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Zip code: 113000

Location: Liaoning Province is located in the eastern mountains, west of Shenyang only 46 kilometers.


Population: 2270000

administrative divisions: exempted new ask, Tung Chau, Wang Hua, four-city areas, Fushun County, and the new object, the original two-Manchu Autonomous County.

Fushun Fushun is a long history of the ancient city. According to research, Renji history of Fushun in 7000. Fushun#39;s ancestors who created the splendid culture of Stonehenge, Shi Peng. 300 years BC, the Qin Kai-yan will open up the Northeast territory, home Liaodong, western Liaoning Erjun. Tongyiliuguo Qin Dynasty, under the Liaodong County Xiangping Fushun County. Since the Han and, in the history of Fushun City in the home based governance, rule of local affairs. Fushun in a castle began in the Han Dynasty. BC-75 in this county to build Hyun Tu, Shicheng, "Xuan Tu is House" is the Erjun Xuan Tu-gun site, is also a castle in Fushun in the beginning. 1935 Labor Park in the mountain city found a very large city site of the Han period. This is one of Fushun in the earliest of ancient cities. To a time when the Wei, Jin and Li Gou high occupy the mountains of the labor Park City after the Tu-Hyun, called covered Mou City, 335 AD and built the high hook-li, "the North Metro," that is, Gore Hill Fortress. In 668 AD, Tang home in this Metro Dudu Fu. "Fushun" the name of the earliest found in 1384, when the Hunhe River in the north shore of the Ming Dynasty Gore foot of the mountain built a brick city, named in Fushun City. The so-called Fushun, "Fu-sui frontier, Shun Yi guide the people" means. Interesting that in Fushun in Fushun, A Uighur two customs and Fushun, Yuan, East, MA-roots, and other military castle, was a strategically important region of Liaodong. 抚顺照片

Fushun area is a State of the Qing Dynasty and the rise of the Manchu. Year in 1605, built a Hetuala in this city, is Nurhachu said Khan#39;s first capital. 1616, Nurhachu jurisdiction of Fushun in Manchu Autonomous County of the new Bin Hetuala Khan said that since China opened a prelude to the history of the Qing Dynasty. 1618 attack in Fushun City, 1619 Saar Hu has also obtained the victory of World War II, to build a community-fan, Saar Hu, and other capital. Since 1618 Nurhachu destroy the Fushun City, also built in the year 1783 in Fushun City, that is-in Fushun City. The city in the Qing Dynasty more than 100 years, the progressive development of the eastern part of the Liaodong became an important commodity exchange and agricultural products distribution center. Nurhachu, the emperor on horseback, where devised strategies, guidance and Jiangshan troops southward from here, Yuema the Central Plains and establish the history of China ---- the last feudal regime Qing Dynasty. 1783 set up the Fushun City, which is today#39;s "Fushun Commercial Street."
Fushun picture from the beginning of this century, accompanied by the development of underground resources, Fushun became the target of predatory imperialism compete. However, Fushun people have never yield, after arduous efforts, Fushun this contains a great potential and unlimited treasures of the city and eventually back to the people#39;s hands.

after the founding of the People#39;s Republic of Fushun was designated as the central municipalities. 1954 Liaodong, western Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province for the merger, to provincial cities of Fushun. Today#39;s China#39;s Fushun important mainly to heavy industry, an extensive array of integrated industrial city.
Fushun Fushun has a long history and many sites. Gore Mountain Liao tower has been the history of Jiu Bainian, Saar Hu landscape known as a pearl of Liaoning. Fushun district is the new Bin Manchu Autonomous County of Fat Tseung of the Qing Dynasty, in the Manchu Hetuela Yongling the hearts of the people of the Holy Land, Asia#39;s largest open-pit mine - the West open-pit mine, the magnificent grand, magnificent, Also Meijing, amber of origin. The opening is the old industrial city of Fushun with a new look greet visitors to the Four Seas P Plus!

in Fushun and beautiful natural scenery of the northern part of the country characteristics, prominent wild charisma. Here four distinct seasons, spring and summer, the river drops to cross-strait green, verdant trees and vegetation Maninsan Castle Peak. Ruqiu, Hongye Manshan, stretching Baili. To winter and snow Ai Ai, space Yise. Pre-human landscape of a unique historical sites, Yongling, Hetuala City ruins, Royal Road, the ancient elm, the ancient battlefield sites such as scale, community tourism and archaeology is a good place. In addition, there are many parks, memorials for human Tour, especially in scenic areas Sarr Hu独领风骚Liaodong area.

Fushun is the home of the Manchu, the Manchu people in modern clothing, food, shelter and other ancient customs of their ancestors have a legacy, in Fushun can taste rich and wonderful Manchu customs. Fushun is a multi-ethnic populated areas, here lived in the Han, Mongolian, Hui, Manchu, Tibetan, Korean, and other 27 people. The nation#39;s cultural traditions and customs of life here making the other more beautiful. Fushun Fushun San-ching water Discovered, developed traffic, the millions of people is one of the major cities in the northeast industrial city.
Fushun is the oldest, she#39;s more than 1,000 Renji history for seven years, China#39;s Qing Dynasty in here on Fat Tseung; Fushun is young, reform and opening up so that she reawakens the exuberant youth, a magnificent building in the draft are being displayed in here .
in Fushun this 10,000 square kilometers of land, both unique natural scenery, have bright human landscape; Chengguan both the industrial and mining enterprises in China, there标新立异the famous new, and special products .... ... These are hard-working people in Fushun and the crystallization of wisdom, is the great contribution to mankind.
Fushun Coal is known as known today is the famous petrochemical City, Fushun and friends who have cause to fire the general enthusiasm. Open in the hope that the enthusiasm of Fushun friends at home and abroad to come to guests, investment, development and share the joy of Fushun and fruits.