions are: Sanyuanli, Huanghuagang, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Baiyun Mountain, Yuexiu Hill, Lai Chi Wan, Xiao-tower, minaret, and so on. "Yangcheng eight scenic spots" for: Rising Sun Hung-ling, sea-Danxin, overlooking Yuexiu, Shuangqiaoshan Yan Yu, East Lake Chunxiao, Etanyeyue, Baiyun Songtao, Luogang Hornsey eight scenic spots.


unique natural environment, unique style of the southern part of the country, long history and culture, a large number of relics, colorful culture and entertainment, commerce and tourism developed service industries, Guangzhou Become the country#39;s major tourism cities. Today, Guangzhou, and prosperity in all sectors, with each passing day. This move towards a modern international metropolis of the historic city and tourist destination, is a charming charisma from all directions to meet the tourists at home and abroad.