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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Justin  Date: 07-20 2008  More Attractions
Fengjie County of Chongqing Municipality in north-east, the Yangtze River Three Gorges West Side. Wushan County, east, west Yunyang County, South and Jianshi County, Hubei Province, the Enshi City, adjacent to Lichuan City, North and Wuxi County border. Total area of 4,087 square kilometers, the total population of 996,200 people. A Han, Hui, Tibetan, Miao, and other 13 people living together in this beautiful land.
Fengjie, Chongqing is located in the first of the Three Gorges of the West, was a city of 2,300 years of history, the West-to Wanhe Bayu, the mountains east Jingchu pressure. Fengjie city and its nearby Baidicheng, is the history of ancient Kuizhou the seat of state government. Tang Zhenguan 23 years (AD 649) to Jingbiao prime minister Zhuge Liang Shu Feng Liu Bei "Tuogu send fate, the Provisional festive and not seize" the patriotic quality Zhongjun, changed its name to Fengjie County, has been followed so far. Fengjie County, more than 10 historical sites and scenic spots, the county is to retain the ancient city along the Yangtze River features one of the better cities and towns.
Shixian Li Bai#39;s "North Korea by Baidi Choi Wan, also on the 1st of a thousand miles Jiangling," Shi-Sheng Du Fu#39;s "boundless Lamuxiaoxiao, not billowing to the Yangtze River," and to Fengjie city won the "Poetry City" reputation . Tang and Song dynasties, the poets of the tens of thousands of poems Saxiang this ancient land. But start with the history of Fengjie, but far more than these. "According to the upper reaches of the Three Gorges Qutang, a risk from ancient and modern-day stay," this "highlighted Jingchu upstream, to the county for the Ba-Shu" Gap has always been that military strategists battleground. Far away in the Spring and Autumn Period, Chu subsidiary Fengjie is the "Kui-country." Qin Dynasty set up here in the fish-County; the late Western Han Dynasty, Zhu Cheng Gong Sunshu in the lower reaches of the mountains, claiming Baidi, before a Baidicheng, from the Han Zhisui, here is Yong#39;an, the letter states, such as State and County Zhisuo; Tang Zhenguan years, from "Feng Huang Jie Du," the word justice, renamed Fengjie, as the road, state, the House Shouyi, Fengjie said Kuizhou, Kui House.
Fengjie county a few miles east of Qutang Xia mouth, a beautiful mountain, the high Guting, Redwall Biwa, set in a Nongyin, like Senzan King Club, which is famous Yuanbo the Baidi City (Temple). Thanks in Baidicheng East on the Yangtze River cross-strait towering peaks, cliffs such as cutting, which is the most dangerous in the Three Gorges spectacular Qutang Xia.
the Three Gorges Project is completed, the old Fengjie county will be submerged in all underwater, Baidicheng Jiang in the island will become. In ancient Fengjie county Doumen to open economic MENGU walls will be moved to Baidi Hill restoration and reconstruction. New Fengjie county and Baidicheng between an underwater channel will repair, Baidicheng and Qutang Xia set up the air to the north shore of the tramway. It is naturally另一番景象!
from January 20, 2002, "Three Gorges-the first explosion" in Fengjie Baoxiang, to November 4, 2002 in Fengjie county of the last explosion, the poetry of this millennium has become a city ruins, which may Is the modernization of the ancient civilization we are required to pay the price…… Perhaps, we can say is that - let us remember this ancient city filled the vicissitudes of life gradually gone and the faces of the shadow; Together, let us look forward to a splendid reservoir area Tomorrow; Let us Road out: Do not, the ancient city of Fengjie!