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Zip code: 257000

population: the end of 2001, the city#39;s total population of 1735655 people, including non-agricultural population of 737,585 people. Male and female sex ratio at 103:100. The birth rate 11.23 ‰, the mortality rate 4.45 ‰, the natural population growth rate of 6.78 ‰.

nation: the city has 34 ethnic minorities, a total of 5432, accounting for the city#39;s total population of 0.3%.

location area: Dongying City, Shandong Province in the northern part of the Yellow River Delta region, the mother river of the Chinese nation - the Yellow River, in Dongying City Habitat into the Bohai Sea. Dongying City location for the latitude 6 ° 55 #39;~ 38 ° 10#39;, longitude 118 ° 07 #39;~ 119 ° 10#39;. East, north Bohai Sea, West and the Binzhou City, adjacent to the south and the Zibo City, Weifang City border. North-South#39;s largest vertical distance 123 kilometers, the biggest thing from the 74 kilometer cross, a total area of 7,923 square kilometers.

Miles Dongying City is the Yellow River into the sea, the center of the Yellow River Delta cities, was established in October 1983 of the cities in Shandong Province. All Shixia Dongying, estuaries and two districts in Guangrao, Lijin, Kenli County 3, SAR area of 8,053 square km, population 1.8 million. Shengli Oilfield, the University of Petroleum (East China) and the Jinan Military Region, the Yellow River Delta manufacturing base is located here. Dongying
the Yellow River delta in Dongying in the saline-alkali soil on the former desolate plains of a vast new cities. April 16, 1961, oil exploration workers in Dongying Village made the first oil wells, underground oil field has opened the mystery, and this small village named after a city has developed into today#39;s scale.
Dongying City in the Yellow River, both young new Yudi, but also the ancient land. The northern part of a new alluvial plains of the Yellow River Delta, the vast Wuji, fresh magnificent southern hinterland of the Qi State during the Warring States Period - ancient military strategist Sun Wu#39;s hometown, has a long history and splendid culture.
tourist attractions: Swan Lake Hot Springs Resort, the Shengli Oilfield Technology Exhibition Centre, New Century Plaza, Dongying Qingfengdian Lake Park, Guanguang Ta, Dongying City Museum of History, Guangrao temple, Guangrao Sun Wu Temple, Gudong Oilfield, Yellow River, wetland park, outbound ship into the sea
(a) has abundant natural resources and ecological environment unique.
the Yellow River is the world#39;s highest river sediment, the annual rainy season can carry 1 billion tons of sediment into the sea, from the sea about 3 million mu. More than 100 years, in the river, sea and land interaction, here created a unique topography, a wide variety of biological integrity of ecosystems, their natural environment loose plastic, the most abundant natural resources is one of the regions. Dongying City has vast land resources, a total area of 1208 mu, which have not yet developed the shortage has 525 million mu of Jiande, China#39;s eastern coastal land reserve resources of the richest areas have large areas of grassland, of which 560,000 natural grassland Acres; built in 1992 in the Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve, covering 153,000 hectares, is the wildlife resources of the "gene bank", the rare and endangered migratory birds at the "International Airport", as the United Nations 13 world major wetland nature reserve one of our rich marine resources, 350 km long coastline, the beach area of 120,000 hectares, accounting respectively in Shandong Province 1 /7 and 1 /2, negative 15 meters above shallow water area of 4,800 square kilometers And the development of shallow sea in Shandong is the greatest potential breeding areas, known as "a land of 100 fish" and "Oriental Shrimp hometown" reputation; huge underground reserves of mineral resources, proven geological oil reserves of 3.8 billion tons and natural gas geological reserves of 230 Billion cubic meters of shallow brine reserves of 7.4 billion legislation Dongying m 3, underground salt mine reserves of 590 billion cubic meters; and the development of higher-value tourism resources, huge energy potential of geothermal energy, wind energy, solar energy. On the other hand, because of the Yellow River Delta into a modern landing late, meadow process short, the more fragile ecological environment, the development of the Yellow River Delta development and construction must adhere to the principle of the protection of both.

