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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Brooke  Date: 08-26 2008  More Attractions
Dongcheng District of Beijing City in the northeast, east of Beijing City axis, is the capital city of Beijing one of the four major urban centres, is an important political activities of the bustling business district service area and rich resources of cultural tourism.
Dongcheng District is the cultural capital of the famous tourist areas. Historical and cultural heritage is rich in cultural relics in Beijing is the largest region. Yuan, Ming and Qing three generations of the old building has retained the abound. Royal building a splendid Forbidden City complex, Tai Miao, Confucian Temple, Imperial College, Wong Shi Cheng, Xuanren Temple, condensate and the temple, the altar, Sajik Tan Tan Miao, such as construction, the new South Wharf, Shinchi positions, such as Paul metre warehouse Intrinsic warehouse building. Berlin building a temple Temple, the East four mosques, Purdue Temple, the Temple and the song I wish Chart Temple, intellectual Huasi, the Lama Temple, the assembly hall, and other Christian bias. Qing Dynasty Palace building a Corfu Palace, the King and Princess House, the Palace through the House and a group of late Qing Jun Wang Fu Di bureaucracy. There are a lot of楼台, residential areas, the ancestral hall, celebrities hometown, inscriptions, stone, colored pattern, and so scattered in the region, such as the bell Gulou, Jiaolou walls, the Ancient Observatory, the text of prime minister Temple, Chongli residential, 13, as Stele, and so on.
Lower East Side is also China#39;s modern revolution in thinking and the birthplace of one of the revolutionary movement, a blend of many of the revolution of the construction and revolutionary heritage. The famous "five. 40" campaign, "on January 2. 9" campaign and "three. January 8" tragedy, and so have occurred in Dongcheng District. The revolutionary cultural relics are well-known people
Heroes Monument, the red chamber and democratic North Square, Tiananmen Square, to commemorate the death of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Former Residence of Chairman Mao, and so on. In addition, there are two types of historical and cultural preservation district. The first category is the former Imperial City in the ancient capital of the protection of the most important features of the neighborhoods and is especially important historical and cultural value of the blocks, including Nan Chizi Main Street, North Main Street pond, Jingshan Qian Jie, Jingshan Backstreet, Jingshan Street East, Donghua Men Main Street, Imperial College Street. The second category is more architectural and historical value of the ancient capital of rich folk customs, customs and characteristics of the neighborhoods, including Tiananmen Square to Main Street, Main Street on May 4, and so on Dongjiaominxiang. All of these cultural relics are the crystallization of the wisdom of working people, but also the witness of history.