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position: Guangyuan in Sichuan Province in the northern part of Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu provinces at the junction of the north even the Qinling Mountains, south Jianmen, recapped ancient Jinniu Road throat, the battleground has always been to military strategists, is the first city of northern Sichuan .

area: 16616.59 square kilometers area of the city

Population: population 2991600

administrative divisions: exempted Wangcang, Cangxi, Jiange, Qingchuan County and four air, Yuanba, Central City, three county-level areas

City Tree: Tabai

#39;s floral emblem: osmanthus

alias: daughter of the

Guangyuan, Gu Cheng Li, is the history of China#39;s only female Emperor Wu Zetian#39;s hometown, is located in China#39;s southwestern hinterland, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Sichuan Shangan at the junction of three provinces, A humid subtropical monsoon climate.

Guangyuan, has a long history and is rich in tourism resources, key national scenic area Jianmenshudao throughout the whole territory, and has Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve, Jianmen the national forest park, Huang Zesi, Qianfo Cliff, Kok Yuen Temple three key national heritage conservation units and white Longhu, the dark mountain town - Qili Gap, Blackstone slope, Shuimogou, Tiantai Mountain, the northern Sichuan hot springs, such as more than 10 national, provincial taste of tourism resources. 140 remains of the three multiple sites. Guangyuan

Guangyuan City, Sichuan is located in the northern part of the upper reaches of the Jialing River, Shaanxi, Gansu and Sichuan provinces interface, known as "gateway to northern Sichuan," said. 1985 by the State Council approved the establishment of the prefectural-level cities, exempted Wangcang, Cangxi, Jiange, Qingchuan County and four air, Yuanba, Central City, three county area. 16616.59 square kilometers area of the city. In 1998 the total population 2991600.

Guangyuan, Gu Cheng Lee, has 2,300 years of history. Guangyuan in Sichuan-Shaanxi revolutionary base is an important component of the Guangyuan people of the victory of the Chinese revolution has made tremendous sacrifices and contributions. In the key state of heritage conservation have two units, namely, China#39;s only female Emperor Wu Zetian of the temple worship and Huang Zesi as the "successive stone art galleries," Qian Foya Cliff statues, a provincial-level key heritage conservation units 17, Cliff Cliff Guanyin statue, Heming of Taoism stone statues, murals of the Tang Dynasty McGREGOR Wan Temple, the Red Army banners Forest of Steles and the stone bridge Liu Church slogans such as the Red Army. A state-level scenic spot Jianmenshudao (Guangyuan is the central areas), "the world Xiongguan" Guan Jian Men, "300 Miles hundreds of thousands of trees" and the 1000 Gallery of Cuiyun Ren cliffs above the ruins of the ancient plank road, also in Tangjiahe a National Nature Reserve, drums City Mountain Forest Park, Forest Park, Zhongshan, and other days.

[profile] Guangyuan city, Gu Cheng, Li. Sichuan Basin is located in the northern mountains, the upper reaches of the Jialing River, the three provinces of Sichuan Shangan Department. Chinese history is the only female emperor, the feudal era of outstanding female politicians - the birthplace of Wu Zetian, the three countries is an important historical and cultural corridor, Sichuan-Shaanxi revolutionary base is an important part of. In 1985 the establishment of provincial jurisdiction and prefectural-level cities, cities in the area, Yuanba, and the air three districts Cangxi, Wangcang, Jiange, Qingchuan County, 40, the size of 16,300 square kilometers, the total population of 3.03 million, the urban population 270,000, City area of 25 square kilometers. Is opening to the outside world city, with the first batch of agricultural science and technology demonstration area, the National Health City, the double-support model cities and landscape garden city of Sichuan Province, China#39;s example of urban living environment.