(b) the superior geographical location, good weather conditions.
the Yellow River Delta is one of China#39;s three major estuary delta, with Bang Hai River on the regional advantages. Looking at the world famous river delta, its success has effectively led the development of all the basin-wide economic development and the formation of human civilization. Mississippi River Delta such as the United States, the Netherlands large-scale development of the Rhine River delta, formed two well-known New Orleans, Rotterdam and the port city, effectively promoted the valley economy and even Europe, the United States the development of modern civilization. Since the 1980s, China has been opening up and development of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, but also effectively promoted China#39;s economic and social development.
the Yellow River Delta, located north latitude and 38 ° from top to bottom, moderate climate, four distinct seasons, rain over the same period heat, light enough, the continental monsoon climate. From specific areas of speaking, this region in Shandong Peninsula and the Liaodong Peninsula embracing the geographic center, north Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Economic Zone, east Shandong Peninsula cities, Dalian and northeast across the sea, the majority of the inland west radiation , Is the Bohai Rim Economic Zone and the Yellow River Economic Belt of the intersection and is also linking the Northeast and the Central Plains area of two important economic ties. The state has the Yellow River Delta included in the comprehensive agricultural development zones and the inclusion of Dongying City coastal open economic zones. Yellow River Delta in Shandong Province to develop as one of the two major cross-century project. In early 2001, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (unido) China Investment Promotion Department and the Dongying City Government signed the "support of the Yellow River Delta (Dongying) sustainable development projects of cooperation agreements," United Nations Industrial Development Organization to the development and construction of the Yellow River Delta as a priority Support for regional, Dongying City as a "Greenpeace International Industries Demonstration Zone." At the Fourth Session of the Ninth National People#39;s Congress, "the Yellow River Delta development of efficient ecological economy" countries included in the "10th Five-Year" Plan. These are marks of the Yellow River Delta into the large-scale development, the development period is bound to lead to middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River region and the whole Yellow River valley economic development and prosperity.

(c) the oil industry first started, ahead of infrastructure development.
the Yellow River Delta is China#39;s second largest oil industrial base located in Shengli Oilfield. Since the early 1960s exploration and development so far, has formed an annual output of 30 million tons of crude oil production capacity. To further promote the oil fields and local economic development, Dongying City infrastructure and urban construction to maintain the advanced development of the situation, constantly optimize the economic development environment. Centre for Urban Construction Dongying 10% area to 58 square kilometers. Prominent city construction "large space, large green space, the surface" characteristics, and constantly improve the greening, landscaping, Liang Hua grade. City green coverage rate reached 23.55 percent, the Centre City reached 21.26 percent rate of green space per capita green space 12.51 square meters. Constantly improve the city#39;s function, a modernization of the oil port city has now taking shape. Built a primer and has, irrigation, Pai complement the system of water conservancy projects, the city waters of 379.9 million mu, of the total area of 31.96 percent, with Asia#39;s largest plains reservoirs, built more than 100,000 cubic meters of the 522 reservoirs, water storage capacity Of more than 800 million cubic meters, the city#39;s design to the Yellow River with water capacity of 514 cubic meters per second. To build a land, sea and air combination of three-dimensional transport network. Highway which is particularly developed in 2003, the city#39;s road traffic mileage rating of 4663.4 km, the highway density of 58.9 km per 100 square kilometers and 132.8 kilometers of expressway. Jiaoji Railway line south, opening a direct Jinan, Nanjing, the passenger line. Dongying Hong Kong was listed as a country open ports, built 5,000-ton terminal 2, 3000-ton terminal 3. Dongying airport on November 28, 2001 official transport, was opened earlier in Dongying to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Harbin, Xinjiang#39;s Korla, and other five routes. Power, ranked the province forefront of the telecommunications industry. Power capacity to become the province one of the largest local power grids, communications convenient at home and abroad, telephone switches total capacity of 1.6 million.