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Postal Code: 123000

position: in the west of Liaoning Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, north, east and the border city of Shenyang, respectively, southwest of Chaoyang City, adjacent to the city of Jinzhou.

Area: 10,362 square km

Population: 1.9 million

administrative divisions: exempted Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County, Zhangwu County and the state, at peace, new Qiu, Qinghemen, small river five areas.

Fuxin Fuxin City of Liaoning Province in the west, north Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the East along with the Shenyang City, respectively, southwest of Chaoyang City, adjacent to the Jinzhou City, is an emerging industrial city in Liaoning province#39;s livestock, oil base and focus on yield region , Is China#39;s important energy base of one known as "coal city," said.

Shixia Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County of Fuxin, Zhangwu County and the state, at peace, new Qiu, Qinghemen, small river five areas. Haizhou District is the city#39;s political, economic and cultural centre. The city#39;s total area of 10,362 square kilometers and a population of 1.9 million, of which the urban population of 770,000. There are Han, Mongolian, Manchu, Hui, Xibe, and other 24 ethnic and minority population 270,000, including Mongolian, reached 200,000, accounting for the city#39;s total population of 11 percent.

Fuxin climate is temperate North mainland monsoon climate zone Fuxin photos, four distinct seasons, the same quarter of rain, sufficient illumination. Fuxin City is a long history of the city. The investigation of human cultural sites and ancient pottery of Longwen unearthed to prove that as early as the Ba Qiannian ago, human ancestors in this land home to propagate. Fuxin, or China#39;s Yellow Sect of Tibetan Buddhism in the East Cultural Centre, its temples and cultural堪称Cliff Figures of the Chinese Buddhist cultural heritage.

Fuxin City is a beautiful, clean city, urban infrastructure in place, with perfect functions. Large-scale thermal power plants and more than the local thermal power plants, energy sufficient. Accessibility, two state-owned railway and the Habitat wear, high-grade highway Zonghengjiaocuo, `170 kilometers of roads have been opened Shen Fu, from Taoxian airport arrival from the Fuxin is very convenient; Fuxin and Jinzhou Port 148 km of Kam Fu Shugang Highway, effectively raising the Fuxin import and export goods transport capacity. With modern communication facilities, the new complex at the posts and telecommunications, has a program-controlled telephone switches 149,600, of which the city then switch capacity of 111,000, achieved at home and abroad Zhiba. Star-rated hotels, large-scale multi-service hotel facilities complete. Fuxin urban water supply in good condition, 30 multiple water sources, the daily water supply capacity of 280,000 tons. Has been built Fuxin picture a central heating projects, urban heating total area of 3.24 million square meters. Nissan to build 240,000 cubic meters gas works.

Fuxin city green is the advanced cities, is the "Three North" (northwest, north, northeast) Shelterbelt create a regional focus. There are world-renowned sand reforestation success of ancient date chapter of Taiwan#39;s 3.5 million mu of Scotch Pine Forest. Yilin the whole region to 600 million mu, the total forest area of 521 mu, Cao Muchang 275 million mu of trees has a total of 537 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 31 percent. Mountains are the major plans Ulan-Hill, Camel Hill, the Castle Peak, yamat mountain. Yang is the major rivers around the river, Liuhe, cattle River, Daling, small river, such as Xiushui River. The Quzhu north temperate Asia temperate dry sub-humid and semi-arid continental monsoon climate. Average annual temperature of 7.6, the activities of temperature (more than equal to 10) 3377.6. Average annual rainfall 481 mm, the surface evaporation rate is 1,789 mm, 154 day frost-free period. In the convenient transportation, Zheng Railway Line, New Line, the National Highway 101, 304 State Road, Shen Fu Road, Fu Kam Road, Chennai-ditch runs through the whole territory, 110 km from Jinzhou Port, Yingkou Port 200 km; Fuxin and Jinzhou in Highway, in October 2002 opening of all; Fuxin and Shenyang expressway, has been included in the "10th Five-Year" plan.