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FuZhou - JiangXi

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Zip code: 344000

position: in the eastern Jiangxi Province, east Fujian Province. South Ganzhou, Ji#39;an West Link, Yichun, North TAIWAN BISHAMON Nanchang, Shangrao. From 26 degrees south latitude 29 points, arrived in North latitude 28 degrees 30 minutes north and south is about 222 km. Since the East West Drive 115 degrees 35 minutes, until the East Drive East 117 degrees 18 minutes. Things a width of 169 km.

population: more than 3.5 million

Area: 18,800 square km

divisions: 10 counties administered by district (Lin Chuanqu, Nan Chengxian, Lichuan County, South County, Chongren County, Lok County, Yihuang County, Jinxi County, Zixi County, Guangchang Xian, Dongxiang County).

Fuzhou region in the eastern Jiangxi Province, exempted 11 counties and cities (Linchuan city, Nancheng, Nan Fung, Kwong-cheong, Lichuan, Chongren, Yihuang, Le#39;an, Dongxiang, Jinxi , Zixi County), the population of over 3.5 million. Fuzhou region are in the tropical monsoon climate, warm and humid, with plenty of rainfall and adequate sunshine, ice short period, a long frost-free period, four clear of the area, the average temperature 17 degrees. Poyang Lake is the Yangtze river basin water system, mainly characterized by a complete water system, over the river, the river continued, broad surface, water flow, less sediment, water rich in natural resources, Fu He is the second largest river in Jiangxi Province.

Fuzhou in the mountains and rivers Shuixiu, cultural昌明. Has produced a great politician Wang Anshi the Northern Song Dynasty, a famous writer Zeng Gong, and as the "Oriental Shakespeare#39;s Ming dynasty playwright," Tang Xianzu, talented people, the stars brilliant. Blend of natural and human landscape, Fuzhou has opened up the "Golden Triangle" of tourism, Linchuan Jinshan Temple - Nancheng Magu Hill - Jinxi reduced Temple; Nan Fung orange rural tourist routes, namely Nam Cheong - Linchuan -- Nan Fung. Fuzhou, "Church", the scale of the country ranked third; Tang Xianzu#39;s major arts and cultural centre by the "Four Dreams Village" and "Welcome Village" and "entertainment village" comprising; Nancheng Magu mountains are provincial-level scenic area, known as "Dongtianfudi "Said.

Fuzhou region of traffic convenience, ease. East have Yingshatielu the north Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway, the West has to music through the territory of the railway. Through the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Fuzhou tourism will bring great development of an excellent opportunity to maximize the beauty of the Jiangnan Fuzhou people warmly welcome guests at home and abroad to tourism, investment and development.