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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Blake  Date: 07-13 2008  More Attractions
Fangshan District in southwest Beijing, is located in the North China Plain and the Taihang Mountains junction, the region of 2,019 square kilometers. Has a long history, splendid culture and heritage is a major feature of the Fangshan District, the world famous "Beijingyuanren" on hunting and fishing in the Zhoukoudian area home.
50 million years ago the Zhoukoudian Peking Man Ruins, is China#39;s first "World Heritage" one of "the birthplace of Peking Man," known; more than 3,000 years ago in the Western Zhou Dynasty Yandou sites, known as "the city of origin "; More than 1,300 years ago, the Buddhist holy sites Yunju Si, save the world#39;s only remaining 1,122, 3,572 volumes, 14,278 large stone Tripitaka, known as" stone by the Great Wall "; 107 successive ancient tower, or in Beijing Guta half of the total, "pagoda crown capital" reputation; 302 historical sites throughout the territory, thus constituting a continuous generation of Fangshan picture history.
with China#39;s first cave Geological Park - Beijing Shihua Dong national geological parks. Among them, "Beijing#39;s Underground Pearl" Dan Huadong of seven storeys cave, the cave geese, stalactites, stone shields, milk, stone, and other types of chemical sediments complete, to create Tiancheng, "the underground labyrinth in northern China," Yin Hudong water Dry-connectivity, calcite crystals formed the Silver Fox, Yutu, crystal clear, talent; wanfotang water inside the hole 000 of the Buddha, and other plans and will be embedded in the Chinese-stalagmite in the cave at home and abroad for the ancient inscriptions wonders with this Also making the other more beautiful, "Beijing#39;s human Wonderland" Aw-dong, Long Sin Temple, "Underground Arts Center", such as cave-water tunnel, a common component of north China#39;s largest group of karst caves.
Enuoduozi the Shidu landscape, both in north China#39;s Xiongqi, another of the South Water Roumei, as the "Castle Peak Yedu, Baili Gallery" as the focus of the Model 20 Forest Park, one of the top mountain, Set mountains, forests, holes, all King Temple as one, long time "there Jervois South, the North is at the top" reputation; more than 2,000 meters above sea level the banks of the Baicao, Baihua Mountain flowers, meadow, rare birds, Yishou, composition The attractive scenery of the plateau and won the "ecological park" Mei Ming;-hung, Ki, God, the lotus-risk, early for Beijing to "Xishan eight scenic spots," one of the unique landscape of northern China to become the Fangshan the famous tourist resort Landscape .
Fangshan its rich and colorful tourist resources and improve the matching of recreational facilities, meticulous of travel services, the enthusiasm of the people simple folk customs, celebrate all宾朋to "explore the natural change, enjoy the beautiful scenery, visit the historical picture, a taste of modern civilization . "