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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Tyler  Date: 08-20 2008  
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position: in mainland China#39;s southeastern coast, the east Pacific and across the sea from Taiwan, north-west mountains rolling, undulating hills in central, coastal Vista Woye, coastal setbacks, the island Qibu.

Area: 120,000 square kilometers

Population: 31.26 million

divisions: divided into nine prefecture-level cities, 46 counties and 14 county-level cities, 24 cities area.

capital: Fuzhou


mentioned in Fujian, people think of a show south-east of Mount Wuyi, the garden city of Xiamen by sea, sea Silk Road city of Quanzhou, the coastal city of Fuzhou, southeast China…… as the hottest tourist routes of the Fujian trip memorable.

Fujian is located along the southeast coast of China (latitude 28 ° 30 #39;~ 28 ° 22#39;, longitude 115 ° 50 #39;~ 120 ° 40#39;), adjacent to Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guangdong, and Taiwan separated Across the sea, the Chinese mainland Southeast Asia and Oceania distance from the nearest maritime provinces of China and the world is also an important window for exchanges and base.
Fujian in warm and humid all year round, the average temperature of 17 ℃ ~ 21 ℃, the average rainfall 1400 mm ~ 2000mm.
province#39;s total land area of 121,400 square kilometers, the mountain hills which accounted for 80 percent or more.
Fujian is mainly Han Chinese, multi-ethnic population of the province until the year 2000, the province#39;s resident population will reach 34.7 million people. Fujian is well-known hometown of overseas Chinese and compatriots in Taiwan, whose ancestral home, the Chinese living abroad, and overseas Chinese amounted to more than 800 million people, Taiwan compatriots in the 80 percent native of Fujian Province. Fujian Shanmingshuixiu, cultural blend. The famous Mount Wuyi, Meizhou Island, Tai Laoshan, Gulangyu, Yuen Tung, Tung Yu-hua and ancient temples, ancient tower, Old Bridge, ancient castles and trial Wang Zhi, Zheng Chenggong, Lin Zexu, Tan Kah Kee, and other celebrities Aviva remains of the former places of residence , Are a unique tourist destination. Quanzhou in the Yuan Dynasty was China#39;s largest trading port.

Fujian superior not only the natural landscape, cultural landscape is also very rich. Yongding Tulou is the world#39;s unique mythical village residential building; competent skillful Huian Taiwanese woman is a unique folk customs in a bright spot; Taiwanese Kaiyuan Temple splendid ancient temples, breathtaking views; Fujian is still a place of excellence come forth in large numbers , Has emerged in the history of the Gang Li, Cai Xiang, Zheng Chenggong, Lin Zexu down the ages of such VIPs.

Therefore, the Fujian mountains and rivers of the earth not only wins, have the beauty of gardens, more Temple, Tajikistan, bridges, Tulou, such as ancient architecture. Ancient and modern poets Moke, Yinyong SHU Huai, left many magnificent chapter. As long as tourists have the time and mood slowly tastes, there will be unexpected gains.