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FengDuXian - ZhongQing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Caden  Date: 07-24 2008  More Attractions
Fengdu County in the southeast edge of Sichuan Basin, located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the county area of 2,910 square kilometers in size, the total population of 740,000 people. HSBC is one of the ancient city close to the mountains of water, said the Spring and Autumn "of other Palestinians are", the Eastern Han Dynasty and Dili Yong-yuan from 2002 zhizhu County set aside a separate county, known as the "Fengdu County," has been 1900 years of history .

Fengdu, is the cultural relics since the ancient times, is China#39;s most unique, most famous historical and cultural town, with its House as Yincao to the ghosts of the rich culture and ancient and modern Fei Health. Spread a lot of spirits here legend, "Journey to the West", "Liaozhaizhiyi", "Yue said that the whole", "Zhong Kui Biography" and many other Chinese and foreign literary masterpiece the "ghost town" Fengdu are vivid description of the legendary Pofu .

Fengdu County in the major landscape: mountains Fengdu, double Guishan, "Ghost of the shrine", "Yam Division Street," is currently the largest domestic spirits culture of human landscape, but also the most spectacular southwestern region of dynamic human landscape, There are also strange spectacular building, intensity, age span, cultural values, is rare in the South Han Tomb of the group; are under construction in the building of the National People#39;s Congress ghost stone tree, a low altitude (altitude 380 - 520 meters) of 40 pyong Forest Park, three ask the original tree farms, scenic Garonne (cave, rafting), the natural landscape.