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DongLiQu - TianJin

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Landon  Date: 07-28 2008  More Attractions
Tianjin area. Located in the eastern district of Tianjin, east Tanggu District, the West even Hedong District, Hebei District, south across the Haihe River and Jinnan District, North Xinkai He sector, Queensway River with the Beichen District, Ning Hexian border. 30.1 km long East and West, North and South 25 kilometers wide, covering 477 square kilometers. 6 Qiaoxiang jurisdiction Mody, Junliangcheng, Smilax, the new legislation, such as six towns and ZHANGGUIZHUANG, harvest Village, Lin Cheng, and other four neighborhood offices, and 112 administrative villages. Mody 6 Qiaoxiang which is the new Hui Township, Junliang town is a historical town. The Government is located in ZHANGGUIZHUANG Street. Regional population 300,000.
flat topography of the region, a low-lying land between the dike and-zone. South amylin is the area#39;s largest reed Wadian, covering 660 hectares. The two north-south high embankment areas are remains of shellfish. The Haihe River, Admiralty and Beitang River by sewage River west to east across the area, with six in each other through two river, the river junctions are built pumping station, cutting expenditure gate. There are 15 small and medium-sized reservoir. Dongli Lake occupies 800 hectares, the first city to a tourist resort - Dongli Lake Resort. North temperate climate is continental monsoon climate, the average temperature of 11.7 degrees, with an average annual rainfall 557.3 mm, 188 day frost-free period. Geothermal rich in water resources, as the center of the mountain, has a radius of over 200 square kilometers underground hot water. 1187 fine varieties of rice, flowers on the 10th, it is fortunate, such as large area planted in the area. The area of training-East Zhongqing on the 1st of Chinese cabbage, rhubarb leek seedlings, strong HSBC tomatoes, celery, and other core is famous vegetable varieties have spread to the whole country 20 provinces and cities and regions, in June 1992 to establish the Dongli Economic Development Zone In the area Jintang Bridge Road on the 4th Qiaozhi on the 6th section of the south, the area of 2.37 square kilometers planning. In addition, the new Trade and Industry Park, and Chuang Lin Cheng high-tech industrial zone of development and construction has begun to take shape, Jintang highways, towns and townships along the Outer Ring Road area of the building of Trade and Industry also has entered the implementation stage. Rural industrial enterprises in the region with 1,068, three-funded enterprises 35. District of Tianjin Steel Pipe Company, Tianjin Junliangcheng Power Plant, Tianjin, the second coal gas plants, synthetic detergent plant in Tianjin, Tianjin Roulian Chang, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Tianjin China and the United States and other enterprises must raise about 8 per Zhuqu. The region built a nine villages storage unit for 15 railway lines, with a certain amount of storage bases, with rural collective Warehouse 75. The region of 14,000 hectares of arable land, agricultural output value of 230 million yuan. Built ZHANGGUIZHUANG, Junliangcheng and other large farmer#39;s market four, the larger the size of the market share of Group 25, 300 commercial outlets, the annual turnover of 134 million yuan country markets. Toray shopping malls, Junliangcheng shopping malls, hotels in Tianjin, Dongli hotels, hot springs bath, and other ZHANGGUIZHUANG a certain reputation. City tree planting 110,000, 223,000 square meters of public green space, roads Green 22,000 square meters, green coverage of 10 percent, per capita public green 6.7 square meters. Cross-border railway and a railway Jingshan North Central Railway, built along the six railway stations. Jingjintang Highway, Jintang two of the trunk road and Queensway, Dr North, such as near-Chek 20 city and district-level vertical and horizontal cross road intersection. A total of 110 township roads, a total length of 170 km. Coach has eight regional transport routes. As the capital city of Beijing international flights alternate aerodrome top of the Tianjin airport for civil aviation in central district.
the region has 69 primary schools, 20 secondary schools, vocational school 6, workers and secondary school teachers in one of the College of Technology; Tuoyouyuansuo 130. China Civil Aviation College is located area, 15 health and medical institutions, a health school, a spa center, a total of 218 stadiums. Tianjin International Golf Club in north-east of Tianjin airport for civil aviation, covering 660,000 square meters. There are large and medium-sized hall, theaters 6. Fair was very active civil society, Chuang Po-Nian, Wu Tsui of the dark centuries of prosperity ever since.