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FangChengGang - GuangXi

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Code: 0770

Zip code: 538001

Area: 6,181 square kilometers

Population: 710,000, including the Han, Beijing, Zhuang, Yao and other nationalities.

divisions: administered port area, anti-urban areas, Shangsi County and Dongxing

#39;s floral emblem: Jinhua Cha

city of Fangchenggang in Guangxi Province, southwest coast, South Bin Beibu Bay, north of Nanning, capital of the southwest border with Vietnam, mainland China 584 km-long coastline, over 230 km border line, Our proximity to the southwest, facing the South-East Asia, with Fangchenggang, Dongxing four countries such as a port.

Bibowanqing in the northern part of Ocean Shores, the southernmost tip of China#39;s mainland coastline, a rise of the port city, and this is a "gateway to southwest China, the Chinese border pearl" of the reputation of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region city of Fangchenggang.

Fangchenggang has "edge, sea, mountains," mainly the rich and colorful tourist resources and Beijing, Zhuang, Yao, and other unique ethnic customs: Henggen Shiwandashan forest park in central Cangmang The vast, overlapping嶂wins mountain range, Xiongqi insurance online; 10,000 to the beach as the representative of the Beijing family Mishima-blue sea, the beach, Green Island, in a Beijing family style, simple folk customs, scenery R; Jiangshan Peninsula Beach Pingsha soft, sloping Daping BAI Lang Beach, Guaishi Beach, Moon Bay factors, the Fort beauty, "China and Hawaii." Reputation. In addition, Dongxing Port to the Sino-Vietnamese border trade led by tourism by Chinese and foreign tourists have also become a platform for exchange of communication, tourism has become a cross-border trade of Fangchenggang is leading the development of tourism.

Fangchenggang City, located south of the Tropic of Cancer is a hot and humid subtropical monsoon climate, ample sunshine and abundant rainfall, the annual average temperature at about 22 ℃. Complex terrain, mountains, hills, level, the river valley flood plains and coastal plains. Northwest High Low-lying southeast, northwest and is Shiwandashan mountain spur, south-east for the hills and plains. Beilun He has, Fangcheng River, Mao Ling Jiang, Jiangping Jiang, Jiang Luofu and other five major rivers, both of these rivers originate in the south of the Shiwandashan, the gap between the mountains, water potential needs, rich hydropower resources. Fangchenggang City Corporation and fertile, especially seafood resources are very rich, are more than 500 kinds of marine category, 36 species of shrimp, shellfish and algae countless. Shiwandashan-rich forest resources, iron wood, red vertebral, Bauhinia, nanmu, Shan Shan, such as camphor wood, 1.80, Yugui, such as plastic, and other economic trees. The book of specialty products are: Bailong pearls, Mans series, Yugui, 1.80, Jinhua Cha, pigs, Xiangnuo, mushrooms, chicken-slope, squid, shrimp, Gaoxie, bass, Tai Ho, and so on.

Fangchenggang City has "side, mountains, sea," rich in tourism resources, in Beijing, Yao, Zhuang ethnic customs unique rich, unique conditions for the development of tourism, the tourism industry in Fangchenggang City in The border trade developed on the basis of, the cross-border travel from the mid-1990s, so far the city of Fangchenggang in the cross-border tourism has become a tourist products in Guangxi, one of the hot tourist routes, Fangchenggang City has developed into the Sino-Vietnamese border cross-border tourism The largest tourist hub. Border outbound travel led the development of the city, has formed a cross-border tourism in Vietnam as a leader, to the coastal holiday tours, forest convalescence holiday travel, the National Customs Yu-based products system, the framework of the "mountains, sea, to go abroad for" independence Unique three-dimensional pattern of tourism. Shiwandashan Henggen the central urban area,嶂rugged peaks, Qunfeng rolling, Xiongqi insurance online, Shiwandashan National Forest Park is the source of one of the Xijiang River, sub-tropical virgin forest intact. Park streams intersection, Feiliudiebao, Gu Mu trees, no mountains not green, no stone is not surprising, anhydrous not Feiquan. Jiangshan Peninsula, qisha Peninsula, Beijing subtropical coastal communities Mishima R varied scenery, National Customs plain rich. Jiangshan Peninsula is the provincial tourism resort, Ohira slope BAI Lang wide flat beach, known as China#39;s largest beaches, the Grand Canal Tan Peng Tang Dynasty of China is the sole maritime canal, the town ---- Nanzhu at Pearl Harbor -享誉海内外still produce the Nanzhu, Shek Kok mangrove area of 16,000 acres, is China#39;s largest and most sectors-connecting the natural ecological protection of mangrove areas, Jing Jing ethnic group of China#39;s three islands is the only settlements, set blue sea, the beach, Green Island, in a Beijing family style, is the provincial-level scenic spots. Chushan area is China#39;s mainland coastline of the southernmost tip of the land boundary lines starting point, the Qing pillar of the country on the 1st, or Beilun He national marine ecological reserves. Dongxing City area with the Vietnamese Mangjie city across the river from the World Natural Heritage "sea Guilin only 180 kilometers "---- Halong Bay, Vietnam rich exotic, colorful natural scenery, for the city of Fangchenggang in the Sino-Vietnamese border cross-border tourism A very advantageous conditions.

Fangchenggang city party committee and government attach great importance to the development of tourism, vigorously implement the "Tourism Wang Shi" strategy, the strong momentum of development of the tourism industry, the city of Fangchenggang in China#39;s southern coast has become a hot tourist city.
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