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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Lily  Date: 08-20 2008  More Attractions
Fengxian, located southeast of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai is located in the south, south of Hangzhou Bay, North pillow Huangpu River, bordering East and Nanhui, the West and the Jinshan, Songjiang adjacent, across the River North and Minhang District. Pleasant climate, four distinct seasons, products rich in the southern region of Shanghai is emerging industrial base. There are 31.6 km coastline of Hangzhou Bay, 13.5 kilometers Huangpu Hejiang shoreline. Area of 687 square kilometers, population 520,000, administered 22 towns, namely South Bridge, crossing the West, Jianghai, Wu Bridge, the new temple, Hu Bridge, Zhuang Bank, Jin-Hui, Qixian, Thailand, the first bridge, Feng City, Hung Temple, the four corporations, peace, Shao plant, Green Village, Tong, Qianqiao, bright, Zhelin, Fengxin, the area is also available in integrated industrial development zone in Shanghai and the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone in Fengxian District . Nan Qiaozhen for the district seat of government.
Fengxian into land have been 6,000 years ago. As early as over 3,000 years ago, has been in the human habitat. Legend has it the Spring and Autumn Period, the proud protege of Confucius were made by Yan had come to give lectures, civil statement of gratitude to the people to travel long distances to impart knowledge Fengxian, a statement of Temple built, like the shape of a statement. Own written records, Fengxian has an Wu and Yue, Chu and other诸侯country#39;s territory, Tang Tianbao 10 years (751) Purchase Huating County, the Qing Emperor Yongzheng four years (1726) from the Huating County, southeast of the territory and draw Baisha Township Inter-Fengxian County, the rural home. May 1948 the establishment of Fengxian County People#39;s Government, under the Southern Jiangsu Civil Administration, 1952 under the Songjiang area in Jiangsu Province, in November 1958 was placed under Shanghai, in August 2001 dismantling County District built.
in the long course of historical development, Fengxian rich people in patriotism and revolutionary spirit of the glorious tradition of struggle. Gar-years, the people rose up against the Japanese Fengxian violations, to defend the homeland. 1862, Fengxian people and at peace with the military, the fight against British and French allied forces, killing Tidu Army Bo Luode law in South Bridge. In particular, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, held in 1929 in Shanghai#39;s famous line Zhuang farmers armed riots. Fengxian in the annals of history, the records of many national heroes and achievements of the revolution Chester.