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GuangXi - China City Guide

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Trinity  Date: 07-20 2008  
Abbreviations: Guangxi

capital: Nanning

position: located in the southern border with Vietnam are neighbors

area: over 230,000 square kilometers

population: About 45 million

peoples: the Han and Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Dong and other 12 living in this nation.

administrative divisions: Xian Xia 5, 9 and prefectural-level cities, 10 county-level cities, 59 counties and 12 autonomous counties, cities and counties over 70 opening to the outside world Guangxi map

Guangxi is the peaks of the perfect tropical karst landforms representative of the typical. They ground out, the momentum Maria, the peculiar shape. The most typical form, the scenery is the most beautiful Guilin, Yangshuo area of limestone peaks, the Ming Dynasty had been travelling home Xu Xiake as "Bi-lian Yu-sun world." In addition, the Northeast Guangxi, Guangxi, southeastern Guangxi, Guangxi, and other places also can be seen everywhere limestone peaks.

Guangxi#39;s beautiful landscape and numerous caves, known as "no-no holes, no hole is not surprising," said. According to statistics, Guangxi cave about 100,000. In the magnificent scene in the cave, the stone milk, stalagmites, Shiman, stone pillars, stone flower, Shilian, everything from Shilin, breathtaking. Compared with the famous Guilin dry hole-the Ludi Yan, Qixingyan, Liuzhou of all rock music, Wu Ming-ling of Iraq, the North-color loopholes, Yulin, such as the Longquan hole; Guilin Guan Yan-dong, Lipu rock fish abundance, Guanyang Yonggungsa, Zhongshan-clear water, Masan Jinlun holes, and other archaeological and display of the Guilin Zeng Rock Paper (China representative of the Neolithic ruins of ancient human cave) and Long Yin Yan (there are Cliff Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty more than 200 pieces of stone), Liuzhou Bailian hole (China prehistoric human culture of the site).

Guangxi higher than 1,500 meters above sea level has dozens of peaks, most of the majestic mountains, magnificent, lush forests, beautiful, rich flora and fauna resources, suitable for hiking scientific expedition Climbing. If Mao Ershan, Dayaoshan, Damingshan, Yuanbaoshan, and so on ......

 many rivers in Guangxi, clear Juanxiu, geographically more with Qifeng match, a faction around the mountain, Central Water, Landscape dependencies The beautiful scenery. In addition to the world-famous Lijiang River, there are beautiful into the water Pui River, the funding resources Jiang, Yi Shan under the regulation of the river, the Heishui He Daxin, the left#39;s Chongzuo, Ningming, such as the Ming Jiang. More scenic lakes to the larger lakes or water-based King, Lake of the hills, fields and farm cottages, restaurants or city style as the King lining formed. Such as the Guilin Rong Hu, Shan Lake, Nanhu Lake in Nanning, Liuzhou, the Longtan, Guigang the Donghu Lake, Luchuan, such as the Pearl Lake. In addition, there are many high quality Guangxi, the water wide, the hills, Huguangshanse very beautiful reservoirs, such as the Strategic Qingshitan, Bose Chengbi River, Bucheon stone turtle, Yongning Kings Beach, Hepu Honghu Jiang, Hanshan in Yulin, etc. Reservoir.

is located at the junction of the Spring River to the upper reaches of the famous waterfall Tak days, the broad waterfall over 100 meters, about 80 meters high, and a Triassic-Feixie, roaring sound of water, if the trend towards Ma, very spectacular. Other well-known waterfall is also available resources of the bonding Zhongxin Falls, Longlin the cold waterfall, Jingxi the three sent to Ridge Falls, Lung, the sound of water waterfall, Shangsi be Tianfu, such as waterfalls.

in Bagui on the land, many Quan Liu, widely distributed. Cold, hot, warm, boil the four-chuen, both, which is the most widely distributed of the hot springs. Longsheng compared with the famous hot springs, hot springs Luchuan, as in hot springs, the state-yan Well Spa, Spa-Le Xianjia. These hot springs flow, water temperature appropriate, with a variety of useful minerals the human body, around the pleasant scenery, is on vacation in convalescence and a good place for leisure.

