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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Daniel  Date: 08-02 2008  
Abbreviations: GAN or Long

capital: Maryland

position: Gansu Province is located in north latitude 32 ° 11 #39;~ 42 ° 57#39;, longitude 92 ° 13 #39;~ 108 ° 46#39; between. In the west, is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the Loess Plateau, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the intersection of three major areas of Mongolia. The east of Shaanxi, Sichuan Nan Lin, even the West Qinghai, Xinjiang, north Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and the Mongolian People#39;s Republic of the border.

Area: total area of about 454,000 square kilometers.

population: more than 20 million population.

Administrative Region of: Xianxia five prefecture-level cities and two autonomous prefectures and eight county-level cities, 60 counties and seven autonomous counties.


Gansu, an ancient Yongzhou, located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, east of Shaanxi, South - Bashu Qinghai, Xinjiang reliance West, North recapped Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, is the key to the ancient Silk Road and gold sections.

It#39;s like a magnificent Baoyu, inlaid in central China#39;s Loess Plateau, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Inner Mongolia Plateau, winds along the East and West over 1,600 km, vertical and horizontal 453,700 square kilometers, of the nation#39;s total area of 4. 72 percent.

Gansu, is from Ganzhou (now the Zhangye), Suzhou (now the Jiuquan) and two from the first word. Xixia was due home in Gansu Army Division, established the Yuan Dynasty in Gansu Province, said Gan cylinder; because most of the territory in Gansu Province Shan (Liupan Mountain) west of the Tang Dynasty and in this setting off Longyou Road, is also known as the Tube Long.

Gansu 1,000 meters above sea level most of the more than four weeks for the mountains surrounded by high mountains. North has Liupan Mountain, a Lebanese mountains and the first Dragon Mountain; East Minshan, Qinling and Ziwuling; west Aerjinshan; and the Qilian Mountains; South marina Qingni Ridge. Fluctuations in the terrain, rolling hills, rivers racing current, the terrain is fairly complex. Here are the line Yun Tian Ai Ai Xuefeng, an oasis in a vast grassland, Mangmangmomo the Gobi Hanhai, a lush secondary forest, a magical green, the best-chuen, lakes, Gangnam Charm natural scenery, but also unique to the Northwest Switzerland were to spend the fruit.

southeast of Tianshui City, Gansu and Longnan area, is a long history and beautiful landscape, rich products, a pleasant climate, unique folk customs of the natural cream Wolfowitz, a small Jiangnan known.

Tangxuan Fan Tianshui in the legend, the Buddha of the bridge, 000 Violet Hill, seepage of the Temple and other places, become the main tourist attractions folk.

and Tianshui and Longnan in the Gannan Council, the two Autonomous Prefecture of Linxia, a Tibetan, Hui, Dongxiang, security, the Saracens and other ethnic minorities gather and have a unique and customs of the people, Habitat meat The Labulengsi, not only has a full-fledged building, but seven times larger in each of the Council and the numerous festivals, the religious folk activities Labulengsi unprecedented variety. A simple and elegant mosque complex, the Muslim people have a place at the Poly, where the religious folk activities, unique grand, spectacular.

the eastern part of Gansu Qingyang, Pingliang, the revolution has a long history of the old liberated areas. In addition to a large number of revolutionary relics, the Yellow Emperor board, De Dao Guang-cheng of practicing the Taoist shrines Kong Dong Shan, the Queen Mother of the West Zhou Mu Wang hosted a dinner in honor of the public and Liu and Wang Mugong Shan Temple, the Buddhist temple, such as mountains, people have become to the culture The spread of civil and economic position of market place. Especially the suona, paper cutting, social fire, opera, and other folk culture Of particular charm.

the Hexi Corridor in Gansu is renowned granary, but also used off the tenge and the ancient battlefield of the ancient Silk Road, lack of strategic. The world-famous Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang folk, Sunan Yugu Zu style, Subei Mongolian customs, customs Akesai, Tianzhu Tibetan customs, Lei Taiwan miracle, the ancient legend Jiuquan, Jiayuguan legend, the Yumen Pass and ancient customs Yang, Bay Bridge Pigu people: civil Yan Yue, camel teams Qifengyisu here bright.

Gansu has a long history, is the birthplace of Chinese culture, Chinese ancestor of Fuxi#39;s a long time ago in pushing gossip here, the awarding hunting and fishing. Gansu Province as China#39;s northwest to the southeast of the strategic and indispensable part of the Han and Tang Dynasties of the Silk Road, Gansu on the land, spreading the human landscape of more than 1,000, of which the world堪称mural art treasure-house of the caves of Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang , The most western end of Jiayuguan Great Wall, known to the world of clay sculpture Maiji Mountain Grottoes in Tianshui, and so on. Gansu, in the course of development of the Chinese nation, has a long history and splendid culture. Bay site prove that the land, here is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation, humanities ancestor of Fuxi was born in the upper reaches of the Weihe River. More than 3,000 years ago, the first Zufa Xiang Zhou Dynasty People in the Longdong area. Since the Han and Tang Dynasties, Gansu become a cultural exchange, commerce and trade exchanges between the Silk Road, leaving behind a rich heritage. Gansu vast territory, beautiful natural scenery, the vast Gobi, the simplicity of the Loess Plateau, the vast vast grassland, white glaciers Yingrun common form of a powerful magnificent picture. Mingsha Shan, the singular combination of Crescent Lake, the Silk Road to the mysterious heavy trail add a glimmer of relaxing. Longdong the Loess Plateau and Longnan ups and downs in the mountains of south-eastern Gansu, Lanzhou, the West is after the Hexi Corridor, starting from Lanzhou, northwest, limited to Shule Yumen Pass, for more than 1,200 kilometers, and the Qilian Mountains in Qinghai Jieshan Pulse border. Hexi Corridor is a strip of flat plateau, elevation 1,000 to 1,500 meters overlooking the corridor, is miles upon miles of sand moraine, sand dune and weathered the relief, of which there have oasis. Oasis of water, to free more than 3,300 of the Qilian Mountain glaciers of snow by the river Huicheng, Lanzhou, Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiuquan and Jiayuguan, Dunhuang and the Qilian Mountain Valley close to the township to provide water. Only the narrowest of Hexi Corridor over 40 kilometers, but also broad at its widest point several hundred kilometers. Grottoes in Gansu#39;s Hexi Corridor in the distribution of both sides of the Silk Road was originally要冲here, then those who leave Momo formation of the Silk Road of human security and peace, have in this arduous trek to a cave of the statues, these calendar rather than destroy the Millennium Grottoes, is not only religious, cultural, arts crystallization, is also witness to the history of the Silk Road. So with the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, the Anxi Yulin Cave, the Yumen Changma Grottoes, Sunan Yugu Zu Autonomous County of Manjusri Mati Si mountain caves and grottoes, the Bingling Si Grottoes Yongjing County, Wushan County, the water POON - Grottoes, Gangu County, like the big mountain caves, the Maiji Mountain Grottoes in Tianshui, Wang Mugong Grottoes of Jingchuan County, the North Cave Temple Qingyang Xian, it is a grotto corridor. Gansu is a multi-ethnic region, the unique charm of the Gannan Tibetan customs, folk Sunan Yugu Zu, many citizens and even foreign visitors are novel不已. Former Silk Road is the edge shortage of channels, has now been Lan-Xin Railway railway stretching from East and West, a film series with Oasis, counties, cities, urban and rural buses are up, traffic Very convenient.