[economic development] adhere to the "three interactive industry, urban and rural economic and Integration", pay close attention to the urban economy, the county economy, private economy, the tourism economy, the economic characteristics of the five sections, the focus on cultivating non-ferrous metals, food and drink , Medicine, livestock and grass, fruit, tourism characteristics of the six pillar industries. In 2003 the city#39;s GDP 10.41 billion yuan, of which one, two, three middle added value 3.67 billion yuan, 29.5 billion yuan, 3.79 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 10%, 4.6%, 18.6%, 9.3%, 1985 Increased 1.82 times, 1.27 times and 1.63 times, 3.21 times, increased at an average rate 5.9%, 4.7%, 5.5% and 8.3%. 1, 2, 3 industrial structure by 1985 the proportion of 43.7:34.2:22.1 adjusted to 35.3:28.3:36.4. 1.215 million tons of food production, slaughter pork 3073000, total industrial output value of 5.709 billion yuan, total fixed asset investment of 4.5 billion yuan, total retail sales of social consumer goods 5 billion yuan, up 17.4 percent year-on-year, 1.92 times, 3.55 times and 12.64 Times, 7.77 times the average annual increase of 0.9%, 6.14%, 8.8% and 15.62%, 12.82%. 730 million yuan of fiscal revenue, the general budget expenditure 1.74 billion yuan, respectively, year-on-year growth of 11.17 times, 28 times the average annual increase 14.89 percent, 20.57 percent. Private economic value of 3.47 billion yuan more than the 2000 growth of 29.7 percent, increased at an average rate of 13.9%.

[opening to the outside world - a total of implementing domestic economic cooperation projects 2234, the introduction of 8.251 billion yuan of funds in place, the constant in the textile, Qiming Xing Alcoa, the Wahaha drinks, food Guangyi, Chia Tai Po youth, Shenzhen赛Georgia, Wenzhou, a new era, the star of Shaanxi, Qingdao in the letter could have settled down in Guangyuan. The province, "Basin mountain foreign economic and trade development model city" to create the effectiveness of clear, and cultivate foreign trade enterprises 40, in import-export enterprises the right to operate 30, "three-funded enterprises," 17, with more than 20 Guangyuan photos - Countries and regions in more than 100 customers trade relations, the 13 largest category of export commodities 60 varieties, total exports of 58.03 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 50 times. The establishment of livestock and poultry, textiles, agricultural products, high energy-consuming products, such as the four major export bases, a "consolidation of Asia, developing offshore, the development of Russia-East, Malaysia and the Middle East region," the market situation. Processing trade volume 55.71 million U.S. dollars, ranking fourth in the province. 400 people outside the export of labor services, training reserve 8,600 people.

[] strengthen the development of urban construction and stronger sense of cities, and strengthen awareness of fine distinctions do cities, and strengthen environmental awareness to the U.S. cities. "City second pioneering" smooth progress, the pace of urbanization has markedly accelerated. To use the land to make money enrichment, introduced introduced preferential policies to mobilize all sectors of the community financing, Guanhaoyonghao construction funds, paid the transfer of municipal utilities and other financing measures, the total construction funds into the downtown areas of 2.72 billion yuan. The implementation of "hardening, and cultural" projects. Housing demolition of 525,600 square meters, 932,800 square meters of new housing, housing projects for the economic and 712,800 square meters. Lee, the new East Road, CanTho State Road, Lee, Square, the waste treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, and so on a number of key projects, new construction-long natural gas pipeline 292 kilometers, 42.2 kilometers of new urban levees. Nanhe new stadium, libraries, cultural buildings Guangyuan, the Red Army cultural park, Huang Zesi two reconstructed (expanded) works such as the style facilities. The implementation of "Green, Liang Hua" projects. To Phoenix Mountain Park for the "Green Heart" to the Jialing River, the Bailong River, along the Nan River for "green axis" to the city weeks Tiantai Mountain, Nanshan, Blackstone slope Forest Park as "green screen" and building-point line with, Environmental Landscape mix of urban green space, the city green coverage and public green area per capita increased 7.4 times and 2.65 times. Lee states, cities and other attractions Fengguan Plaza lights installed LONG Zhu, Austrian legislation, such as P Plus lights more than 20 species of more than 10,000 light-beacon, lighting rate of more than 98 percent. The implementation of "clean, beautify the" projects. Jielu sweeping cleaning more than 2 million square meters, garbage Qing-Yun, the treatment rate reached 100 percent. Smoke-controlled areas into 13 33 square kilometers, built environmental noise standards District 10 19.9 square kilometers. The completion of the construction area of farmland to maintain an annual average of 220 square meters more than in the rural per capita living space of 22 square meters, Po Lun town was awarded the "National Model Town," the title. 144,500 new digesters. The end of 2003 and built the city than, the center area of growth in urban seven times, 4.2 times the population growth, per capita growth of 2.9 times the area of roads, urban drainage network density increase of 5.5 times the daily water supply capacity increased by 40 times every 000 public Steam Guangyuan picture to increase 12 times, residents used gas penetration rate of 77.7 percent, the per capita living space increased 1.8 times, Chengzhenhualv increased 13.8 percent, the city green coverage rate increased 7.4 times and per capita public green growth of 2.65 times. China won the 2003 Habitat Environment Prize example.

