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Zip code: 350000

area: the city#39;s total area of 11,968 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 1,043 square kilometers

Population: total population of 5.75 million people

another name: Rongcheng, the three mountains, Hot Springs

position: the lower reaches of the Minjiang River in Fujian Eastern, Mountain Mianhai according to Jiang.

peoples: mainly Han Chinese residents in Fuzhou, yu, Manchu, Miao, Hui, and other 31 ethnic minorities.

divisions: administered Gulou, Taiwan Jiang, Cangshan, and Mawei, Jinan, and other five areas; Min-designate, Lianjiang, Luoyuan, Minqing, Wing Tai, Pingtan County, and other six and two Fuqing and Changle County-level city.

Fuzhou is the provincial capital of Fujian Province has a long history of 2000 years of state-level historical and cultural cities, it has always been the commercial heart, has now become China#39;s major coastal cities opening to the outside world. The ancient city of Fuzhou has a unique style, wearing the Minjiang River and the City, a town in the mountains and Osan, two small hills, the city#39;s total number of 50 national protection sites; In addition, Fuzhou, also a lot of water distribution, High water temperature, suitable for the characteristics of high-quality Spa amp; Wellness. Fuzhou is one of China#39;s major overseas areas, 2.5 million overseas Chinese all around the world more than 50 countries and regions; here the very rich religious culture, the city has six major Buddhist temples (Yongquan, Western Zen, Lin Yang, and possession, Wanfu, Xuefeng). Travel to Fuzhou, Tour generally divided into two lines, one is the Yongquan Temple as the center of the drum line and another one on the West Lake as the center of the Garden line.


Fuzhou in China#39;s southeastern coastal mouth of the Minjiang River, 2605 latitude, longitude 11,918, is the capital of Fujian Province. Fuzhou is a subtropical ocean climate, the temperature of 19.6 years-no, not me period of 326 days, precipitation 1342.5 mm, with an average temperature of 77%. A mild climate, abundant rainfall, the Four Seasons evergreen.

Fuzhou photos Fuzhou, southeast China#39;s coastal areas is an important port. Long coastline of 1,137 km, accounting for one third of the province, more natural coastal Harbour, the famous horse hair is China#39;s Hong Kong and Japan since ancient times, Southeast Asia every traffic on a major port. Fuzhou outport Jiangyin, Panasonic, Luoyuan Bay, Dinghai, and other natural port can be built from 10,000 to 300,000 tons to berth. The length and breadth of coastal islands, Pingtan Island is the fifth largest island, in addition, Langqi Island, Jiangyin Island, rough Lo Island in the area of 10-50 sq km, with the verge of all this well-known central Fujian and Fujian fishing grounds, shallow water and shoals Large, well-good water quality, nutrient rich material, a comprehensive development potential.

Fuzhou is located in the lower reaches of the Minjiang River, the Minjiang River water runoff amounted to 63 billion cubic meters, ranking the seventh in the major rivers, freshwater resources are very rich. Fuzhou is one of China#39;s three major hot spring area, a hot spring water, water temperature, water quality, and are available in the city centre and a wide range of features.

Fuzhou is a scenery Qili, cultural blend of historical and cultural city, the city has built in 2200. Gushan there, the West Lake, Qingzhi Hill, the Minjiang River, the river eels, Dan Zhushan, side-rock, Xuefeng Mountain, the first Dragon King, Sand Beach, 36 feet Lake, and other famous scenic spot 30 multiple; landmarks and the length and breadth, Hua Linsi, the Yongquan Temple, the Kaiyuan Temple, the Temple Osan Min Wang, Lin Zexu Temple, Zhao Zhongci, Sofukuji Temple, and so on. Fuzhou is also available in long renowned Mincai snacks, a talent for Shoushan stone carvings, lacquer ware, and other traditional Tuotai process.

Fuzhou picture Fuzhou, fertile land, rich products, is the famous "Yumizhixiang" and "Huaguo town." Hai Bang, oranges, olives, Jasmine, Lotus Flower, Li Furong prestigious in the country. Complete industry categories, electronic, mechanical, chemical, textile, light industry, foodstuffs, plastics, footwear, and metallurgical industries as its backbone. Since reform and opening up, economic construction, sustained rapid growth.

Fuzhou is the first batch of 14 external development of the coastal port cities of the jurisdiction of coastal cities and counties are open economic zone.

Fuzhou scenery

approved by the State Council, together with the Fuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Rongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, the bonded area, Yuanhong Investment Zone in Fuzhou Taiwanese investment zones, Fuzhou High-tech Industry Development Zone, in addition, there are a number of provincial and municipal governments confirmed the approval of the investment, these areas enjoy the national and provincial, a series of preferential policies given by the city. 1997, Fuzhou, was approved by relevant departments of the state as both sides Liangya (Fuzhou) agricultural cooperation experimental zones.