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FuYang - AnHui

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Zip code: 236000

position: Huang-Huai-Hai Plain is located in the southern tip of Anhui Province in northwest

Population: 8658000

area of 9,775 square kilometers:

divisions: exempted Jieshou City and Taihe, Lin Quan, Funan and Yingshang County, and four Yingzhou City, Ying-chuen, Ying Tung three districts, 74 townships and 105 towns and 4,018 villages

Fuyang City is located in the southern tip of the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, north-west of Anhui Province, exempted Jieshou City and Taihe, Lin Quan, Funan and Yingshang and Yingzhou City, Ying-chuen, Ying Tung is the most populous city in Anhui Province .


Fuyang City has a long history, the humanities Wei Sheng. To the history of Yingzhou City (now the Fuyang City) as the center of the development of the south earlier. After the Western Zhou Dynasty, this is the establishment of Fuyang in the name of the beard of the Gui, Lin Quan SHEN Zi in the country, in Yingshang, such as Shen. Spring and Autumn, and a wall of the original Tai-yang, the new Niqiu, Linquan County town of sleep, and so on. This geographical concept gradually formed. Ruyin County home before the Qin Dynasty, Han is Runan County. Yam San Guowei home county. Xiaochang four years the Northern Wei Dynasty (AD 532) Yingzhou City home, located Ruyin County Sui and Tang established Yingzhou City, located Shunchang House Song, Yuan Yu Ning Fu is, that is Fengyang House. Ying-ching for the state. Qing Emperor Yongzheng 13 years, Yingzhou City was renamed in Fuyang. After the founding of the People#39;s Republic, established in the Office of Fuyang, a county administered eight administrative offices.

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to the northern part of Bozhou City as the center of the region, has experienced the same clan and social development of the historical stage. For the capital of the Shang Dynasty, "Tang before the Habitat millimetres from先王Habitat." Spring and Autumn home Jiao Yi, Qiao Qin County home, without this in Bozhou Qiao, the father of the city, Surabaya is a gun, Han is Peijun, a Peiguo the Eastern Han Dynasty, the three countries have established Qiao, Qiao County is the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Northern Zhou before home Bozhou, SUI-home Qiao County, home Tang Qiao County, East Road, Huainan to the Song, Yuan Home Guide House, the drop in the county, and was promoted to resume after the state, the state-of Yingshang. After the founding of People#39;s Republic of China, Fuyang, Bozhou is administered in one county, said millimetres County. In 1986 only to the county for the city, said Bozhou City, is still vested in Fuyang region.

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history Ying, the two millimetres across the state north and south, as the feudal regime change, but under different and formed a link between the two is also relatively independent of the economic, political And cultural center. Ming Hongwu 2006 (1372 AD), Yingshang, millimetres in the first two and a unified territory, "Qiao County in the Bozhou, look down the Bozhou millimetres County, the Yingzhou City." Hongzhi 2009 (1496 AD) was promoted to state-mm County, and Yingzhou City for the state Ying, Bozhou down to millimetres County, formally included within the jurisdiction of Yingzhou City, 400 in the formation of the East and West, North and South, the overwhelming majority of 700 Geographical. This includes not only the city of Fuyang, Bozhou City-wide, and with this in Huoqiu County in Lu#39;an most of the boundary.

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of Fuyang City, Tianbao, a very rich natural resources. Mainly Yingshang the Xieqiao Coal Mine; Yingshang County, the Huaihe River along the north shore of pottery Bazi iron ore; Funan and Yingshang County, the Huaihe River in paragraph 2 of millions of cubic metres of quartz alluvial; Jieshou and Taihe County in Shahe River Underground 2 Mine and all around the oil city of ceramic used in the soil, such as adhesive. Soil is brown earth soil, sand Jiang black, tidal land, paddy soil. Forest resources mainly by deciduous, broad-leaved species composition of the summer GURURIN, in some ginkgo, paulownia, oriental arborvitae, Chinese toon, mulberry, elm, Liu Yang, Huai and other 51 branches more than 160 kinds of trees more than 300 million. Terrestrial animal resources are 146 kinds of vertebrate 53 branches, such as swans and mandarin duck, azalea, magpie, toads, Huang You, hedgehogs, snakes, turtles, Yan, birds, beads neck Banjiu, Huang Mei Liu Ying, and so on.

here is Guan Zhong, Bao Shuya, Ji Hong, Gan Luo, Lvmeng, Liu Fu-the native place. China#39;s literary history the famous "唐宋八大家" of Ouyang Xiu, Su Shi and Zeng Gong officials here in years, leaving many Fuyang praise the beautiful poetry. Fuyang, a lot of relics and cultural landscape, Wen Fengta, Kuixing Court, Yingshang famous Temple of abalone, Yingzhou City of West Lake history, and the famous West Lake, Hangzhou, Xiaozhangzhuang Yingshang County of Henan and Pali Lake Park has been the United Nations Environment Protection Department named as the "Global 500."