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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Benjamin  Date: 07-20 2008  More Attractions
Eastern Zhongshan Dong Ju Hong Kong at Hong Kong#39;s 6 km, 50 km south of Macao, Guangzhou, 88 kilometers to the north. In the mountain region, rejuvenating the middle way, the Sun Road, the Yangtze River Road, Pok Oi Road aspect linked to the opening of more new Beijing, beads and a highway from the side, water and land transportation is very convenient.
the region adequate water and electricity, communications Cheong, Czech Republic, the environment elegant, fully equipped, the region with 110,000 volts and 220,000 volts transformer substation: City water company; program-controlled telephones, the installed capacity of 40,000; 14 primary and secondary schools, 17 Eastern kindergartens and hospitals, banks, post offices, places of entertainment distribution of the region; industry and commerce, taxation, foreign economic sectors such as sound and simple investment procedures.
a number of senior residential district, country parks, sports grounds located in the region, Kai Yin Tropicana Garden, the Yangtze River known for golf, fresh air, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation and good public order is the Eastern Guorenzhichu. Investment to our region#39;s entrepreneurs, high-technology personnel, management personnel and their families will be able to find a Chenxinruyi in the district of residence, living environment.
In addition, Zhongshan City is the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, renowned overseas, but also well-known tourist destination in recent years, was awarded the UN Habitat Award and the National Health Award, and other cities a number of honors, and environmental construction今非昔比. Eastern is the focus of Zhongshan city planning, tourism, shopping, real estate development and other tertiary industries here are very good prospects for development.