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EZhou - HuBei

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Zip Code: 436000

code: 0711

Area: 1,504 square kilometers

Population: 1020000

position: Ezhou City of Hubei Province in the east, west provincial capital of Wuhan

administrative divisions: E Cheng, Huarong, Liangzi Lake three-county area and Hong Kong offices

Ezhou City of Hubei Province in the east, west provincial capital Wuhan. August 1983 was approved the establishment of provincial cities, Xianxiaecheng, Huarong, Liangzi Lake three-county area and Hong Kong offices. 1,504 square km land area, population 1.02 million.


Ezhou is one with a long history and splendid culture of the city. E-town before the Eastern Han Dynasty, E County, Hubei County. Three king when Sun Quan in this Capital, renamed Wuchang. Since then, Ezhou or Junzhi, or state, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River has always been the political, economic, military stronghold. Is the famous "land of ancient bronze mirror," and Buddhist "Pure Land" the birthplace.

Ezhou photos Ezhou is a beautiful city. Hill, water, the city formed an integral whole, the Western Hills is a popular scenic area; Yang Lan Wu, Liangzi Lake, Honglian Lake is tourism, resort.

Ezhou infrastructure complete. 88 km crossing the Yangtze River, has a six ports, Hong Kong can be parked in Ezhou 10,000-ton ship; Wu (Chang) - Fuk (state) and the railway wear Habitat, (North) Beijing-Guangzhou (state), (North) Beijing 9 (-) connected to the railway and the urban area; Yihuang a Highway 316 and State Road across the East and West, North and South longitudinal 106 National Road; Tianhe International Airport only 70 kilometers from the city centre. Telecommunications, power supply, water supply conditions improved.

Ezhou the south bank of the Yangtze River middle reaches of an emerging industrial city. Edong is the "Metallurgical Corridor", "clothing Corridor", "building materials corridor" an important support to form a metallurgical, clothing, building materials, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, machinery, electronics, light industry as the mainstay of the wide range of industrial system, Hubei important industrial base of goods and Edong terminal.

Ezhou picture

Ezhou of Hubei Province is opening up the window, the state established the open cities and ports opening to the outside world, Hubei Province is the only "economic reform and opening up pilot zones", Hubei Province Gedian the National Economic and Technological Development Zone is one of the top 10 development zones, Hubei Province Honglian Lake Tourist Resort, Lake spent private development zone has a certain scale. Near over 300 Sino-foreign joint venture projects in this fertile soil, take root, blossom and as a result, more than 20 countries and regions are here to establish an economic and technological and cultural relations with the United States has Marui Ta City, three in Japan, Australia Whyalla City , C?te d#39;Ivoire Abengourou city became sister cities.

Ezhou yesterday#39;s brilliant Ezhou, is to Xiongjian the pace for a splendid future. Along the city#39;s people are "open Xingshi" development strategy, strive to Ezhou completed development of the reform and opening-class city. It can be foreseen, in Ezhou这颗mosaic on the pearl of the Yangtze River, will certainly become more bright.

Ezhou are full of hope with a new attitude toward the world: invite friends to invest five continents exhibition industry, the universal welcome guests to tourist.