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DingXi - GanSu

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Location: the West is located in central Gansu Province, in east longitude 104 ° 33#39;-104 ° 33 #39;, north latitude and 35 ° 32#39;-35 ° 46#39; between.

Area: total area of 20,300 square kilometers.

Population: 2.96 million people.

administrative districts: District 1 Shixia exempted all six counties and 119 townships (towns).

Dingxi is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in Gansu Province in central, east Pingliang, Tianshui city and Longnan Nanlin district, the West even Gannan, Linxia two states, north of Lanzhou, Baiyin City 2, Is a typical hilly region of the Loess Plateau, is an ancient, vast and magical land. Hailed as "Fengshen pinch on the world."


the West has a long history, is in obvious advantages. Here the upper reaches of the Yellow River is an important birthplace of civilization. There are the famous Neolithic Majiayao culture, the Qijia Culture, Temple depression culture and Sundin culture. The ancient Silk Road is the "center", the new Eurasian continental bridge is an indispensable part of the land, is also the provincial capital of Lanzhou City in Gansu door to the East.

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the West is rich in resources, and broad prospects for development. Here the climate is suitable for the soil of Chinese herbal medicines, potato growth. Chinese herbal medicines is very rich in resources, have identified more than 300 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, especially to the Min, dangshen Chimingzhongwai. Produced by the whole potato-shaped, high quality, long shelf life, high starch content. As sufficient light, temperature difference between day and night, by producing beautiful flowers the color, aroma and pleasant, but also very suitable for the production of edible fungus. There are rich mineral resources, andalusite, marble, granite, gold and other mineral resources reserves larger.

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reserves of hydropower resources of 878,400 kilowatts. Zhang Xian of high-Hill, shade Hill, the Lin Weiyuan Mineyama, Yangshan, such as the first national, provincial forest parks and Tongwei, such as hot springs, are highly value the development.


here vast land resources, biological resources, a wide range of production of various kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, crop varieties complete, rich mineral resources, adequate water resources, geothermal resource-rich, unique tourism resources, is a pending Development of the region.