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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Cameron  Date: 07-17 2008  More Attractions
Fengtai District in Beijing with the southern outskirts of the West, due in the capital, "HSBC to worship outside the rural Taiwan," named after, one of Beijing Cheng Baqu. Fengtai District since ancient times in China is the North-South transport of the throat, "the capital of land-based terminals," said.
Fengtai District beautiful natural scenery, rich tourism resources. Yongding River to the western mountains Donglu Taihang Mountains, North Yozan mouth from Forest Park, south Tsing Lung Tau Reservoir, leisure city dwellers are ideal for the summer. Apart from the southern plain area most of the site, the western Bao Han Tomb, Wanping City, the Lugou Bridge and other cultural relics, there is also "on February 7," Memorial Hall, the Chinese people#39;s War of Resistance Against Japan Memorial Hall, built in the world and the new park, Flowers in the Mirror Palace, the ocean Ski resort, more Chinese and foreign tourists to come. In which the World Park in 1993 for the completion and opening up, Beijing#39;s Fourth Ring Road in southwest lateral, 16 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square, an area of 46.7 hectares. She divided into two parts, one is the countries in the world for the main attractions in the park the park, there are 105 scenic spots and a few miniature park in the park; Second, Europe and the United States-based international architectural styles and the International Folk Village Street. In addition, the building is being developed, the World Park in the east to "beach beach", "future world", and other projects as the main municipal Huaxiang million mu of tourist areas, Beijing will be the new hot spots for tourism.
in Fengtai District of specialty products, flowers Xiaer famous for the rapid development of economic and trade sectors. Yue Gezhuang wholesale markets, wholesale markets, such as Beijing-based commerce have begun to take shape.