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FuLingQu - ZhongQing

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Interchange Wujiang River in the Yangtze River in Fuling, water and land transportation developed, known as "gateway to the Wujiang River," said the Wujiang River valley is more than 20 county, city of material distribution center. Fuling is located in the Three Gorges reservoir area Fuxin zone from the sea in Chongqing City 80, is connected Wanzhou in Chongqing City, Qianjiang the surface transport hub.
because of the Wujiang River in Fuling Gu Cheng Fu water, Pakistani先王buried in this tomb named after more. As early as over 2,000 years ago, the Pakistani capital of Fuling, Qin, Han, Jin, a trifoliate orange county, and has been since the Tang Dynasty, for the seat. Established after the founding of New China in Fuling, established in 1995 to withdraw the city, Chongqing municipality level established after the founding of Fuling District.
Fuling unique tourism resources, natural scenery and the Humanities in making the other more beautiful landscape, as the "Forest of Steles underwater" at the national level to protect cultural relics White Crane Ridge, is the world#39;s oldest hydrologic station. Pakistani Culture Oda River is China#39;s first set of bells unearthed; North Yansi-point hole is the birthplace of Neo-Confucianism; Wujiang River scenery-hung, surprising Jun, Sau, Wuling Mountain National Forest Park, Shek Jiagou scenic areas, rooftop Gorge Scenic Area each with Fengzi, Jiancheng guests tourism hotline at home and abroad.
the world-famous Fuling hot pickled mustard tuber, and France#39;s acid cucumber, cabbage Germany Tiansuan said the three were pickles. Fuling mustard with its unique flavor, nutrient-rich, easy and delicious, health-appetizers, uses extensive and Chimingzhongwai. Fuling was described as China#39;s "hot pickled mustard tuber town."
Fuling in addition to hot pickled mustard tuber, there are Fuling water buffalo, red radish, Fuling and other specialty products. This three-renowned at home and abroad and called the three major specialty products. Fuling fresh hot pickled mustard tuber, incense, tender, crisp, is the world#39;s three pickles were one of the country is foreign to the four buffalo buffalo were one of Fuling has red radish tribute, travel home, relatives and friends of the great gifts gifts.