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FoShan - GuangDong

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Abbreviations: 0757

capital: 528000

position: in central and southern Guangdong Province, the Pearl River Delta hinterland, East Reliance Guangzhou, Zhaoqing the west, the south of Zhuhai, the North-Qingyuan, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao.

Area: 3813.64 square kilometers

population: the city#39;s total population of 3249800 people, including 468,400 urban people.

administrative divisions: administered Foshan City, Shiwan area two districts, hosting the South China Sea, Shunde, clever, Sanshui and four municipalities. The deadline for December 31, 2000, the city#39;s 38 towns were exempted.

About Us: Foshan is a historic and cultural cities, as early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties era has been identified as the #39;four towns#39; one, has always been merchants gathered, logistics smoothly; Foshan is also well-known hometown of overseas Chinese and native of Foshan Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and overseas Chinese amounted to more than 100 million people, including Hong Kong and Macao compatriots more than 60 million people.

Foshan is a young and the old city, located in central and southern Guangdong Province, the Pearl River Delta hinterland, East Reliance Guangzhou, Zhaoqing the west, the south of Zhuhai, the North-Qingyuan, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao , The location is extremely advantageous. Is the level the city, hosting the South China Sea, Shunde and Sanshui, clever and four municipalities, and the City, Shiwan two districts, a total area of 3813.64 square kilometers, population 3110600, is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese.


Foshan, "Hajime trace in Shanxi, was named Tang." As early as the Tang and Song Dynasties, Foshan in southern China has become the center of commerce, to the Ming and Qing dynasties are flourishing 1:00, and Beijing, Hankou, Suzhou for the country#39;s "four major towns." Since ancient times, Foshan have "wide yarn Centre", "Tao are the South", "birthplace of the Lingnan medicine," the reputation of distinguished reputation. In recent years, rapid economic development in Foshan, has been named the city#39;s comprehensive national strength of 50, before the economic and social development level of 10, 40 excellent investment environment and the hardware of the first to achieve a well-off level of 36 cities, and access to national history and culture City, the state health cities and "double support" the title of model city. This is vigorously develop tourism in Foshan a unique advantage.

Foshan photos Since reform and opening up, Foshan tourism industry at an unprecedented rate of development to establish industrial scale, the national economy and become one of the pillar industries. At present, Foshan growing tourism services and facilities improved, "food, shelter, transportation, travel, entertainment, buy" complementary basic Jackie Chan, the city has a comprehensive tourist spots, tourism resort over 10; various tourist hotels have more than 70 , Has been awarded the 25 stars, including four-star five, seven three-star, two stars 13, has been awarded the 19 stars, including four-star five, seven three-star, two stars 7, a total of more than 7,300 rooms, more than 14,400 beds, seating more than 30,000, the city has four large-scale casino, the Office of karaoke ok, more than 200 dance halls; city has 17 travel agencies, including 14 international travel agencies And three domestic travel agencies, the city has 17 travel agencies, including 14 international travel agencies, three domestic travel agencies, the city#39;s tourism total of 295 vehicles, seating more than 2,600, the initial formation of a combination of inside and outside the reception system. The city#39;s existing tourism industry amounted to more than 30,000 employees, have received professional training of more than 95%, has been training all types of tour operators personnel, management personnel, technical personnel and service personnel, the formation of a considerable size and a certain quality of the The new tourism ranks.

Foshan picture In addition, civil aviation, railway, highway, shipping the reform and development has greatly improved the urban area and the current situation. The city#39;s new, alteration of the size of nearly 600 bridges; Rong Qi, Ping, Ke Yungang clever three direct flights to Hong Kong; new train station opened in Foshan, Foshan to Kowloon through train, became the second direct elections in Hong Kong Road crossings; one of the modern highway Zonghengjiaocuo, around the outskirts of Foshan, rural; Foshan Airport and Beijing, Nanjing, Kunming and other 20 large and medium-sized cities, such as transportation, Foshan more land, sea and air transport network with three-dimensional, with Chinese and foreign tourists out of Foshan More convenient. These are the development of tourism provide a solid foundation.

Foshan, a culture of precipitation in 5000, Yue Buwan legends and stories, ages, celebrities come forth in large numbers. If Taishi Leung Chu Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty scholar-lun, Syria, the Qing Dynasty opera artist Li Wenmao, national capitalists Chen Qing Yuan, Wu Qing Dynasty master Huang Feihong, improved modern bourgeois leaders Kang Yu-wei, China#39;s railway construction of the first people Zhan Tianyou, Police late Qing novelist Wu, martial arts star Bruce Lee, one of the leaders of DENG Pei-labor movement, the anti-Japanese heroes WU Qin, Chen Tiejun, and other revolutionary martyrs.

Foshan In recent years, Foshan accelerate the pace of tourist destinations, a large number of construction speed, a certain amount of new tourist resort, scenic areas stand out, starting a good economic and social benefits. Has been completed and the opening to the outside world: the first phase of restoration works Foshan Liangyuan, radio and television center, Ji Hua Yuan, golf courses, Foshan park musical fountain, Kinmen and Matsu Cultural Centre Theatre; Nan Hainan States Taoyuan, Xiqiao Kuanyin culture Court, Wong Tai Sin Shengjing Park, Once Upon lion martial arts halls, day Lake Park Arts Plaza, Qing-View Road area; Sanshui the banner of the first Middle Kingdom, the Forest Park-St Park, the world#39;s largest Wofo, Qian Foshan, Shunde-Hui Park Complex Park expansion, Shunde mountain tourist centre, Bao Linsi, are an ecological park, the New World Conference and Exhibition Centre; smart "garden" in the building of the beautiful landscape along the river zone, "three-high" agricultural tourism base, forest parks, natural hunting ground Reservoir vacation resort areas, such as the center in Foshan, including four directly under the city, investment giant, is large in scale, still rich in tourism resources into an even tourist destinations, tourist attractions are changing Foshan not Naikan, the situation is not strong attraction .

At the same time, Foshan dynamic tourism resources, such as the Autumn Festival in Foshan, Shiwan pottery arts festivals, clever hunting Festival, Dragon Boat赛Shunde, South China Sea lion赛, Kite赛, as well as the traditional tourism of Foshan , Travel food, such as Shiwan doll, Foshan Autumn, paper-cut crafts, Bongseong cuisine, with echoes, Foshan is becoming "a brigade Tour", was the charm of the famous tourist city.