traffic [information] Guangyuan-Shangan is adjacent to the traffic hub and material distribution center, BAO-CHENG RAILWAY, rail and 108,212 into Cape Road, two of the main intersection of Route in the city, the Jialing River water can be Direct Chongqing, Guangyuan airport has opened in Guangzhou, Beijing, Xian, Jiuzhaigou four routes, the opening of all asbestos-high-speed, high-speed full-Palestinian project, watershed, land and air in one of the three-dimensional traffic pattern, so that Guangyuan recapped in a surface要冲, The throat-controlled north-south hub position as the east central, east, west southwest and northwest China#39;s important Tongqu. "One hour to the county" project to make substantive progress,公路总里程4666.47 kilometers, the new provincial reconstruction of the county and township roads 2,300 km, 5,568 km highway Village Road, the new shop Circuit, cement road 810 km, 59.7 km of new highways, 227.3 km highway. Fixed-line 326,000, of which 185,000 cities, mobile phones 711,000. Completion of the Government Information Resources Network, the network systems business office, the Golden Tax, Gold widespread implementation of network systems, TV monitoring, intelligent anti-theft system to promote universal.

[ecological environment - to firmly establish and earnestly implement people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable concept of scientific development, increase protection of natural forests, returning farmland to forests, soil and water conservation projects, such as the implementation of the intensity, do a good job ecological environment Governance. Afforestation 900.82 million mu of forest cover 42.3 percent, than in 1985 increased 18.2 percentage points. Protection of water area 158 square kilometers. Give prominence to the Jialing River, and other major rivers of water pollution control, waste water discharge standard rate of 86 percent, solid waste comprehensive utilization rate of 57 percent. Area air quality standards to achieve two countries, mainly to achieve national water quality of surface water environmental quality standards ⅲ category, the natural ecological environment is one of the best. Guangyuan

social undertakings [technology] Xingshi unswervingly implement the strategy of party and government leaders in grasping the full implementation of the first productive force the target responsibility system and achieved 365 major scientific and technological achievements, promote the introduction of foreign advanced scientific and technological achievements 42, science and technology to promote economic growth The contribution rate of 27 percent. Cangxi Xian was named "advanced technology County, Sichuan Province." Universal compulsory education and expand secondary education, strengthening vocational education, attention to adult education, fostering higher education, the development of private education. 582 million yuan of investment in education, an increase of 20 times. Be completed on schedule, "two basics." Completion of education network, to achieve "Xiaojiao Tong." 2,397 schools of various types, 257 private educational institutions to build national, provincial and municipal focus (model, features) School 175, the electronic information Sichuan Vocational and Technical Institute, Guangyuan Foreign Language School, Cangxi secondary schools, one middle-level Jiange Well-known schools is on the rise granted. Elementary, middle and high school teachers qualifications pass rate 98%, 90.7%, 62.4%, 69 super teachers. 544,000 students in school age children, 3-6 admission rate of 65 percent, primary, junior high school enrollment rate of 99.17%, 99%, Gong Gulv 97.92 percent, 97.5 percent, ranking the province first five; high school net enrollment rate of 52 percent, 43,400 students, 10,000 students in school than the population of the province Habitat section 8, taking college entrance examination rate of 71.89 percent, the general entrance examination million population studies of the first Habitat province 11. Vocational school students and 32,500, graduate placement rate of 98%. Education and scientific research topics that experimental guitar 80, the provincial government incentives 10. 1,161 health institutions, 7,548 hospital beds, with 2.49 per 1,000 population, health technicians 9371, with 3.09 per 1,000 population, 2,184 village health posts, rural doctors 2376, the government budget for health expenditures increased 12-fold, Average life expectancy increased three-year-old. Three rural health care, three preventive network consolidation and development, health centres, a new type of disease prevention and control system has been initially formed, the legal incidence of infectious diseases reported, the rate of leprosy patients in the control of 307.18/10 million, 0.