Guangxi has a long history and ancient humans, ancient architecture, ancient cultural sites, the ancient water conservancy project, the rock carvings, tombs and other ancient relics and ruins many of the revolutionary struggle. And the autonomous regional government of the State Council issued the focus of heritage conservation units have more than 140 Department. Compared with the famous white lotus-old Liuzhou, Guilin Zeng Paper Rock, Nanning leopards in first class ancient human remains of ancient water conservancy projects, such as Xing#39;an Ling Qu, Ningming Huashan murals, the famous ancient buildings have Wang Guilin City, Job Zhenwu Ge, Liuzhou Liu Hou Temple, Hung Yen Yen customs, Gongcheng, the Confucian Temple, the largest Hepu Club, and other disabilities. Some of the revolution in modern commemorative activities, such as the birthplace of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Guiping jintiancun January 1, Bose Red Army military 7, Red Dragon, eight Army military site, Qinzhou Liu Yongfu House, former residence of Li Zongren, the Eighth Route Army during the War of Resistance Against Japan Guilin has inspected all offices, visitors and see the value.

Guangxi Zhuang as the mainstay of the various ethnic minority autonomous regions inhabited by minority nationalities, their own language, clothing, buildings, living habits, customs, holiday celebrations, folk art and craft products, cooking techniques , Posed a variety of national conditions and customs, tourism and sightseeing for National Customs has provided good conditions. Such as the Zhuang song festival March 3, the Yao-Wang Danu Festival and the Festival of the Miao stamping on the Huashan, the slope of taking the Mulam, Dong#39;s the fireworks festival, and the fight Bieyoufengwei tea, are full of rich nation Customs and attract people to tourists.

Guangxi#39;s unique landscape, the park in Nanning City, south of subtropical botanical garden landscape features, Guilin, Liuzhou and more to the park in subtropical style as the main body, according to local conditions and the use of local natural landscape (such as karst landscape , Water landscapes, etc.) constitute a unique and ancient architecture of garden art. In recent years the construction of the Longtan Park in Liuzhou, to the natural landscape for the background, set the Guangxi minority formed in one building, rather characteristics.

At present, Guangxi total of three state-level scenic area that is scenic Lijiang River, Guiping Xishan Scenic Area, Ningming Huashan Scenic Area. Longan Lung Fu Shan also has scenic spots, Guigang Nanshan an East Lake Scenic Area, Bose Chengbi asked scenic area, Luchuan Xielu Villa scenic area, Sanjiang Lin Jiang River scenic area on January 8, Luzhai the bridge-rock scenic area, the North - The hook loopholes scenic area, the Du Qiaoshan a Job Zhenwu Ge scenic spots, such as 29 regional-level scenic spots. There are seven state-level historical heritage conservation units, Guiping Jintian uprising in the former site of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the Job slightly Taiwan Zhenwu Ge, the Sanjiang Cheng Yang Feng Yuqiao, Hepu County, the largest disabilities Club, a flower cliff Ningming murals, the Xing#39;an County Lingqu,中国工农红军Red Army Command and the seven-eight Youjiang Revolutionary Command Military Commission site. Another 220 regional-level historical heritage conservation units, 11 national forest parks, namely the North Sea Ridge crown the first national forest park, national forest park in Guilin, Nanning-Feng Jiang national forest parks, three national forest park Jiang, Guiping Longtan National Forest Park, Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park, Shangsi and Fangcheng the Shiwandashan National Forest Park, Yuanbaoshan National Forest Park, Ba Jiaozhai National Forest Park, Guposhan National Forest Park, Guishan National Forest Park. Have a national tourism resort, Beihai Silver Beach Resort.