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GuangAn - SiChuan

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Code: 0826

Zip code: 628000

position: in the eastern part of Sichuan Province. Southeast connecting Chongqing, the north Dazhou, Nanchong.

Area: 6,344 square kilometers

Population: 4.5 million

administrative divisions: exempted Guangan, Yuechi County, Wusheng County, Lin Shuixian, the escrow Huaying City

Guang#39;an City, Sichuan Province in the east. Southeast connecting Chongqing, the north Dazhou, Nanchong. Administered Gwangan, Yuechi County, Wusheng County, and Lin Shuixian Huaying City. Area of 6,344 square kilometers, population 4236800 (late 1997).


Kwong On a long history and the history of recorded civilization dating back over 3,000 years ago. Song Kai-2002 from "an extensive series of soil," meaning a military Guangan, so named for Guang#39;an. Evolved from the old times Guang#39;an generation of Comrade Deng Xiaoping#39;s great man. Comrade Deng Xiaoping#39;s Former Residence is the focus of patriotism education base and heritage conservation units, Hanlin Yuan son, Qingshui Tang, silkworm the yard, Beishan Comrade Deng Xiaoping, and other small school youth activities centers are well-preserved. Guangan is the old revolutionary base areas, the battle remains of martyrs were everywhere, especially the 1948 outbreak of "Huayingshan armed intifada" and far-reaching impact is significant, novel "Hongyan" Xu Yunfeng, "Shuangqiang old lady" and other heroes of the Prototype are born in Guang#39;an. - Anbar profound cultural heritage, a unique folk culture, since the civil Remains "Liba", "Bayu Dance", "Zhu Zhi Dance," "slider carrying Yaomei," Yue Chi light opera, and other folk arts, loved by tourists. Wusheng Jialing River International Dragon Boat Tourism Cultural Festival, Yue Chi-chuan Guangan East farmers Cultural Festival and rich in content, unique, with strong characteristics of the Chuandong folk culture. Religious culture goes back to ancient times, Huayingshan bonding Zhongxin独领风骚, has always been a "bonding Zhongxin in the East and West in Emei," said. 1996 one of the top ten archaeological discoveries, the focus of heritage conservation units, the group C are Muqun, Archaeological Finds large, full-fledged sculpture, literature, history, high value tourism. Xiao River, along the mouth, Gu county town of well-preserved ancient architecture, unique style and deep cultural connotation. Jian Yuqing Bao Zhen at the end of the Early Republic of China Cypriots, sophisticated design and build a unique, the military experts known as the modern architectural masterpiece of military defense, as "Shuzhong first military fortress."

Guang#39;an is China#39;s reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction, Comrade Deng Xiaoping, chief architect of the home. July 1993 set up a regional, in July 1998 to withdraw a city, is adjacent to Chongqing in Sichuan Province recently to a class city, Sichuan is to enter the Three Gorges Economic Area, "East door", the Three Gorges Tourism is an important node area.


here a long history and old times. Recorded history of civilization can be traced back over 3,000 years ago, the Ba-Shu culture is very deep inside information. Spring and Autumn Period, here is a Pakistani territory. AD 969 (Po-Kai, 2002), from "An extensive series of soil," meaning a military Guangan, so named for Guang#39;an. Since the Song-opened in 2002 to, Li Zhao set up military history in Guangan, state, the government formed the history of 944 years. A long history of heavy bred a generation after generation of people with lofty ideals: a generation of Chinese famous Xiong Pang, public security C LU Guo Song, a household of the Shang Ming Wang End; Department will also Jixin Liu Bang, the three countries will Shu Wang Ping, the famous late Qing Dynasty Lee, they are left in the history of popular legend. A modern leader in Sichuan Paul Po Dian-jun, Huanghuagang七十二烈士in Qinbing, mathematics Master Lu Ho, "Hongyan" by Yang Yiyan, "Red Flag" magazine editor-in-chief bears the original complex, the abundance of iron version of the painter, Liu Kuang, a famous performing artist Wu. …… Generation to generation sons and daughters of Guangan, in the history of China the leading position, Mingyangsihai. The famous "Huayingshan armed uprising" in this piece of land on the red, novel "Hongyan" Xu Yunfeng and "Shuangqiang old woman" is the prototype was born in Guang#39;an. The most outstanding contemporary century great man Deng Xiaoping, the Guangan Mingyangtianxia, attracted worldwide attention.


Guangan unique rich tourism resources, accumulation of several thousand years of the historical and cultural relics, karst landforms created the odd mountain water vary, colorful, magical charm. A total of the city#39;s human, natural and tourism resources in three major industrial categories, 21 sub-categories, 40 species, nearly 100 spots. A world cultural heritage quality characteristics of Deng Xiaoping#39;s former residence, is the focus of patriotism education base and heritage conservation units, are now into an area of 30 square kilometers, "a lush, orderly, cordial nature, it is respected" the natural Memorial . Guangan reputation by Guo Moruo "Tianxiadiyi-Hill," the state-level forest park Huayingshan, Guaishi rugged, mountain strange, good vegetation, set-hung, Ki, insurance, Ya, You, in an absolutely and into the mountains, Lake, a stone , Ming Si, a history in a furnace-natural, human landscape in one, the stone forest, lakes, karst caves, waterfalls, valleys, hot springs, Zhuhai, colorful forests, and other tourist areas (points) in the length and breadth; Shuangqiang old woman, Jiang Aunts, Hongyan Xu Yunfeng, and other heroes of the battle sites abound; bonding Zhongxin Buddhist culture goes back to ancient times, known as "bonding Zhongxin in the East and West in Emei," said. 1996 China#39;s top 10 archaeological discoveries of key national heritage preservation unit of the Southern Song Dynasty C clan Muqun, sculpture full-fledged, many Archaeological Finds, arts and culture is rich in content, is an important literature, history and tourism value. "Domestic rare, Shuzhong first," military fortifications - Bao Zhen Cypriots, Sui and Tang dynasties town - Xiao Kai, Hui village - population along the ancient town, the Kingdom of tofu - LAB County town, and so profound cultural accumulation, Gufeng Still exist. Chestwood, the Honghu Lake, tai chi Lake, Long Xugou, the Jincheng Mountain, such as the length and breadth of landscape, scenery and pleasant is that people are a good place for tourism and leisure.

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