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GanZhou - JiangXi

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Another name: Gannan

code: 0797

Zip code: 341000

position: in the southern Jiangxi Province, the Ganjiang River upstream. The terrain around the high, middle low, in the hilly and mountainous topography to the main.

divisions: Zhang Gongqu administered, Nankang Shi, Ruijin City and County of Jiangxi, and rejuvenating the country, in all, both Nanjing, Shicheng, Huichang, Xunwu, the far, the South-South and South, the letter Fung, Ms large, Chongyi, Utah, and so on the 15 counties.

Ganzhou in southern Jiangxi Province, the Ganjiang River upstream. It around the mountain, three facing the water, filled with a thick southern style, the ancient "Wealthy Jiangcheng," said. Ganzhou City total area of 479 square kilometers, more than 40 million population, are living Han, Hui, Zhuang, 16 homes and other nationalities. It Eshou Jiangxi, Hunan, Fujian and Guangdong provinces要冲, the Qin and Han has been a battleground military strategists, is now the Gannan region#39;s political, economic, cultural and transport center.

Ganzhou is an ancient city, Gao Zu six years since the Han (201 BC) has established the county, has 2,100 years of history. From ancient times has Qian Zhou, also known as Tiger Town people. The history of Ganzhou was a communication Jiangxi, Hunan and Guangdong, the southern city of Fujian, said of the "throat Fujian and Guangdong," Guangdong and Southeast Asia has always been with the close of trade. By then Ganjiang golden waterways and Lingnan ancient Yidao of it, here, "merchants gathered, goods like rain," leaving a "Southern Silk Road" credited. Through the history of Yanyun, we like to see teams Ma Gang Tuozhuo King porcelain, Xiangming, bamboo, and other specialty Shite, the Ganzhou, the more Meiling, continue to Guangzhou and Southeast Asia.

Ganzhou is a historical and cultural cities, from the East Gate to the west of the Song Dynasty ancient city wall, built along the river and, Wan Yan over 3,600 meters, experienced Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, in multi-generational , The stack wall, artillery City, Ma face, Shing Mun preservation remains the same, the Xiongzi still Songcheng, Guyun still exist, experts hailed as Songcheng Museum. Ganzhou City landmarks and a lot:堪称Jiangxi grotto art treasure-house of the Forum was built in the Late Tang Dynasty rock, is the largest caves in east China Temple, 1989 was listed as key national heritage conservation units. Zhang Gong Jiang stands at the confluence of two of the eight Habitat Shengjing Taiwan was established in the Northern Song Dynasty, is a three-tier, Feiyandougong, painting Leung Chu-chu, the majestic tall and straight, Weiran spectacular. Located in the Helan Mountain Yugu Taiwan is the most respected place to soliciting, the Southern Song Dynasty famous poet Xin Qiji eternal here left a Song: "The audience Yugu the Qingjiang River, the middle number of pedestrian tears……" a "Pusa Man" The Ganzhou Mingwenxiaer. There are towering Tsz Wan tower, If You Long-old pontoon bridge, large-scale ancient town of Ciyao Qili, the province#39;s leading Confucian Temple, who held talks with the Su Yang Ye Hua Ting, the rich Hakka style residential buildings, monuments everywhere 1 , A Block, scenic spots, like stars, and Ganzhou decorated in brilliant Cuican.

Ganzhou is a heroic city. Wen Tianxiang here hold high the anti-yuan Yiqi, composed a gas-Xiaohan the "Zhengqi Ge"; Yangting Lin here Shuaibingkangqing, Bingbai indomitable, with their honour killings; Chen Tsan-devised strategies to here, the leadership of the labour movement, wrote the Glorious chapter; Mao Zedong held in the staircase Ridge Fenbing meeting, encircling the cities from rural areas to achieve the strategic thinking of Chen Yi in negotiations with the KMT, the initial formation of the Gannan anti-Japanese national united front.

Castle Peak embracing, green water around, Ganzhou like a bright pearl inlaid in Jiangxi juice sources. The city tree-lined, Bik Woo groups. One of the six major parks, different scenery, and some shimmering floating Tsui, water Congcong; some wonderful work, a Chinese Fanhuasijin; some Qujingtongyou, garden embellishment.

Ganzhou transport facilities, accessible, air, water, railways, highways combination of the transportation network has taken shape. Gold flights up to the airport in Guangzhou, Xiamen, in Changwon, and other places; Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province in Hong Kong is one of six major ports along the Ganjiang River voyage from top to bottom, with the region, the province and the Yangtze River provinces and cities along the same, there are clear advantages of the waterway. Through nine provinces and municipalities in China#39;s north-south Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Beijing, Hong Kong and Ganzhou连成一体, Ganzhou has become the national railway line, and major cities the same. Ganzhou City as the center to the main highway Route radiation Quartet: northbound, WU Jiangxi Nanchang to be secondary road; southbound, a number of trunk-Guangdong, the largest to be more than Shaoguan, in western Guangdong-Jiangxi Highway 2 Up to Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shantou Jiangxi Province along the highway, as can be arrived at Meizhou, Shantou; eastbound, Fujian, Jiangxi Province along the asphalt road, the Ruijin, up to Changting County of Fujian, Longyan, Xiamen, Quanzhou; westbound, the Chongyi, Suichuan, Jinggangshan, Lotus, Kedi Hunan Chenzhou, Hengyang.

Ganzhou mountains and rivers beauty, scenery R, has a long history and many monuments, is rich in tourism resources, has become one of Jiangxi tourism hotline. Ganzhou City has more than 300 ancient buildings, tombs Group 10, 10 ancient ruins, the ancient stone shrine Mo Yan stone five, revolutionary relics 5, 16 attractions, these are a good place for tourism.